"The Monster Show" Headlines at "San Fransexual" Club Bootie SF's Pre-Pride Extravaganza Tonight at the DNA Lounge

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In celebration of this year's LGBT Pride Month and as a warm-up to next weekend's mega SF Pride Parade & festival celebrations the ever-active bookers at Bootie SF are presenting The Monster Show tonight at their DNA Lounge weekly party. "We are totally ready to get our gay on as Pride nears, and it doesn't get much gayer than The Monster Show," said the promoters of the popular, long-running weekly mashup party earlier this week.

At tonight's Bootie SF Pre Pride Party, in addition to the 11pm mashup drag extravaganza on the DNA main stage, Cookie Dough and the rest of the fun folks (who know how to party) from The Monster Show will also take over the upstairs area of the DNA when they will transform it into the Monster Electro-House Room. Described by the folks at Bootie as "unlike other drag shows, with breaks between the numbers, this is just one non-stop, mega-mixed show with a whole series of drag queens lip-syncing. You can watch the show and dance at the same time" The Monster Show at Bootie tonight should be hella fun.

Yesterday I reached out to The Monster Show's Cookie Dough to ask what to expect tonight at Bootie SF and for more insights into The Monster Show and its San Francisco history. "The Monster Show started in the Summer of 2004 at Harvey's in the heart of The Castro. At the time there were no other drag shows residing in The Castro, so we filled a much needed void of drag in The Pulse Of Gay Mecca," Cookie Dough told me. "What we have become known for are our non-stop continuous mixed shows; a sort of an assault-to-the-senses, created by co-founder and my DJ husband DJ MC2." Tonight DJ MC2 will be getting busy in the upstairs area of the DNA drawing from his three decades of turntable mixing history that Cookie Dough promised will be "a beat matched mix of house beats with some of todays hottest artists and remixers, along with a light show of lasers, fog, and dance lights moving with the energy of the room." Monster Party friend DJ Guy Ruben will also be spinning upstairs (set time 10:45pm to midnight). Meanwhile downstairs on the main stage from 11pm to 11:30pm, Cookie Dough said "We will give the Monster Bootie fans our 7th Annual Pride Show with Bootie; an in-your-face mash up of electrifying drag queens from all around San Francisco."

Since part of tonight's drag show is billed as "DO Ask DO Tell: A Salute To Our Gays In Uniform" I was curious as to Cookie Dough's thoughts on the general state of gay rights in America today and where it is headed over the next decade? "Everything moves slowly in the world of politics. I am a native San Franciscan who has seen many changes over the years since my teens when I knew I was gay. To even think gay marriage is legal in some states and [that] a sitting President is supporting Gay Marriage is progress," replied Cookie Dough stressing that positive progress is afoot noting how, "I knew several High School friends who went into the Marines and would have never thought that you could be an "out" soldier!"

As a club Bootie SF, at which I DJ at from time to time, is a wonderfully unique & fun party (part dance club / part performance space) because, while it is predominantly straight, it is neither strictly a "straight club" nor a "gay club." Rather it is one where everyone genuinely feels most comfortably welcome: something it accomplishes in a seemingly natural (unforced) organic way. And as an all inclusive night club it is the perfect gay/straight club because it transcends been ghettoized into one or the other. As they were preparing for tonight's show I caught up with Bootie SF's founders/DJs/promoters A plus D, aka A+D (Adrian + Mysterious D), to ask them their thoughts on this topic and how they view their club in terms of the Bay Area LGBT and straight nightclubbing communities?

"We've often said that Bootie is neither a "straight club" or a "gay club" [but] that we are "San Fransexual!" We welcome everybody! And why wouldn't we? After all our crowd is often as mashed-up as the music we play," replied A+D adding that, "Bootie started off with a more alternative and queer vibe nine years ago but once we hit about 700 people a few years later, it became primarily straight with a bit more mainstream mixed in. However, we are constantly doing bits of behind the scenes 'social engineering', trying to make sure it's always a really nice mix of every style of person, and a place where everyone has fun and feels welcome. We also feel Bootie is extremely representative of the diversity which embodies San Francisco and the Bay Area. Many locals bring their visiting friends to Bootie SF to give them a 'taste of San Francisco' all in one place, which makes us quite proud. With everyone flooding into San Francisco from cities all over the world for Pride we hope to see Bootie explode with all kinds of flavor this weekend and next."


Check out Bootie SF's website for music links and more info on their weekly SF party (Saturdays
at the DNA) and their numerous Bootie parties round the globe. For more information on next weekend's SF Pride celebrations and specifically for Sunday's  SF Pride Parade.
The Monster Show
happens Thursday Nights at their temporary home, The Midnight Sun 
(4067 18th Street) before the weekly party returns to The Edge Bar in late July.  Other
Monster Show related links include Cookie Dough's Facebook Twitter, CookieVision,
DJMC2's website and his SoundCloud.

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