Ween May be no Longer but Their Music is Forever

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Ween "-Push th' Little Daisies" (Guava, 1992)

The one of a kind group Ween, introduced to many via their biggest hit - the 1992 single "Push th' Little Daisies" (video above) off their third studio album Guava, have just announced that they (as a group) are pushing up daisies. Yes, sadly, the wonderfully quirky "rock" group that, since forming in 1984, continually evolved and mutated stylistically in a musically diverse act with a dedicated cult following, are no longer together. The news was announced this week by principal member Aaron "Gene Ween" Freeman who formed the group almost three full decades ago with Mickey "Dean Ween" Melchiondo, who reportedly learned about his group's breakup along with the rest of us by reading about it online. Ouch! Anyways Ween as a group hadn't done anything in a while and  Freeman recently released his solo album (Marvelous Clouds) sans the "Gene Ween" tag indicating that he might be moving on from the group.

But even though there now will be no more chances to see Ween play live again (they were great live too) we still have Ween's rich back catalog which is available at Amoeba. And what a diverse body of work Ween leave behind which is evident just from the sampling of their music in the five songs below. In fact, unless you were already familiar with Ween's catalog, you could hardly tell that these songs were all recorded by the same group - a group who might go from psychedelic rock to flamenco to speed metal in one set. Some of these diverse styles of Ween, as outlined below with highlighted links to buy corresponding album online, include the Brit folk-rock inflected "The Mollusk," the Pink Floyd-ish "Did You See Me," the booming reggae "King Billy," the honky tonk country of I Don't Want To Leave You On The Farm," and the Mexican ballad "Buenas Tardes Amigo." Click here to find all the Ween titles available from the Amoeba online shop. There will be even more available in each of the three Amoeba stores in Berkeley, San Francisco, and Hollywood.

Ween "Did You See Me" (
Shinola Vol. 1, 2005)

Ween "I Don't Want To Leave You On The Farm" (
12 Golden Country Greats, 1996)

Ween "The Mollusk" (
The Mollusk, 1997)

Ween "Buenos Tardes Amigo" (
Chocolate and Cheese, 1994)

Ween "King Billy" (
The Friends EP)

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