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We have a some great new shows this week on, plus a new look website!

On this week’s edition of COUNTERSTRIKE, host Marco Amador will interview the legendary Norm Chomsky and a coordinator of, Hamid Khan. Counterstrike intermixes many local issues that affect Chicanos today and shows parallel struggles internationally through interviews of some of the best critical thinkers today. In the past, Marco has interviewed the likes of Dr. Cornel West, Mumia Abu-Jamal and Chicano activist Carlos Montes. Marco is also the creator of

Following Counterstrike is the debut of a new show, Radio Discostan. Radio Discostan is the creation of Arshia Haq, a former employee of Amoeba Hollywood and a contributor to the label, Sublime Frequencies. Radio Discostan explores lovely music from Belarus to Burma via Bombay. Having worked with Arshia in the past, I can say firsthand that her musical collection and knowledge runs deep. From Arabic love songs to Turkish Rockers to Hindi Disco, I guarantee that you will hear something that you have never heard before. Discostan runs from 9-10 pm PST

Following Radio Discostan will be our ever-popular Heartbreak Radio with Lady Imix. Every two weeks, Lady Imix curates the best soundtrack for the lovesick, the heartbroken and even the heartbreakers. It doesn’t matter if you would stand by your man as he fights an unholy war or you want her to be “free”. It doesn’t matter if you think you need to try a little tenderness or if love will tear you apart, Lady Imix has got your back.

Heartbreak Radio continues right after Radio Discostan from 10pm-11pm, PST.

On Tuesday, February 28th from 8-10 PM PST is the return of Discos Inmigrantes, my show featuring the best in international LPs that have traveled far and wide to be played over the airwaves. The 2/28 edition of Discos Inmigrantes will be a rocking one, from the 1960’s garage rock of South America to The 80’s Roc En Espanol movement. Also, we will hear some gems from Yemen, Nigeria, Japan, India and our backyards of East Los Angeles and San Antonio, TX.

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