Hip-Hop Rap-Up, Week End 03.16.12: Amoeba Hollywood Top 5 + Hip-Hop In The Park

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Amoeba Hollywood Hip-Hop Top 5 : Week Ending May 5th, 2012

1) J Dilla "Think Twice" & "E=Mc2" (BBE) 7" single

2) Apollo Brown & OC Brown Trophies (Mello Music/Fat Beats)

3) B.O.B. Strange Clouds (Atlantic)

4) Madlib Medicine Show No. 13: Black Tape (Madlib Medicine Show)

5) Notorious B.I.G.  Ready to Die reissue (CNR)

Record Store Day is still in the air at Amoeba Music where in this week's number one slot of the latest hip-hop chart from the Hollywood Amoeba is the highly anticipated BBE recently released 7" inch single by the late great J Dilla of "Think Twice" and "E=Mc2." But in reality it is Record Store Day everyday at Amoeba Music where there is always something music fans are fiending for whether it's some reissue like the recent Notorious B.I.G.  Ready to Die reissue or brand new releases like  Apollo Brown & OC Brown Trophies care of Mello Music and Fat Beats or Madlib's Medicine Show No. 13: Black Tape.  On this final installment of his elongated Medicine Show series, Madlib serves up a total of 35 remixes in the one hour long release described by as, "His wild mixes fly by, a million ideas at once, and leave your head spinning — true to form for someone who would undertake an endeavor as crazy as this.

His remixes are no less essential than the rest of his work, as “Doom vs. Jadakiss” can attest, with its midsong dropout and complete change, juxtaposing the MCs into a mash that you want to sift back through as soon as it's done. The release comes with an eight-page booklet."

Now in its 16th year Berkeley's Hip-Hop In The Park has become a West Coast hip-hop tradition and Amoeba Music is proud to be a sponsor of the Cal Students for Hip-Hop annual event that takes place in Peoples Park right behind Amoeba Music Berkeley. This morning, as he was busy getting ready for today's big event, founding member of Cal Students for Hip-Hop and longtime participant in Hip-Hop In The Park Kahlil Jacobs Fantauzzi took time out to talk with me about today's event and its history. "The reason why we chose Peoples Park is that there is an amazing legacy there from the Free Speech movement and the anti-war movement and we wanted to be a part of that legacy," said Kahlil who, back in 1994 along with some other UC students, formed a hip-hop club.

"We wanted to use the resources of the university to give back to the community and to educate folks and to use hip-hop as a tool to raise social consciousness," said Kahlil of the organization that initially held events on campus, including on Sproul Plaza, before moving over to Peoples Park where for the first Hip-Hop In The Park Khalil borrowed his dad's speakers for the PA system. Since then the event has grown by leaps and bounds with both local and national hip-hop acts performing at and attending the event. One year DJ Premier, who happened to be in town, showed up unannounced after hearing about what a cool event it was.

Today's event will feature a ton of acts including Gift of Gab of Blackalicious, Dumbfounded, and a special
Ladies First showcase with Raw G, Aima the Dreamer, Persia, Maya Songbird, and DJ Pam the Funkstress. Others will include Ameish and the Society, Jnatural, Understudies vs Candlespit, plus the Oakland Faders' DJ Platurn and Jern Eye who will be hosting part of the breakdance cypher. "Oh today is going to be ill," enthused Kahlil. "We are expecting to see everything that hip-hop is meant to be," he said noting that all the elements will be fully represented. "B-boys will be there. Graffiti heads are coming and it is  a family focused event so all ages will feel comfortable and welcome." Hip-Hop in The Park is in People's Park,between Haste and Dwight off of Telegraph.  right behind Amoeba Berkeley, and runs through 5pm this afternoon. It is a free, all ages event.

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