Hip-Hop Rap-Up, Week Ending 03.09.12: Too $hort, Madlib, WZRD, Malik Work, Timbo King, Dregs One, Notoriois B.I.G., Illmaculate, Cash Money & Marvelous + more

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Amoeba San Francisco Hip-Hop Top Five Week Ending 03:09:12

1) WZRD wzrd (Universal Republic)

2) Drake Take Care (Cash Money)

3 Tyga  Careless World: Rise Of The La (Cash Money)

4) Too $hort No Trespassing (Dangerous Music)

5) Madlib Medicine Show No. 13: Black Tape (Madlib Medicine Show)

Thanks to Michelle at the San Francisco Amoeba Music store for this week's new hip-hop chart which, with the exception of Drake's steadily selling sophomore album Take Care which was released four months ago, is packed with all brand new releases that dropped last week on Feb 28th. These include the number album of the week at the Haight Street store and the number 3 Billboard albums chart across the country this week: the self titled album from WZRD which is the highly anticipated and slightly overdue new new rock project from Kid Cudi along with producer Dot da Genius which draws inspiration from Pink Floyd and The Pixies.  and featuring songs like "The Upper Room " and "The Dream Time Machine" - both of which are below. Note this is technically not hip-hop music but rather more alternative/prog/rock music made by a rapper. I stress that because there's already been a lot of Cudi fans (ones used to his genre-bending) who are not feeling this album. But even if you are not you are not into the music you gotta give the guy props for always trying new things.

WZRD "The Dream Time Machine" (2012)

WZRD "The Upper Room" (2012)

The other new releases this week include Too $hort, Cash Money artist Tyga with Careless World: Rise Of The La, and Madlib's Medicine Show No. 13: Black Tape which is the super-gifted producer's bonus (final) installment in his Medicine Show series - initially scheduled to be one a month for twelve months album series back in 2010 - but which ran overtime and slightly off schedule.

This latest Medicine Show release (which comes with an 8 page booklet) in the series packs in thirty five short remixes accurately described by this website as "wild mixes fly by, a million ideas at once, and leave your head spinning — true to form for someone who would undertake an endeavor as crazy as this. His remixes are no less essential than the rest of his work, as “Doom vs. Jadakiss” can attest, with its midsong dropout and complete change, juxtaposing the MCs into a mash that you want to sift back through as soon as it's done." Note that all thirteen Medicine Show albums will be released together on March 27th in the form of Madlib Medicine Show: The Brick.

Meanwhile the unstoppable Too $hort, who way back in the mid nineties had threatened that he was quitting rap music altogether, has never stopped making albums and last week released his nineteenth studio album to date, No Trespassing on Dangerous Music. By any standards that is a hell of a lot of releases for an artist but for one within hip-hop/rap - a genre not known for career longevity - it is an incredible feat. The new album was preceded by the single ‘Money On The Floor’ featuring E-40 which is here along with such other tracks as "I'ma Stop (feat 50 Cent)," "Cush Cologne (feat. Rico Tha Kidd & DJ Upgrade)," and ‘What the Fuck’ which is the album's opening track. According to the artist this is his comeback to those whose reaction to him still putting out albums is WTF?

Other new albums just out include The Alchemist's newest instrumental album Rapper's Best Friend 2 which was released on Tuesday and comes hot on the heels of the buzz generated by his latest release in the Oh No collaboration - the Gangrene project's hot new release Vodka & Ayahuasca on Decon.


Good news for fans of both golden era hip-hop and the history of turntablism:  DJ Cash Money & Marvelous have reunited and are planning a series of concerts for the year ahead. Back in the late 80's the Philly duo, featuring the 1988 DMC World Champion winning DJ, repped Philly and dropped a series of hit records on Sleeping Bag Records including: "The Mighty Hard Rocker," "Ugly People Be Quiet," and "Find An Ugly Woman" - see video above.

Timbo King "The Autobiography Of Timothy Drayton" (2012)

Above is one of many excellent new hip-hop releases from the Nature Sounds label. It is Brooklyn-bred MC and Wu-Tang affiliate Timbo King and his song/story “The Autobiography Of Timothy Drayton” which you'll find on his Lil Fame (M.O.P.) produced debut album From Babylon To Timbuk2 that also features such tracks as "High Ranking" with a cameo from RA the Rugged Man. Another great new 2012 track recently released by the New York Nature Sounds label is "Doo Whop" by Blu feat. Planet Asia and Killa Ben. Meantime out of the Bay Area is San Francisco rapper Dregs One who this week unveiled the brand new video (see below with lots of great Mission District murals & graffiti shots) for the song "The Inspiration" featuring Patience and Telli Prego. The song is taken from the new mixtape of the same name by the socially conscious emcee.

Dregs One"The Inspiration (feat. Patience and Telli Prego)" (2012)

 Illmaculate “Under Their Radar, Over Their Heads” (2012)
Upcoming releases include one from two time World Rap Championship winner  Illmaculate who holds the distinction of being the youngest entrant to ever win the Scribble Jam Freestyle Rap competition which he won at age 17. Next month Illmaculate will drop his debut LP Skrill Talk with featured guest spots from Tech N9ne, Krizz Kaliko, Crooked I, Evidence, and INS Deck among others. The album, which will arrive in Amoeba on April 17th, will feature the G_Force produced lead single “Under Their Radar, Over Their Heads” for which he just recently unveiled the new video above.
Malik Work & The Upsetters "Let Me See Some I.D." (2012)

Anyone who has worked security or been a bouncer at a club will especially appreciate the new video/track above by Malik Work & The Upsetters "Let Me See Some I.D." It is by Real Live Show emcee Malik Work (pronounced Mal-Lick Work) who drew inspiration for the song after years of working the door at NYC clubs & art galleries such as Good Spot, Bamboo & the infamous Nublu. The upcoming album has many personal stories from Malik Work & his partner Stimulus which is expected to drop in September.

And finally, since it is the 15 year anniversary of the murder of Biggie Smalls (aka The Notorious B.I.G.), I leave you with the video for his hit "One More Chance." It was on this date March 9th back in 1997 that the BK rapper was shot and killed in LA.

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