Grass Widow New Music Video Phones Home from the "Goldilocks Zone"

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Given all the attention paid to happenings in sky of late (Venus in transit and eclipses 'n things) it seems only fitting that SF wundergirl trio Grass Widow would take the magic of their melodic, DIY post-punk harmonies to the final frontier in their new video for "Goldilocks Zone" from their new album Internal Logic (out on Grass Widow's own HLR label) Directed once again by Grass Widos bassist, vocalist and visionary auteur  Hannah Lew the video's aesthetic channels low-budget sci-fi flicks of yore with a fondness reminiscent of some of Mystery Science Theater 3000's better space jams (this one in particular).


If you're a Grass Widow completist,  like me, contact your local Amoeba Music to check out our range of new and previously played Grass Widow offerings and don't forget that you can request a mail order via to shop our selections from any corner of the globe. Every bit of everything these ladies have recorded makes for bomb-ass home listening, especially when playing friends. If you need to get your Grass Widow fix ASAP here's a parade of marvelous music videos to get your motor runnin'.

Here they are playing "Milo Minute" (from the 7" single by the same title) for gorillas Gigi, Kiki, Kira, Kimani, Kambiri and Kit, at the Franklin Park Zoo in Boston, Massachusetts --- tough audience!

Revel in the black & white beachy diamond wipes of this video for "11 of Diamonds" from Past Time

...and my personal favorite: "Fried Egg" also from Past Time (CD/LP on Kill Rock Stars)

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