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It is hard to believe that it has been almost 3 years since the last Gossip album. Music For Men came out in the UK in July of 2009. It eventually came out domestic a couple of months later. I I talked a bit about that release already. So you can read about it here if you want. It really is not fair to make us wait that long for a new album. Music For Men was one of those albums that I think I listened to all summer and fall that year. It really takes me right back to that year when I think about it. I have been watching the career of Beth Ditto and the Gossip for so many years now. It has been really fun to watch their journey. And I have seriously been on that journey with them. The new album is called A Joyful Noise. And this has nothing do do with the latest movie of the same name starring Queen Latifah and Dolly Parton. But "a joyful noise" is sort of the perfect description for the sound of the Gossip. Beth Ditto has one of those ridiculously amazing voices. So it really doesn't even matter what is going with the music behind it. I would listen no matter what. But of course it does matter with the Gossip. Back in their more punk days their music was still incredibly catchy and dancey. They have just embraced the dance and electro sound more and more as the years have gone by. They also now have a more polished and produced sound. But there ain't nothing wrong with that. This new album could seriously be a Donna Summer or Pointer Sisters album. It also makes me think of the Flashdance soundtrack. It is incredibly fun. I think I still will always love Standing In the Way of Control and Music For Men the most. But this album is growing on me more every day. And it might just become my album of the summer of 2012. 

Violens have returned with their second album now on the label Slumberland. I am huge fan of Slumberland and the jangly twee shoegaze revival. I will always love it. It seriously never gets old to me. I was a fan Amoral, the first album by Violens. But this new sound seems to make more sense for them. It seems a better fit. Gone are the big sort of anthems of the first album. "Acid Reign" was a super catchy song. And I do remember being all caught up in a Violens sort of frenzy. So I was looking forward to this album. They have mellowed out quite a bit and now fit more into that Slumberland sound. They are similar to The Drums in that dudes from Brooklyn trying to sound British kind of way. But I really don't have a problem with it. The new album is called True. It really is one of those albums that is very enjoyable to listen to. I do keep going back to it. None of the songs really stand out as much as their last album. But something about it makes me keep coming back for more. It does remind me a bit of the Pale Saints or maybe The Lightning Seeds mixed with some Ride. You can close your eyes and pretend it is the early 90's and Sarah Records is still putting out records.

Craft Spells have just released a new EP Gallery. Their debut album, Idle Labor came out in April of last year on Captured Tracks. I am assuming that this label will eventually do something wrong. But they are still managing to impress me and put out great stuff over and over again. They did some great reissues on Record Store Day of album from The Cleaners From Venus, Medicine, and The Wake. They also released a second 7" tribute to the Wake. The first tribute from last record store day was Wild Nothing and Beach Fossils. This time it was Craft Spells and Blouse. This new EP is more of the same from Craft Spells. This is catchy shoe gaze. It is highly addictive. I look forward to another album from these guys.

out 5/15...

by Beach House

Only Place
by Best Coast

by Squarepusher

by Violens

Family Perfume
by White Fence

out 5/22...

I Predict a Graceful Expulsion
by Cold Specks

by Craft Spells

by Exitmusic

Joyful Noise
by Gossip

Light The Dead See
by Soulsavers

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