Outfest 2012: Los Angeles Gay & Lesbian Film Festival, July 12-22!

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“More than just a FILM FESTIVAL, it's a full-on HAPPENING."
Los Angeles Times

Amoeba Music is pleased to sponsor Outfest on their 30th Anniversary! Outfest is the oldest continuous film festival in Southern California. Since its founding in 1982, Outfest has presented more than 4,500 films and videos for audiences of over half a million people.

Check out Outfest's full line-up of amazing films HERE, and dont miss this one-of-a-kind evening brought to you by Amoeba Music.

Friday, July 20: Jobriath A.D. screening & Ann Magnuson Live Performance: Bowie Cabaret and The Jobriath Medley

Few today remember the story of Jobriath, the brilliantly talented rocker who Elektra Record marketed to glam rock fans as an authentically gay American David Bowie. But what could have been a turning point for music instead became a cautionary tale as 1970s audiences and critics rejected the flamboyant performer. Director Kieran Turner painstakingly traces Jobriath's fascinating life from his childhood to his untimely death, using rare archival footage and interviews with the singer's closest friends. 

Directed by Kieran Turner, 2012, USA 103 min.

Jobriath A.D. trailer (hi-res video) from Kieran Turner on Vimeo.

Ann Magnuson
Come early for legendary songstress Ann Magnuson's Jobriath and David Bowie tribute show!  

No one's got more street cred than Ann Magnuson.  She is a cult rock star (Bongwater), was ravished by David Bowie in The Hunger, seduced River Phoenix in A Night in the Life of Jimmy Reardon, cracked wise with Madonna in Desperately Seeking Susan, and defined the New York 1980s underground scene with her work as a performance artist, musician, and actress. In a special live glam rock performance preceding the documentary JOBRIATH A.D., Magnuson pays tribute to David Bowie and Jobriath, the first openly gay glam rocker.  


Ann Magnuson Live Performance: Friday 7/20 at 8pm - REDCAT

Screening: Friday 7/20 at 10pm - REDCAT

*Please note that a separate ticket is needed for both the Magnuson performance and the film screening.

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