Bay Area Freshmen 10 Class of 2012 Announced

Posted by Billyjam, June 13, 2012 05:56pm | Post a Comment
The results of the Bay Area Freshmen 10 Class of 2012 have just been announced following a tough decision by the judges (a panel of 50 Bay Area journalists, DJs, & tastemakers of which I was one of) who had to carefully wade through & evaluate from a grip of very talented up-and-coming hip-hop artists from the greater Bay Area.

As reported here last month the annual Bay Area contest, that is overseen by and DJ Amen of KMEL, may only be a few years young but already it has blossomed into a prestigious event to be associated with.  Previous Freshmen 10 have included Kreayshawn, Roach Gigz, Moe Green, and DaVinci.

And now (drum-roll) we can add to that list the brand new Freshmen 10 class of 2012 list that includes, in no particular order and with both the city in the Bay they represent (in brackets after their name) + the blue highlight over their name linking to their Twitter page so you can read.hear more on them): Kool John (Richmond), A-1 (San Francisco), Shady Blaze (Oakland), HBK Skipper (Richmond), HD (of Bearfaced) (Oakland), Priceless Da Roc (San Francisco), AkaFrank (Richmond), G-Mo Skee (Richmond), Smoovie Baby (Fairfield), and Hopie (San Francisco) - the female emcee formerly known as Hopie Spits Hard that was written about here on the Amoeblog about a year ago.

In a few weeks in recognition of the new class of 2012 the organizers of the contest will be hosting a meet-and-greet / Bay Area Freshmen 10 Class of 2012 concert that should be hella fun and is free. The party takes place at Brick & Mortar Music Hall, on Mission Street in San Francisco on July 7th and since there is no cover it might get packed so plan on arriving early. Matt Werner from added that there will also "a Bay Area Freshmen 10 Cypher Day" in a few weeks (exact date still to be determined) at Different Fur Studios in San Francisco where the artists will "display their lyrical skills live on camera."  For more general info on the Bay Area Freshmen 10 Class of 2012 click here and/or watch the video below.


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