New 12"s @ Amoeba Hollywood 5/18 Mix Mup, Kassem Mosse, Special Request, Wbeeza, RTX, October, Alex Israel, Jimmy Edgar & more

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Mix Mup
Drive-By 12”

With his latest release “drive-by” mix mup suspends the principle of causal relation. Together we travel down a road that has lost its destination. the road becomes the actual reason for our motion. Past connecting elements we cruise from one possible interpretation to the next: a view from a car. Mix Mup offers us a plot on the way from A to B, which could be a piece of a secret, perhaps even a great story. in order to decide on this, we must lose ourselves first. lose ourselves in disorder and early sorrow.

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Special Request
Deflowered 12”
Special Request

Second in a series of releases based on capturing the energy and culture of UK pirate radio but going way beyond that as the project unwinds. Limited press. The eagle-eyed amongst you may have spotted which celebrated producer is behind this excellent, killer two-tracker - he has had releases out on Planet E, Hot Flush and Phonica too! From the first highly coverted 12", "Lolita" makes a return here, but in 'Warehouse Dub' form (rather than the Warehouse Mix off the first EP - very mysterious). Luckily its a complete re-hash of the track, adding layer upon layer of jungle percussion, half-tempo breaks and twisting the original riff around a mulitude of filters and distortion units. A ridiculously long arrangement unfolds slowly and with purpose, totally sucking the dancefloor into its buzzing plasma ball of electricity. Like a super nova bursting into a black hole right before our ears. New track, "Deflowered" is tweaked here by the in-demand Kassem Mosse and joined by Mix Mup. Mosse is fast becoming synonymous with the slo-mo-techno sound along with Vakula and Juju & Jordash. Sinking the BPMs below the 125 minimum standard of yesterday, These new smacked-out techno cuts will find favour amongst hardened cosmic heads and Detroit beatdown lovers alike and this particular offering is no exception. Unique drum sounds and machine-code rhythms converge on clattering sonic bursts and a rabid energy.

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Peckham Fly / Billy Green Is 12”
Third Ear

Two more live jams mixed canned and pressed. Wbeeza has been hassled wherever he goes to release these. First limited pressing comes in silver glitter disco bag.

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Untitled 12”
Deeply Rooted House

A brand new 12'' filled with some very introspective and deep tracks, of what we consider simply pure & honest house music! With a slight techno feel that is... By the mysterious French producer 'RTX' Sweet!

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Mod Mixes 12”
Kontra Musik

Finally the remixes of the celebrated Jonsson/Alter Mod album is here – featuring no less than Minilogue, Donato Dozzy and Dorisburg (half of Swedish duo Genius Of Time). My God, that took some time. But no harm is done. All remixes has some kind uplifting and sunny trance mode to them, so as it turns out, this is actually the prefect spring release. Inhale… Exhale… Minilogue starts out with the track Kyrka 2.0 and ads both speed and length. Donato takes on the track Acapellan and does everything right. Keeping the beautiful vocals of the original, Donato adds bass line and new drums. The EP closes with another Swedish contribution. Alexander Berg aka Dorisburg from duo Genius Of Time reworks Djup House, and does it well. A solid bass line keeps us grounded to the dance floor while dreamy melodies and harmonies gently lift our serotonin levels. Enjoy!

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Planets Of Minds 12”

After the success of the first release, Tanstaafl returns for their second wax adventure, this time with the musical renegade Dj October at the helm. October has entered a new phase of production for the TANSTAAFL series and has focused himself firmly on a reduced, stripped and effective formula for the floor. His productions are heavy, smoked out narcoleptic dub infused journey's, and his latest 12 offers more or less of the same opaque vibe but with his sights firmly set on the floor, with one foot in the past and the other in the future - drawing from his usual Detroit, NYC and Chicago influences. So we kick off 2012 with a future classic, 'Singularity Jump', which douses you in synthesized Saxophone hooks, chopped vocal samples and a meaty Juno Hip-House inspired bass-line. 'Planet Of Minds' is more of a inner space affair very much inspired by acid and dub. Successfully combining the two, October injects more of an airy feel into the mix and delivers a moody cosmic acid jam that will not fail your dancing feet or tripped-out mind. Definitely one for the later hours... This is going to be an anthem, hands down, so get it before it's gone for good.

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Jimmy Edgar
Majenta DLP

After a two-year break, Detroit producer and wayward star-child Jimmy Edgar debuts on Scuba’s Hotflush Recordings armed with an album full of futuristic sleaze. Known for his unique take on jacking house and electro funk, he’s recently been splitting his time between the US and Berlin, exploring transcendental meditation and the boundaries of the non-physical. This offering is an extension of that journey, bringing eleven tracks of erotic robo-pop to the table. Titled Majenta, this LP is a departure from his past sound, marking a shift in his own ever-expanding consciousness, as well as another exciting chapter of his musical career. Each track is an aural manifesto, giving well-deserved nods to his varied musical influences. Close encounters with Detroit legends Derrick May and Juan Atkins, Jimmy’s 2004 signing to Warp Records, and his early exposure to Kraftwerk have all acted as lynchpins in the cultivation of his sound. With a number of releases on Glasstable, Semantica, Nonplus and long player releases on both Warp and !K7, Majenta reflects Jimmy’s evolution as both artist and child of the cosmos. According to Edgar, the making of the album was steeped in countless synchronicities, continuously reminding him he was on the right path. In contrast with his last LP, XXX, for !K7, which took five years to make, Majenta is more raw, more spontaneous and in his words, “more futuristic … than my other music, which played a lot with retro, especially R&B.” From the outset, Jimmy’s flexing his Kraftwerkian muscle, with vocoder complimenting his own unadulterated voice and ‘80s synthlines bubbling away alongside jazz-funk keyboard riffs. From the raunchy and sexually explicit ‘Take Me on a Sex Drive’ (“windows down, legs up high”) to the low-lit, hypnotic feel of ‘Attempt to Make it Last’, to the UK garage rhythms of ‘Let Yrself Be’, to the Kiss-era Prince vibe of ‘I Need Your Control’, it’s clear that the postmodern is Edgar’s domain. The Frampton-esque vocals of ‘In Deep’ close out the LP and further cement his enviable place in the intergalactic community. Spring/Summer 2012 will see Jimmy playing a number of live shows across Europe and the US in support of Majenta (including major festivals such as Glade, UK), as well as his continued exploration into the world of LEDs and synchronized light technology.

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Alex Israel
Front Butt 12"
Creme Organization

Alex Israel, Chicago's own overlord of deranged deep house comes to Creme with a rip-roaring four tracker in said style. Lush pads meander over swampy bass lines and drum patterns that wash over you like a sweet Monsoon. Hard to imagine it was conceived in the Windy City, but we guess the allure of the unattainable is a potent one.

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Rebekah/Cult Figures
Pigon/Kamm (Function/Tobias.)
L.D. Nero/Warehouse Dew
Joy Orbison & Boddika/Dun Dun
Henry & Louis/LOVE LIKE (PINCH RMX) 12”
Trujillo/ACAPULCO GOLD 12”
Smith & Mighty/THREE STRIPE(1985-90) DLP
Cristalli Liquidi/VOLEVI UNA HIT 12”
Haku & Little Creatures/THE NAIAD EP 12”
Various/LIZA & PENNY 12”
Jagdstaffel 66/STARFIGHTER EP 12”
Various/PALETTE EP 12”
Various/EARLY CUTS 12”
NX1/SR 12”
Chamboche/SMOKE SCREEN 12”
Various/UNCANNY VALLEY 010 12"

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