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Every once in a while an artist seems to come out of nowhere. They of course have not really come out of nowhere. They usually have been working on music for years and probably have an album or two out. There is just so much music out there. It is impossible to listen to it all. It is hard to even have time to listen to the albums that you know you will probably like. Even harder to take the time to find new bands and spend the time necessary to fall in love with a new artist or album. Julia Holter is my new obsession. She has just released her brilliant new album on RVNG International. She released the album Tragedy last year in a sort of limited release. But now she is ready for the world to know who she is. I hope she is ready. Because this album is fantastic. It took my years to finally get into Joanna Newsom. And I am so glad I did. That Joanna Newsom show at the Orpheum is still one of my favorite concerts of all time. This new Julia Holter does remind me a bit of Joanna Newsom. Her new album is called Ekstasis. RVNG Intl. has been around for a while. But they just found a new home with the Secrectly Canadian family. I think this is a perfect place for this new album and for Julia Holter. This new album is a mix of ethereal and folk music. It reminds me at times of Kate Bush, Rasputina, and Joanna Newsom. Imagine all this mixed up with the Blade Runner Soundtrack by Vangelis. Her voice is ridiculous. And beautiful. And just the right amount of weirdness. I really have fallen in love with this album. I have a certain coworker who runs the Handsome Club blog who I often don't agree with about music. We both love good music. Our tastes just often don't intersect. But he actually introduced me to magic of Julia Holter. And we both love this new album. I always know an album is good when we both like it. You should like it too.

Check out "Marienbad" by Julia Holter from the new album Ekstasis...

Julia Holter will be doing an instore at Amoeba Hollywood on next Tuesday March 20th at 7pm!

everything is terrible
There have also been some great DVD and Blu-ray releases over the last couple of weeks as well. The Skin I Live In was just released on Blu-ray last week. I have loved Almodovar for a long time. He really just keeps getting better. And this film might be me new favorite of his. It is dark and twisted but very Almodovar. Another one of my favorites last year has also just been released. Young Adult is amazingly sad and hilarious at the same time. The perfect movie for those of us still trapped in the 1990's and in our 30s of 40s. Charlize Theron and Patton Oswalt are both fantastic.

The brilliant Everything Is Terrible! have just released their new masterpiece on DVD. Doggiewoggiez! Poochiewoochiez! You really need to stop what you are doing and check out these DVDs. Similar to the TV Carnage DVDs that collect and mash up of various TV and film and public access clips. Everything is Terrible collects found footage and puts it all together brilliantly. And this time they have done a serious piece of work here. They have recreated Holy Mountain using only clips and scenes of dogs! Yes. It is true. I know it sounds too good to be true. These DVDs are not for everyone. But I got obsessed with them a couple of years ago. And now I can't stop watching them.  I just patiently wait for for the next one to come out. The time has come. This is the third Everything Is Terrible DVD. I highly recommend all of them.

Pick up you copy of Everything Is Terrible! from right here.

Check out the trailer for Everything Is Terrible! Presents Doggiewoggiez! Poochiewoochiez!...

And coming up next week is the new album from The Shins! And also new albums from Tanlines and Thieves Like Us. I can't wait!

out 3/6...

andrew bird

Break It Yourself
by Andrew Bird


by Bowerbirds


by Dunes

julia holter

by Julia Holter

the magnetic fields

Love At The Bottom Of The Sea
by The Magnetic Fields

the men

Open Your Heart
by The Men

nite jewel

One Second of Love
by Nite Jewel

xiu xiu

by Xiu Xiu

out 3/13...

the decemberists

We All Raise Our Voices To The Air
by The Decemberists

holly golightly

Long Distance
by Holly Golightly



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