La Santa Cecilia's El Valor & Selena's Enamorada De Ti

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La Santa CeciliaIf you couldn’t make it to La Santa Cecilia’s record release party at the La Fonda over the weekend (especially those under 21) you have another chance. La Santa Cecilia will be doing an in-store performance at Amoeba Records Hollywood on Monday, March 26th at 7pm in celebration of their latest release, El Valor.

El Valor finds the band interpreting songs by such artists as Caifanes, U2, Lhasa De Sela, and Soft Cell. Each song is given the La Santa Cecilia treatment: part Cumbia, Mariachi, Bolero, Ranchera, and Latin Pop. Much like one of my favorite cover albums, CafĂ© Tacuba’s classic Avalancha De Exitos, El Valor is sincere without the trappings of being ironic. Each song is an attempt not only at reinterpretation, but a challenge to top the original.

La Santa Cecilia musicianship is sublime, without a doubt. Still, it would be hard not to single out their lead singer, La Marisol. She is often quoted as being the soul of the group. Her sound is unique in that one can hear generations of influences yet she manages not to sound derivative. When I hear her voice, I feel like a cook trying to guess the ingredients of a great dish only to come to the conclusion that the food is great.

Selena Enamorada De Ti On Tuesday, April 3rd, a new collection of reinvented Selena will be released to commemorate what would have been her 40th birthday. The songs that make the Enamorada De Ti album are some of her biggest hits redone with modern pop artists, including Samo from the group Camila, Don Omar, and Selena Gomez. According to the producer, Selena’s brother and main songwriter A.B. Quintanilla III, it was a way to imagine what Selena would be doing musically if she were alive.

I had a conversation with Lady Imix, host of Heartbreak Radio on We agreed that the best thing about Selena, like other iconic pop stars that died young, is that she never had time to tarnish her career. She died before she lost her innocence, never having to cave under the pressure of mainstream success. I can only see Selena as the down to earth Regional Mexican superstar on the verge of becoming a mainstream superstar. She never had to change her musical style or image. She was never forced to change her body type to meet the mainstream standards that we have for pop artists today. There were no drugs or bitter divorce drama. She died before she could sing a hook on a rap song or sing duets with mainstream pop artists. She died before TMZ and American Idol.

Much like we didn’t have to hear a Jimi Hendrix fusion album or Bob Marley post-Dancehall, or even a sober Kurt Cobain, I don’t feel the need to hear an imagined Selena album without her input. Sure, perhaps her true potential was never met but the best thing about Selena’s premature death is that her career got off scot-free. I understand the desire to introduce Selena to a new generation but the legend is already there without Enamorada De Ti.

I feel her songs will continue to be blasted from radios, clubs, and quinceneras around the world with this release or without it.

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