Indian Film Festival of Los Angeles Celebrates 10th Anniversary, 4/10 - 4/15

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Indian Film Fest Los Angeles

Amoeba is delighted to sponsor the 10th Anniversary of the Indian Film Festival of Los Angeles! With 33 features, documentaries, and short films from around the world, 2012 promises to be their biggest year yet! 

Agent Vinod Indian Film Festival Los Angeles
Pictured: Agent Vinod (2012, directed by Sriram Raghava)

Among the offerings are three world premieres, nine U.S. premieres, and twelve Los Angeles premieres, plus engaging panels, musical performances,  special anniversary events and more. The festival runs from April 10th through 15th at ArcLight Hollywood in Los Angeles, the home of IFFLA since its very first year. Look for the Amoeba booth in the courtyard of ArcLight on Friday 4/13.

All-Access & VIP pass experiences available. For more information and tickets, visit 

Here are a few of the films featured this year:

Decoding Deepak
Director: Gotham Chopra

When world renowned doctor, writer, and spiritual guru Deepak Chopra is your father, you can expect to have a life less-than-ordinary. As an adult, Gotham Chopra reflects on his upbringing and his relationship with his father and wants to know more. He sets out to discover the 'man behind the myth' by travelling with his father, Deepak, for a year. With the critical eye of a son and not a disciple, Gotham attempts to uncover who his father truly is. The journey becomes more personal than expected, however, as Gotham finds himself examining his own life and how he fits into the world.

Having written books and worked in film and television, in addition to many collaborations with his father, Gotham Chopra is on his way to becoming a household name himself. His most personal work to date, Decoding Deepak is both humorous and thought-provoking as it looks at family, relationships, Twitter, and the Meaning of Life.

Abu, Son of Adam (Adaminte Makan Abu)
Director: Salim Ahamed
Malayalam (English subtitles) 

In India's entry for the 2011 Academy Awards, an elderly couple works to realize a lifelong dream. When Abu and Aisa, a Muslim couple living in Kerala, come to terms with the slowing down of their lives, they decide it is time to go on Hajj - a religious pilgrimage to Mecca - for which Abu has been saving money his whole life. While their neighbors wonder how they can possibly afford such an expensive journey, Abu and Aisa attempt to navigate a modern and changing world and all the obstacles it sets in their way. From procuring passports to purchasing luggage, nothing is as simple as it seems. Abu is unwavering in his determination to maintain the pilgrimage's legitimacy by taking care of all expenses and preparations himself, but as time passes it seems as if the task may be too daunting.

Exquisitely shot in the Southern Indian state of Kerala, Abu, Son of Adam transports viewers to a different world in a quiet village that time has forgotten. Critically acclaimed worldwide, this film will resonate with anyone who has dreamed, and attempted to make that dream a reality.

The Great Indian Marriage Bazzar
Director: Ruchika Muchhala
Hindi, English (English subtitles)

The Great Indian Marriage Bazaar is a fascinating journey into the nucleus of Indian society: the marriage, arranged style. Taking us along on a quirky and personal journey, filmmaker Ruchika Muchhala chronicles the mounting pressure she faces from a persistent mother in a society whose cultural fabric revolves around the axis of marriage. Ruchika navigates the "marriage bazaar" by talking with people in the business and two brides-to-be. Through three distinct narratives, this documentary reveals the contradiction that modern Indian girls face. On one hand, they are well-educated and exposed to global cultures where a sense of individuality is highly regarded and encouraged, and yet when it comes to the question of marriage they are expected to revert to age-old tradition of patriarchy where societal pressure to marry triumphs over their individuality.

In a society where the institution and condition of marriage defines the very person, The Great Indian Marriage Bazaar finds an entirely original and powerful language to express the bewildering and intricate dynamics of the captivating "marriage bazaar" that is unique to India alone.

Delhi Belly

Director: Abhinay Deo
English, Hindi (English subtitles)

Tashi's obnoxious girlfriend, Sonia, couriers a "package" while on one of her stewardess flights. Unaware that it contains a fortune in diamonds, she leaves it with Tashi and asks him to deliver it. He and his two roommates, Nitin and Arup, live in complete squalor, reveling in crudeness and irresponsibility. With these three in charge, the package becomes lost, and then misplaced, until finally it entangles them completely in the underbelly of Delhi's dirtiest criminals - people who are willing to kill over a package like this.

Raunchy, sexy, and completely maniacal, writer Akshat Verma and director Abhinay Deo have created an insanely funny and gritty comedy with Delhi Belly. Produced by Aamir Khan Productions, the film takes the viewer on a fresh journey into territory not yet charted by Bollywood films.

Delhi In a Day
Director: Prashant Nair
Hindi (English subtitles)

In a modern Delhi home lives beautiful 19-year-old Rohini. Full of vigor and dreams of Bollywood stardom, Rohini is just one of the many servants that work under the hands of Kalpana and Mukund Ghambir, the "lords" of the mansion. S. Jasper, a young idealistic Brit arrives in Delhi to find the "real" India. Instead he is planted in the home of the uptight Ghambir family who fancy themselves the highest elite. A budding artist, Jasper is drawn to make a portrait of the beautiful Rohini, making her feel important and self-aware. But when Jasper's money goes missing, his sentiments and naiveté take a drastic turn. His questioning turns the entire fragility and balance of the home upside down as assumptions are made and fingers are pointed.

This dark romantic comedy echoes the finest of a Jane Austin style understanding and humor of the classes, in particular the nouveau riche of modern India.

Agent Vinod
Director: Sriram Raghavan
Hindi (English subtitles)

"This is Falcon 77. I have been exposed..."

While sending a cryptic Code Red message to the New Delhi headquarters, an undercover RAW agent is revealed in Russia during an operation before he is killed and Agent Vinod (Saif Ali Khan) is sent to Moscow to find out what the message meant.

In Moscow, Vinod discovers that Abu (Ram Kapoor), a money launderer has transferred a huge amount of money to Morocco by hawala, for an operation against India. Prompted, Vinod meets Kazan (Prem Chopra), an elderly Mafiosi in Morocco, who is also involved in the operation. There Vinod has a chance encounter with Dr. Ruby (Kareena Kapoor), a Pakistani doctor, who is as mysterious as she's beautiful. An edgy relationship develops between the two. Is she on his side, or is she going to betray him?

A series of twists and turns take Vinod from St. Petersburg to Marakkesh to Riga, Karachi to Delhi and finally London...where he discovers the ultimate conspiracy. With much anticipation, alum filmmaker Sriram Raghavan (Johnny Gaddaar) returns to IFFLA with the Los Angeles premiere of Agent Vinod.

Corrode (Kshay)
Director: Karan Gour
Hindi (English subtitles)

Karan Gour's Corrode revolves around the personification of an obsession, fueled by nothing more than intangible desires. Chhaya is a simple housewife who has an artistic bend of mind and a seemingly happy life with her husband, Arvind. Money trickles in every month and life goes on for the unassuming Chhaya, until her eyes catch hold of an unfinished sculpture of the Hindu goddess Lakshmi.

Her values and relationships as she knows them begin to decay day by day, surrendering to the clutches of an ugly obsession that feeds on her weaknesses and past disappointments. She must have the "Lakshmi, as if to make up for all that she has yearned for in her life.

Taking four years to make, first time filmmaker Karan Gour's labor of love Corrode is a visually stunning black and white dramatic and experimental portrait. It takes an unforgiving look at obsession and how it infects the frailty of our minds, corroding reasoning, reality, and emotional fulfillment.

Watch Indian Circus (Dekh Indian Circus)
Director: Mangesh Hadawale
Hindi (English subtitles)

After a small seed begins to grow in the heart of a young girl who is enchanted by the notion of a circus character, a sweet and profound struggle for the simple act of watching the circus ensues. How far will a poor family go to take their two little children to the circus? With drama and pit stops at every turn, we are taken on a comedy of errors and triumphs.

Set against the visually gorgeous Rajasthani landscape with rich textures and the pop of India's epic color palette, Watch Indian Circus envelops us with beauty, love, and humor. Produced by actor Vivek Oberoi, the film blends the vibrant visual style of Bollywood with a universal story.

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