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I became a fan of Grouper a couple of years ago when I first heard Dragging A Dead Dear Up A Hill. That was Grouper's album from 2008. Grouper is Liz Harris. And Liz Harris is amazing. Her music is not for everyone. You really need to turn these albums up and probably be by yourself when you listen to them. This is not music really meant for the radio. And you for sure will not be hearing this in any bar or club. Grouper will not be playing over the speakers at your gym.  She will most likely be playing in your house while you sit in the middle of your room crying. Or maybe just contemplating life. I live for albums like these. Luckily there are not that many people out there like Grouper. As much as I love these albums. I just could probably not take too many of them at a time. Grouper has released a couple of things over the last couple of years. She released two albums last year titled Dream Loss and Alien Observer. These were released only on LP. But they are now available together on one CD titled A I A. This is brought to us by the fantastic label Kranky. They also released another album called Mirrorring that came out a couple of months ago. More on that later.

A friend told me about Grouper a couple of years ago. I think I was hooked on Grouper before I even listened to the album. That cover of Dragging A Dead Dear Up A Hill is something else. I really could not stop staring at it. I had not really paid much attention to her in the last couple of years. But I am once again hooked on Grouper. The album took me a couple of listens to get into it. I listened to it as background music a couple of times. But then all of a sudden I just got super into it. The songs are haunting and super mellow. She falls somewhere between goth folk and ambient experimental. It is some beautiful stuff. It really just makes be happy to have albums like this in my life. They sort of mellow me out. It balances out all the other stuff I listen to. It grounds me somehow. 

mirrorringI am also really obsessed with this Mirrorring album Foreign Body. Mirroring is a collaboration between Grouper (Liz Harris) and Tiny Vipers (Jesy Fortino). They are both from the pacific northwest and have toured together. So it makes perfect sense for them to do an album together. I have seriously been listening to this album about once a day. Another album of dreamy and haunting dark folk. Everyone seems to be spelling the name of the group incorrectly as the word Mirroring should be spelled. But the band name is misspelled on purpose as Mirrorring. Which is just another thing I love about this project. These albums really have the power to change your mood. They sort of just take over what is going on in the room. This album is heartbreaking. But I can't get enough of it. Every year I need a couple of albums in my life like these. I am happy to have found them.

Check out the song "Silent From Above" by Mirrorring from the album Foreign Body...

Another album I have been really into lately is the new album by Unison. Their self titled album has just been released by Letonia Records. They are supposedly the leaders of the "Witch House" movement of France. Not sure if that is really the case. But this album is witchy and spooky for sure. It does sound similar to the recent album from Grimes and Trust. I have not really been a fan of the term witch house to describe the music. But I have been a fan of most of the bands that seem to fit into the new genre description. I have always liked the darker side of shoegaze. I have always liked my music spooky and electronic. I prefer the term darkgaze or deathgaze over witch house. This new album from Unison is somehow catchy while also being  super dark and synthy. This album fits somewhere between Chapterhouse, Lush, Siouxsie, & The Cranes. The catchiest of the songs is "Brothers & Sisters." I have been put under the spell of this album. I am seriously hooked. The year is not even half over. And there are still a ton of albums right around the corner. But I have already found a couple of my favorites of the year in these last couple of weeks.

Check out the video for "Brothers & Sisters" by Unison from the new album Unison...

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alabama shakes

Boys & Girls
by Alabama Shakes


by Pelican


by Unison

the wake

Light Far Out
by The Wake

m. ward

A Wasteland Companion
by M. Ward

out 4/17...


by Grouper


Heartbreaking Bravery
by Moonface


Sweet Heart Sweet Light
by Spiritualized

out 4/24...


by Actress

dandy warhols

This Machine
by Dandy Warhols

Money Store
by Death Grips


Into The Night
by The Raveonettes

ty segall

by Ty Segall & White Fence

jack white

by Jack White

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