Back From NYC DJ'ing Successful "Prince Michael Experience" Party, San Francisco's Dave Paul Spins at "That 80's Show" at Madrone in SF Tonight

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Fresh back from a sell-out night at the cavernous Brooklyn Bowl last weekend in NYC with his ever-popular traveling Prince Michael Experience party, San Francisco's Dave Paul is back on his home-ground tonight when, along with his longtime party DJ partner Jeff Harris, will pack the dancefloor at the Madrone Art Bar on Divisidaro with their other long running, retro dance party That 80's Show. Last Friday night in New York, I attended Paul's wildly fun Prince/Michael Jackson themed party which packed in about a 1000 happy party people at the Brooklyn Bowl where folks were lined round the block in the rain waiting to get in (some were turned away) - most impressive considering that was only the second time he had taken this party to New York City, and on a weekend night! I took some photos including one above of Paul deep in the mix as a dancing Michael Jackson impersonator (one of a few of the night) worked the crowd. Last night I caught up with both Paul and Harris to ask them about their popular dance parties and to list their top five or top ten dancefloor favorites for tonight's That 80's Show party - a refreshing mix that runs the gamut of disco, new wave, rock, club, and r'n'b.

Dave Paul's Crowd Favorite That 80's Show Dancefloor Bangers

1) Run DMC "It's Tricky" (1986)

2) Guns N Roses "Sweet Child O Mine" (1987)

3) Lipps Inc. "Designer Music" (1981)

4) Nena "99 Luft Ballons" (1984)

5) Grand Master Melle Mel "White Lines" (1983)

Dave Paul, who noted that the above top five "is in no particular order," said that it will be good to be back in San Francisco tonight where he and Jeff Harris have a dedicated fun-loving crowd of regulars who attend their That 80's Show party - many decked out in 1980's fashions and accessories. "People like to party. Good vibes always," Paul said. As for his fellow party mixmaster & longtime friend Jeff Harris, who he has known since his days at the San Francisco City College radio station,  he said, "Jeff is a walking encyclopedia. It's pretty hard to stump him on popular music. The great thing about Jeff is not only is he a historian but he is a hardcore vinyl collector so he always brings new 80s records to each party. We both DJ the same way and sometimes think the same way musically. No pre-planeed sets, just freestyling it from one song to another and playing off of and to the crowd. It makes it fun." Harris, who as a contemporary DJ spinning vinyl is in the minority these days but by so doing is keeping an old tradition alive, agrees that he and Dave have "a musical synergy... we compliment each other [as] DJ's." Harris supplied the following top ten crowd favorite (also in no particular order) That 80's Show records along with a brief description of why they work on the dancefloor.

Jeff Harris' Crowd Favorite That 80's Show Dancefloor Bangers

1)  Nena "99 Luftballons"  (1984)
 "We almost always close with this one! People go wild every time!"

2) Whitney Houston "I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Who Loves Me)"  (1987)
 "By the way I didn't throw this one in because of her untimely passing. People really go nuts when we play this!"

3) Madonna  "Holiday"  (1983)
"The party starter. One that really gets people going. Crowds will actually get upset if you don't play this."

4) Michael Jackson "Rock With You" (1980)
"It would not be an 80's party without some MJ! The crowd willoften sing along with

5) Prince "1999" (1982)
"Another that if we don't play it, people look at us funny!"

6) The Human League "Don't You Want Me"  (1982)
"An evergreen. Never have done a show where we haven't played it."

7) Young MC "Bust A Move" (1989)
"As indestructible of a record as there has ever been. As soon as the crowd hears that guitar loop and the break kick in, all hell breaks loose! Plus you can mix in anything on top of that breakdown. You could sing the alphabet over the top of it and people will jizz in their shorts [laughs]"

8) New Order "Bizarre Love Triangle" (1986)
"Just an outstanding dance record with a great break. The 12" remix by Shep Pettibone is the only version of this that will do!"

9) The Clash "Rock The Casbah" (1982)
"In my humble opinion one of the great dance records of all time!! Love to use the 12" B-side "Mustapha Dance" dub mix to tease the crowd then come in with that familiar piano intro on the vocal side."

10) Salt 'N' Pepa "Push It" (1987)
"Another record that never seems to get old no how matter how many times we spin it. As soon they hear the girls shout out "pick up on this!!", it's like a call to arms. Again this record has killer breaks that we've shocked and surprised the crowds with was gets mixed over it. I'd tell you what, but that would spoil the surprise element!"

Tonight, Fri., Feb. 17th @ Madrone Art Bar located at 500 Divisadero @ Fell, San Francisco, CA 94117 is That 80's Show with Dave Paul and Jeff Harris spinning. 9pm / $5 / 21+ More info plus pics from previous parites.

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