Feel That BASS - Miami Bass Celebrated Tonight @ SOM Bar in San Francisco

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Tonight (Thursday April 5th) at SOM Bar in San Francisco, along with DJ Quest, Marc Stretch, & DJ Stef, I am going to be spinning an all Miami Bass booty-shaking DJ set as part of a one-off all Miami Bass night that should be a lot of fun. Free before 10pm. $5 thereafter at the Mission District club. All four of us DJs have a passion for this music that originated (as its name implies) in Miami, Florida in the latter half of the 80's and continued to proser into the 90's. An 808 drum machine driven music, with layers upon layers of booming bass (some records even carried "speaker warning" stickers), it was geared for both booty shaking (dancefloor) and bass booming speakers (the club and the trunk of the car - such as L'Trimm's "Cars That Goes Boom" off their 1988 album Grab It. )

Miami Bass or "booty bass" took hold in Miami Florida and was a direct continuation of NYC's early 80's electro funk hip-hop in much the same way as the 1980's LA electro hip-hop similarly took its cue from Afrika Bambaataa and the other New York City electro pioneers from earlier in that decade. But, as distinct from West Coast and the original NYC electro,  Miami Booty Bass music had its own unique identity. Rather than being political or Afro-Centric with tales of ancestry of Egypt, Egypt or even early gangsta rap - the music from Miami was more simple, chant along, and in many cases much more sexually explicit - as proven by the most popular of the Miami bass groups who became prominent nationally in the latter 80's - The 2 Live Crew. With explicit lyrics laced songs like "We Want Some Pussy," the 2 Live Crew had a major influence on this music - both lyrically and in choice of samples.  Most Miami Bass, a singles driven genre, was released on small indie labels with majors selectively picking up the songs that had proven to be regional hits and hence likely to become commercial national hits.

Like other schools of hip-hop Miami Bass is rich in response records that are recorded with similarly produced track and melody and commonly made as a direct diss to others like all the variations on "I Got Your Boyfriend" by MC Luscious such as the Get Fresh Girls' "Trickin (I Seen Your Boyfriend)" or the Pretty Girls' "Gucci You're Through" which was in response to "Sally (That Girl)" by Gucci Crew II. While some Miami Bass hovered around 118 BPM (beats per minute) to 120 BPM most of it was 128 BPM or higher. My favorite Miami Bass is 128 to 134 BPM, includes good disco or funk samples like James Brown, has lots of heavy bass, some DJ scratching, lyrics with funny put-down lyrics, and a track that includes a few beat changes throughout the song.

DJ Stef, who is the organizer of tonight's event and longtime Bay Area DJ, said that what she finds most attractive about Miami Bass as a club DJ is that it "is fun to mix, and gets the club literally bumping with bass." I also asked DJ Stef, who has a large collection of Miami Bass records, to narrow down her all time top five favorite tracks in the genre. That list of Stef's is below along with my top five list, plus some corresponding audio or videos to both lists.  There is also a video ad for tonight's show produced by DJ Stef. More info.

Gucci Crew II "Sally That Girl"

2 Live Crew "Throw the D"

DJ Stef's Top Five Miami Bass Tracks

1. "Sally That Girl"  Gucci Crew II

2. "Throw the D" - 2 Live Crew

3. "Shake It (Do The 61st)"  Anquette

4. "Shake That Ass Bitch"  Splack Pack

5. "Jealous Girls" JDC

Afro Rican "Give It All You Got (Doggy Style)"

Billy Jam's Top Five Miami Bass Tracks

1) Afro Rican "Give It All You Got (Doggy Style)" (Suntown, 1987) 129BPM

2) MC Shy D "Shake It" (Luke Skywalker, 1988) 134BPM

3) MC Luscious "I Got Your Boyfriend" (Heatwave, 1989) 130BPM   

4) R.A.W. Dog "Hey Vicci" (Rumrunner Records, 1989) 137BPM

5) K.J."An Da Fellas "Get Retarded (Now Go)" (4 Sight Records, 1988)    132BPM

MC Shy D "Shake It"

MC Luscious "Boom I Got Your Boyfriend"

Miami Bass w/ DJ Quest :: 04.05.12 from Stephanie Ornelas on Vimeo.

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