New San Francisco Queer Pop Duo Hussyclub Arrive Via 3-D Video "Straight Girl"

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Hussyclub "Straight Girl" (2012)

In honor of this year's Pride Month, the Amoeblog is running a series of posts celebrating various aspects of the LGBT community. This one salutes the talented new Bay Area queer electronic-pop duo Hussyclub, comprised of singer Glitterus and producer Critical Akklaim, who recently produced and unveiled the above song and video "Straight Girl." The self-described "San Francisco Dark Pop Fantasy Group" tag this dark fun video, which was directed by the group's singer with cameos from Zoe Bender and East Oakland turf dancers Jeriel Bey, Slow Motion, and Bam Ba of the Architekz fame, as a "3-D 80's Queer Matrix Sex Dance Spectaculum!!!!--about unleashing our truest desire, no matter how 'straight' you appear." Meanwhile they describe Hussyclub as, "a place for everyone to grind; queers, breeders, freqs, straight girls, hopefully simultaneously and wrapped in aluminum foil."

Yesterday, via email, I caught up with the two members of Hussyclub find out more about their unique new group.

Amoeblog: I could only find the "Straight Girl" song/video for Hussyclub. Is there more music available or on the way?

Hussyclub: "Straight Girl" is but the first desperation love-story you'll hear at the Hussyclub. We have songs of porno dreaming, ass smackin, alimony, husband snubbing, and lady loving all coming your way.

Amoeblog: Do you have to wear 3D glasses to fully appreciate the video? 

Hussyclub: The 3D Body Motional Capture Footage in our video is pre-morphed pre-porno for your viewing pleasure and was created by visual artist Kiki Seror. But we recommend wearing 3-D glasses all the time because its pervy. 

Amoeblog: What kind of feedback has the video and/or song gotten since released a month ago?

Hussyclub: The song has touched San Francisco deep in the glitterus. Many of the super freaks love "Straight Girl" for the beatz, the glitter eyebrows, and the emotional wittery of the song. Many have cried in unison for the conundrum of fallin for the "Straight Girl." Apparently this crush happens every night of the week on Valencia.

Amoeblog: What did the turf dancers think of the finished production?

Hussyclub: They loved it! The Architeckz love a sexy beat and were excited to do something more conceptual and character based. In the video they got to be the competition for Glitterus, vying the the Straight Girl. We had so much more footage of ground breaking 3-D Turf that we're gonna release another video all about their dancing to a Hussyclub remix.

Amoeblog: What are your and your partner Glitterus' musical backgrounds?

Critical Akklaim: Growing up in Hartford CT, I was a glee club/drama/choir kid and then played the viola, marimba, and later the steel pan. My love for vocal expression-singing, rapping, random noise, and impersonations plays a large role in creation of his sound. In 2007, I released an EP called Souls of Rap Folks-And this too shall pass in response to a documentary I saw called Beyond Beats and Rhymes by Bryon Hurt, which deals with the modeling of gender roles and attitudes in modern day hip-hop culture. I am deeply influenced by West African rhythms and drum philosophy, Dancehall, and experimental music theory.  Glitterus found her siren voice one summer after graduating from Berkeley with a theater and dance degree. She says she* was rolling around her glitter covered garage listening to Digital Mystiks, and when the music stopped, she just kept singing. When Glit heard my beats, she was inspired to write a whole album about hussies who think about more than just telephones and boyfriends.

Amoeblog: I like your retro electronic style. What instrumentation or production tools do you utilize and who are your personal musical heroes?

Critical Akklaim: I've always been a gear slut, not throwing away any instrument or sound device unless its definitively broken. My favorite hardware includes the Akai 4000 beat sampler, Kurtzweil K2500 synth keyboard, and the Ultra Proteus synth Sound Module. I sample live drums, bass, guitars, percussion, Rhodes, old analog mixers, field sound recordings  to clash elements in time and space of the sound. I have a killer falsetto, and love to layer my vocals with Glit's, to bring that early 90's Family Style sound to Hussyclub. I am deeply influenced by Grand Master Flash, CameoPrince and the Revolution, and Newcleus. Glitterus is a believer in Kate Bush, Peaches, No Doubt, and Brian Eno.

Do you have any shows coming up?

Critical Akklaim: Hussyclub is hosting and playing Milk Bar on July 11th at a killer weekly dance party Spilt Milk put on by our darlings Mother Records, along with more shows to be announced this summer in the Bay.

Follow the adventures of Hussyclub via Facebook, YouTube, and Bandcamp.

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