Editor of Eric & Charles DVD Review Show wins an ACE Eddie!

Posted by Charles Reece, February 24, 2012 11:52am | Post a Comment

The Eric & Charles DVD Review Show wouldn't be the favorite of spambots everywhere without the magical touch of Eric "Scissorhands" Kench. Above, he can be seen with his American Cinema Editor's award, the Eddie, and presenter Anne V. Coates, editor of Lawrence of Arabia (Kench's favorite film). Although not quite as illustrious as appearing on this blog, Kench breathed the same exalted air as Clint Eastwood for one night. While I wouldn't dismiss the importance of a good leather jacket, Alexander Payne explained the value of the art: "One, editing is the ongoing process of disguising how bad the film really is. Number two, every day we edit, we make the film suck less. And number three, editing is the natural state of man." Here's the Variety article.

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