K-Town goes to Youtube - Happy Asian Pacific American Heritage Month

Posted by Eric Brightwell, May 27, 2012 10:32am | Post a Comment

After two years of shopping around to various TV networks, the Jersey Shore-inspired Korean-Americanreality show K-Town has just been picked up -- not by any of them -- but as a Youtube exclusive set to debut July 2nd.

Although the trailer describes it as “The most anticipated reality show of all time” and “the reality show no TV network could show you,” I have to wonder if the people behind it (who brought us Jersey ShoreMob Wives and The Hills, the trailer informs) aren’t trying to put a positive response on network disinterest. With shows like the Skinemax-meets-Magic the Gathering softcore dorkfest that is Game of Thrones barely raising an eyebrow and what with Youtube’s ban on sexually explicit material, animal abuse, drug use, underage drinking and smoking, and bomb making, I doubt that there’s anything on K-Town that wouldn’t fly on cable… except that the enitre cast is entirely Asian-American.

Since I first published this blog entry, one of the show's producers contacted me and asked me to share his comment:

"I am extremely pleased to have set up the show on Electus' Youtube channel, Loud. They've given us the freedom to to produce the show we wanted, with the cast we feel best represents the K-town culture. TV viewing habits is rapidly shifting to online -- the younger generation doesn't distinguish between digital content vs the traditional "premium" content we think TV & Cable as. With the production value of a network show, by putting K-TOWN online we're looking to the future. Asians may be under-represented in TV, but we are over-represented online. Hopefully, my K-TOWN show will be a bridge to those two realms." 


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