Hip-Hop Rap-Up, Week Ending 06.15.12: E-Lit, J Dilla, Oddisee, Oh No, Curren$y, Kool Keith

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Amoeba Music Berkeley Hip-Hop Top 5 Chart: 06:15:12

1) J Dilla Rebirth of Detroit (Yancey Music Group)

2) Oddisee People Hear What They See (Mello Music)

3) Oh No Ohnomite (Traffic Entertainment)

4) Curren$y The Stoned Immaculate (Warner Brothers)

5) Kool Keith Love and Danger (Junkadelic Music)

Thanks to E Lit at Amoeba Berkeley for supplying both the new top five chart left and the video above in which he breaks down both the new chart entries and all of the brand new hip-hop releases this week at the East Bay music store where, as with the both the San Francisco and Hollywood Amoeba Musics, the new J Dilla release is the top item in demand. The anticipated latest posthumous release,  Rebirth of Detroit , from the late great, highly revered Detroit artist once known as Jay Day but widely known as J Dilla was overseen by his mom Ms Yancey, aka Ma Dukes, and is released via her Yancey Music Group. 

Rebirth of Detroit is a 21 guest heavy tracks (many newly recorded, utilizing unreleased Dilla material as well as recycling some used sounds and matching it all with countless mic wreckers). This long list of album contributors includes Danny Brown, Illa J, Frank Nitt, Guilty Simpson, Amp Fiddler, Monica Blair, Phat Kat, Esham, Tha Almighty Dreadnaughtz, LaPeace, Moe Dirdee, Seven The General, The Cool Kids' Chuck Inglish, Boldy James, KetchPhraze, Loe Louis, Beej, Allan Barnes of The Blackbyrds, Fat Ray, VStylez, Soul Man, Tone Plummer, Mr. Wrong, Emcee, and Nick Speed. As this long roll call, coupled with the album's title, might imply  Rebirth of Detroit is more of a Detroit MC project than an instrumental J-Dilla project and hence might not appeal to those Dilla fans who came to the artist via the instrumental Donuts release.

I've just listened once to Rebirth of Detroit  and I like it but my secret hope is that there will be an instrumental version of the album too. And, to play the devil's advocate, by being totally honest and skeptical I actually wonder if it is all exclusively Dilla production since I doubt the Dilla I knew would have straight sampled David Essex's "Rock On" rather than totally chopping it up and reworking - unlike on the new album track "Detroit Game" which does not sound like J Dilla's production to my ears.

The number two chart entry is the ambitious People See What They Hear album from Oddisee who, this time out, delivers an intricate concept piece that he describes as "about influence, inspiration, perception & reality" in which he observes life from an afar detached space. "All too often in Hip Hop, reality is limited to that of the artists own, actual experiences. People Hear What They See is my attempt to liberate the MC from those constraints & allow reality to be penned other than my own," said the artist of this multi-layered composition. The album features several guest spots including Olivier Daysoul, Diamond District, Ralph Real, and Tranqill

The other new chart entries include the number one dank ambassador Curren$y's latest album on Warner Brothers The Stoned Immaculate, Oh No's Ohnomite which, as E Lit notes above, draws its inspiration from Dolemite and features a bevy of diverse guests including the Bay Area's/Foreign Legion's Prozack Turner. It is released by Traffic Entertainment. The other new chart entry is the latest in a very long line of releases from Kool Keith Love and Danger on Junkadelic Music.

Trailer for "Rebirth Of Detroit" (2012)

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