Creators Project: A Fun Interactive Event

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"The world’s epicenter of technology and innovation for a colossal two-day art and technology festival featuring towering multimedia art installations, live music performances, film screenings, and panel discussions," was how the Bay Area Crew enticingly previewed this past weekend's Creators Project at San Francisco's Fort Mason (The Creators Project Brings Two Days of Art & Technology to SF, 3/17 - 3/18). After reading this, I made a note of the dates on my must-do list to attend this cool sounding music, art, and cutting-edge high-tech event, and one that was free thanks to sponsorship by Intel and Vice. Additionally, the Creators Project had gotten a good response when it traveled to London, Paris, Lyon, New York, Beijing, Sao Paulo, and Seoull on a global tour last year. 

Unfortunately, due to previous St. Patrick's Day commitments, I couldn't attend day one of the two day mixed media event when all the excellent live music was going on - a stunningly impressive line up (especially for no cover charge) including the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Squarepusher, The Antlers, Zola Jesus, Shabazz Palaces, New Pants, and James Murphy. But I did have time yesterday (day two) to stop by Fort Mason and check out most of the multimedia art installations.

The exhibits and installations - most of which were interactive in some way - were scattered around Fort Mason (which has many interesting items on permanent display that are worth checking out), including inside the cavernous Herbst Pavilion, in the Firehouse, the Fleet Room, and also outside in the Landmark Lot. Also outdoors on Sunday were a circle of wonderfully tasty SF food trucks, including Brass Knuckle who invite outdoor diners to "Kick it to the Curb" with their "Stylish Street Fare" and are regularly at Fort Mason on Friday evenings for the popular weekly Off The Grid food truck assembly. Just down from all the food trucks over by the waterside, an incredibly long and slow moving line of people waited patiently to get inside for a peep of the Creators Project most popular event - Life On Mars Revisited. This piece was constructed out of recently found film material (buried for 30 years in photographer Mick Rock's garage) of David Bowie performing "Life On Mars." For the "Revisited" edition Rock collaborated with film director Barney Clay to remix in new interpretative ways the decades-old 16mm footage of Bowie in concert.  "Completely reinterprets Bowie's visual world," is what they promised and delivered.

Outside and down in front of the Herbst Pavilion in the Landmark Lot was another popular piece titled Origin and the brainchild of UK experimental artist Scanner. A big, ominous scaffolding structure that towered 40 feet above (and as far in width) was fitted with lights and speaker. There were also booming bass speakers outside the structure. Both the lights and speakers were triggered by the movements of the exhibit attendees who walked and moved inside the structure, setting off ambient, moody noise sounds and flashing lights. Good stuff that people seemed to enjoy a lot. Another clear crowd pleaser was The Treachery Of Sanctuary inside Herbst where it was the centerpiece of the main pavilion. Spread across three giant screens (viewable from each side) that reached the tall ceiling, this piece by artist Chris Milk at first looked like fast moving silhouette projections of attacking crows flying away from and down upon silhouettes of people (Hitchcock's The Birds immediately came to mind).

Upon closer inspection of The Treachery of Sanctuary, I could see exactly what was happening in this wonderful piece that adults and kids alike were loving; exhibit attendees standing between the giant screens struck motion sensing kinects, which transformed into exaggerated patterns their projected moving silhouette images into winged creatures with the birds flying out of them. Pretty amazing to watch and even more so to actually be part of the piece. I have included some photos of this piece and others to give you a better idea of what the event was like. Move the mouse icon over images for more info on each.  And for further info on the Creators Project.

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