Record Store Day 2012: Hectic from Amoeba in Cali to the East Coast at spots like NYC's Good Records

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New York City: As reported here on the Amoeblog today by Billy Gil at the Hollywood Amoeba, Record Store Day 2012 has been hectic with folks lining up outside the Sunset Blvd. store from 2:30am this morning, eight long hours before Amoeba would open its front doors. Up north in the Bay at both the Berkeley Amoeba and the San Francisco Amoeba a similar scenario was playing out with folks showing up long before doors opening for their chance to snag some of the much coveted Record Store Day 2012 exclusive releases. Of that long list of exclusive releases among the top most sought after items was a release by the group Phish which was what the folks first in line outside the San Francisco Amoeba wanted as reported on the Amoebog YouTube posting earlier this afternoon. Back here in NYC shoppers were also hot to track down Phish. "All day we got calls for the Phish and Flaming Lips records," Jonathan Sklute who owns the East Village Good Records store told me this afternoon, adding that. "A friend of mine I was talking to over at [nearby] Other Music said that they got about 700 calls for Phish but they didn't have near that many copies to satisfy that level of demand."

By 3pm Kim's in NYC, which opened up its doors early at 8am this morning, had sold out of its RSD exclusives. "We ordered almost 150 releases in large quantities and its almost all gone now," said Kim's staffer Jonathan Williger, noting that Record Store Day 2012 has to be the best one yet. "I'm pretty sure it's broken some records for sales at the 1st Ave. location." Like Amoeba and most other stores around the USA and the globe, Kim's has been doing some special Record Store Day in-stores today.  "OJ from Xray Eyeballs is DJng now, Prince Rama is up next, then Mike Wexler plays a short set. its been a crazy day!"

Across the East River over in Williamsburg at Earwax Records owner Fabio Roberti reported on a similarly fantastic Record Store Day 2012. "[It's] been nuts all morning/afternoon," said the owner of the longtime Brooklyn record shop at mid-afternoon today. "People were camped out since 6:00am if I am to believe what the front guy in his jammies told me when I got to Earwax at 9:40am."

Around that same time this morning in New York City Bay Area transplant Sklute was arriving at his Good Records store on East 5th Street and from then up until his noon opening time, "people were knocking on the door anxious to get in," he laughed of what was distinctly the best Record Store Day ever. "It was beyond expectations. A great day all round," he enthused. 

Some folks just learned of Record Store Day thanks to online and print articles published this morning. Others learned about it from NPR's Morning Edition segment on it today. But most were well aware of it for a while and once word of what was on the list of this year's releases recently circulated  those folks were planning for today.  "It's been crazy. We've been getting calls all week" from people looking for Record Store Day releases including some "obsession crazed fans," laughed Good Records' Sklute. "This isn't an Easter egg hunt. It's about celebrating the stores and coming in and having a good time and feeling good vibes" and a time to think about "what the stores are all about," said the owner who happily reported by the end of the afternoon that his hopes for today were met.

Jonathan Sklute, known to hip-hop fans through his membership of legendary underground Bay Area hip-hop group Kemetic Suns, moved out from the East Bay to NYC in 1995 to attend college at NYU, coincidentally not far from where his East 5th Street record store is located. "I was into vinyl and I was a record collector….and just been into vinyl and hip-hop and through DJi'ng I started getting into collecting," he recalled of how he came to open Good Records seven years ago. "I had an opportunity to open a record shop. I had some money saved up and thought I had a good opportunity and I had a good location," he said of his specialty record shop that has lots of rare funk, soul, jazz, and hip-hop. "It is really a collectors shop, all vintage and used, a lot of rarities" for people who want "archive copy of music." Of his specialty store he said, "If you build it people will come coz people who collect records will stop at nothing." Today was proof of that at Good Records where, along with the rare old collectables people were snapping up all the Record Store Day 2012 releases - records like the WTNG 89.9FM: Solid Bronze compilation (as with the Rhymesayers image above - scroll your mouse over image on left of WTNG record for more info on this cool Record Store Day release).

It may already be just past 8pm here in NYC but back on the Left Coast at Amoeba Music's three locations Record Store Day 2012 is still in full effect so head over to Amoeba Hollywood, Amoeba San Francisco, or Amoeba Berkeley while there is still several hours of music shopping left and check back here on the Amoeblog for more Record Store Day 2012 updates and reports.

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