Canadian Rapper Aspektz Releases "First Ever Interactive Video"

Posted by Billyjam, February 9, 2012 05:34pm | Post a Comment

In what is being heralded as the "first ever interactive music video" Canadian rapper Aspektz and his label are presenting as a unique marketing tool - an interactive music video that allows viewers to direct the entire music video using technology that enables one to control where the camera moves. This interactive technology is created by a 360-degree lens and is part of the AP360 campaign.

This  campaign is reportedly the first ever interactive series of music videos to be unveiled by and financed by Virgin CEO Richard Branson (pictured here with the Toronto rapper). The goal of this the Triple A interactive video style is to capitalize on short attention span, tech savvy, digital age music fans who might be drawn in by the opportunity to play (and replay - hence get hooked on the music) the video as they "direct" it from all the different camera angles available. According to his rep Aspektz will be unleashing 360-degree viral videos as selected by the fans via  Twitter, his Facebook fan page and email feedback.