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BROKEN SPOKE, Austin, TX 2010 Color coupler print 20 x 20” © Rhona Bitner

BROKEN SPOKE, Austin, TX 2010 Color coupler print 20 x 20” © Rhona Bitner


Art and rock fans should check out STATIC NOISE: The Photographs of Rhona Bitner showing until April 15, 2012 at University Art Museum Cal State University Long Beach (UAM CSULB) -- concurrently with Lou Reed's Metal Machine Trio: The Creation of the Universe and Split Moment. All are reflections of museum director Christopher Scoates's particular interest the intersection of art and music-related pop culture (as previously evinced by 2009's Brian Eno exhibition, 77 Million Paintings). 


New York
-based photographer Rhona Bitner previously spent years with a circus and with stage lighting and her earlier photography and surroundings evince a taste for colorful performers and dark, warm shadows. The jump from garish clowns to raffish rock musicians probably wouldn't have been much of a leap but the subjects of Bitner's latest are America's iconic rock music venues and recording spaces themselves, not the musicians and engineers who made and make the music happen.

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Remixes Are the New Black

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We've been getting so many great remixes offered as free downloads on lately. It makes sense from a business standpoint: remixes raise awareness of an artist and their music through something generally unavailable on the album, while simultaneously helping to further interest in the studio versions. (This is my totally unscientific, un-researched hypothesis.)

One of the things I like about remixes is that they can bring new life into a track, make you hear it in an entirely different way. Remixes, like anything else, run the gamut and with the omnipresence of the remix these days there is a good chance of running into some crap ones too. But when they're good, they can be delicious. In fact, over the last few years I've come across a few remixes that I now prefer over their original tracks.
2 Hearts and Chemicals remixes
I'm in love with a new remix from LA/NYC band 

2 Hearts and Chemicals. Their "Coming Home" track was remixed by Miadis, a Dallas remix artist. I love what he did with the song, creating space, manipulating the vocals, and playing with the beats. The song has a different flow now, dipping and climbing like a sine wave. Download "Coming Home (Miadis Remix)."

Active Child Johnny Belinda RemixAnother example of a new remix I prefer over the original is a White Arrows remix of Active Child's "Johnny Belinda." The original track, from You Are All I See (Vagrant, 2011), has a completely different tempo and incorporates the faint stirrings of a choir of monks throughout. The remix maintains Pat Grossi's vocals, but alters the other elements completely. Download "Johnny Belinda (White Arrows Remix)."

(In which we celebrate Leap Day.)

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It’s February 29. I’m sure you’re all busy celebrating with the traditional construction of tepee’s made from soft caramel (which takes soooooo long to make, am I right guys?) and the sacrifice of your neighbors’ used cotton swabs to our lesser-known deity, Jeff Christ, little brother of the Lord. Even so, I would be remiss not to say something about this most sacred of days.

First, let’s say happy birthday in our prettiest voices to those born on leap-days…

Gioachino Rossini

Saul Williams

Dinah Shore

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Out this week 2/21 & 2/28...Grimes...Frankie Rose...Hunx...Trust...

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The new album by Grimes was finally released last week. I was seriously counting down the weeks for this and the new album by Trust out this week.  They are sort of like my Zola Jesus and Cold Cave of this year. Those albums were two of my favorites from 2011. And I can tell you for sure that Grimes and Trust will both be in heavy rotation in my life this year. Grimes is Claire Boucher from Montreal. She is fantastic and you should get to know this album. She has a bit of the baby voice. Which can be annoying in person. But it works for me on this album. Reminds me at times of The Cranes. Visions is her third album and her first on 4AD. Her first two albums have just been reissued as well. But they really are not as great as this new album. It falls on the dark side of things for sure. And is just a lovely little album.

The debut album from Trust has one of the most interesting album covers of the year so far. This is not the French metal band from the 70's with the same band name. This is the Trust from Canada who just released their synth pop dark wave album on Arts & Crafts. Trust is Robert Alfons and Maya Postepski from the band Austra. This dudes voice is amazing. I can't get over it. Like a mix of Clan of Xymox and Bronski Beat. Maybe with some Kermit the Frog mixed in there. It is that good. I have been really anticipating this album after hearing a couple of the singles. And it does not disappoint. Like albums from The Knife and Cold Cave it is a solid dark wave synth album. There are stand out tracks on this album for sure. But it really holds together as a complete fantastic debut album. I still can't figure out that cover art. I can't stop staring at it. It is dark and mysterious and spooky. Just like the music. It is entirely unique and I have not seen anything quite like it. Just like the album. I am loving it. Whatever it is.

Here is the album cover by Trust for their new album Trst...

There have been a bunch of great albums out the last couple of weeks. A New album from Hunx! You may know Hunx from Hunx & His Punx and Gravy Train. I have been loving whatever this dude puts out over the last couple of years. And this new album is no exception. It might be my favorite yet. Hairdresser Blues is out now on Hardly Art. And Hardly Art has been putting out some fantastic stuff lately. They can do no wrong.

Another one of my favorites from the last couple of weeks is the new album from Frankie Rose. Frankie Rose is of course from the Vivian Girls. She is exploring a more shoegaze type of sound with this new album. Insterstellar is out now from Slumberland, my other favorite label of the moment. This album is just great.  It is incredibly catchy. A perfect little album.

Another great album is just around the corner. RVNG International is releasing the new album from Julia Holter. Ekstasis is out next week on March 6th. I am sure this album will also end up being one of my favorites this year. Reminds me of Joanna Newsom. It is dreamy and beautiful. Check it out.

out 2/21...


I Am Gemini
by Cursive

by Field Music

by Grimes

How About I Be Me And You Be You
by Sinead O'Connor

Put Your Back N 2 It
by Perfume Genius

by Frankie Rose

Reign of Terror
by Sleigh Bells

Something Rain
by Tindersticks

out 2/28...

Toward The Low Sun
by Dirty Three

Pre Language
by Disappears

All Of Me
by Estelle

Hairdresser Blues
by Hunx

Slideshow Effect
by Memoryhouse

by Mouse On Mars

The Wall [Experience Edition]
by Pink Floyd

by School Of Seven Bells

by Trust

Minimal Wave Tapes Vol. 2

Win Tickets to the Sold Out 2012 Coachella

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Spring is around the corner which means it's time for our hotly anticipated, wildly popular Coachella contest! is giving away a pair of tickets to the April 20-22 weekend where you can see over 150 bands in the sunny California desert including The Black Keys, Radiohead, Dr. Dre & Snoop Dogg, Bon Iver, Florence + the Machine, Pulp, Mazzy Star, and M83. Both weekends are way sold out so this may be your last chance to score tickets. 

Enter our Coachella contest here.

Coachella Lineup 2012

Summer 2012: You CAN Play With Madness!

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You know there's something heavy in the air when Ed Force One, Iron Maiden's custom fitted and supremely airworthy Boeing 757 tour-craft, makes a low pass over your hometown's main gas, food and lodging conduit. Well, up the irons Maiden heads of America - the boys'll be back in town this summer revisiting their 1988 Seventh Son of a Seventh Son world tour with production and content to mirror their Maiden England concert home video* so closely that they're gone ahead and exhumed the title for use on yet another "between albums" tour, or the third chapter in the band's History of Iron Maiden live shows.

'Tis a thing of beauty, no? I am almost at a loss for words to explain how pumped I am for this tour. Seventh Son was the first Iron Maiden cassette I ever owned and it still serves as a source of workaday strength for me, especially the song (and music video for) "Can I Play With Madness" - any of you "talented arts" kids out there will fell me on that score. In fact, eff it, I'm so stoked right now how about we watch the music video for "Can I Play With Madness" and talk tour deets n' things after the break.


Now, if you or any of your clairvoyant friends are in the official Iron Maiden fan club then chances are you've already procured your tickets as they were made available to IMFC members today, but if you're not be ready to get the best of the leftovers on March 2nd or 3rd (check here or your local venue listings for official ticket sale dates and times) and remember to buy paperless and avoid the gauging habits secondary ticketing sites (i.e. the evil that men do lives on and on). For a complete list of set list speculations and 2012 tour dates, see below. Otherwise, up the irons! See you in D.C. and San Francisco!!!!!!!!

*Maiden England 1988 Longform Video VHS Tracklisting:
Moonchild, The Evil That Men Do, The Prisoner, Still Life, Die With Your Boots On, Infinite Dreams, Killers, Can I Play With Madness, Heaven Can Wait, Wasted Years, The Clairvoyant, Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son, The Number Of The Beast, Hallowed Be Thy Name, Iron Maiden.

Monkees singer Davy Jones Dead at 66

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According to the TMZ website The Monkees singer Davy Jones has died at the age of 66 in Martin County, Florida. So far no cause of death has been released for the singer who is survived by his wife Jessica and four daughters from previous marriages. Above is the English born Jones and the Monkees doing  lead vocals on their 1967 number one Billboard hit single "Daydream Believer." Mike Nesmith, fellow Monkee, made this announcement today upon learning the sad news of Jones' passing: "While it is jarring, and sometimes seems unjust, or strange, this transition we call dying and death is a constant in the mortal experience that we know almost nothing about. I am of the mind that it is a transition and I carry with me a certainty of the continuity of existence. While I don’t exactly know what happens in these times, there is an ongoing sense of life that reaches in my mind out far beyond the near horizons of mortality and into the reaches of infinity. That David has stepped beyond my view causes me the sadness that it does many of you. I will miss him, but I won’t abandon him to mortality. I will think of him as existing within the animating life that insures existence. I will think of him and his family with that gentle regard in spite of all the contrary appearances on the mortal plane. David’s spirit and soul live well in my heart, among all the lovely people, who remember with me the good times, and the healing times, that were created for so many, including us. I have fond memories. I wish him safe travels."

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Trip Down Memory Lane Via Rock Album Billboards of the 70's Along Sunset Blvd

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Of interest to anyone into rock albums from the seventies and of particular interest to folks in LA into recent era history is the excellent collection of Billboards on Sunset Blvd 1974-5 flickr page by Larry The Frog that features photos of billboards shot in those two years of the mid 1970's along Sunset Blvd. in the  vicinity of the Hollywood Amoeba store.  The majority of these shots are ones advertising new album releases or concert dates from such acts as Poco, Loggins & Messina, Barbi Benton, Donovan, The Who, War, Joni Mitchell, Billy Preston, Neil Sedaka, Greg Allman, Elton John, Eric Clapton, Mahogeny Rush, Rod Stewart, Joe Cocker, Rolling Stones, George Harrison, The 5th Dimension, Steppenwolf, Rick Derringer, and many more.

These great shots were all photographed by Larry The Frog when he lived a block off the Sunset Strip back in the 70's.and were recently lovingly restored by the photographer utilizing photoshopping from scanned 35mm slides and negatives. There are over a hundred shots in this engaging collection that, like rummaging through the old 70's album dollar bins at Amoeba, will unveil a whole bygone era - only better than merely album cover art since they also capture the time and place so well. View the full collection here

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Live to Tell Like Madonna, or Just Smell Like Her

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Madonna claims to "have always been obsessed with fragrance" but scent-conscious consumers must wonder what Ms. "candy perfume girl" wants the world to smell like. I think it's safe to say that we know it won't stink of hydrangeas.

In fact, it is reported by that Madonna was "deeply involved in the process of making her perfume". Working closely with Stephen Nilsen, Givaudan perfumer, they created a "composition of white flowers on an intensive gourmand background. The scent is both a light and dark, opening with notes of gardenia, creamy tuberose and neroli. The heart consists of jasmine, benzoin and white lily, based on vanilla absolute, caramelized amber and sensual musk" without a even a hint of hydrangea whatsoever.

Come May 2012 Truth or Dare by Madonna, a fragrance that queen Madge claims is "something personal that was an expression of me but that other people could relate to as well. Something honest, and yet daring, hence the name" will be made available to the masses and marketed as part of a larger Madonna sanctioned Truth or Dare lifestyle label. Good grief. At least we were spared the same of Miss Debbie Gibson's Electric Youth campaign, though I know of at least one young-at-heart who still bleeds for the stuff. However, seeing as Truth or Dare by Madonna is for women 25-45, with the 35-45 age group being the primary market aim for the fragrance, could it be that all the Debbies-come-Deborahs who once embraced the "youth is energy" Electric Youth credo are now being urged to re-embrace the girl-talk slumber party appeal all over again with Madonna? Take a look at this:

I admit that there was a time that I'd strive to look like that and, yes, even smell like that; I truly wanted to buy what Debbie was selling. But then I could say the same about just about any pre-1990 Poison or Mötley Crüe video (I bet if they had marketed fragrances it would smell like booze mixed with Flame by BK - that "scent of seduction with a hint of flame-broiled meat" cologne that Burger King created). Also, Electric Youth kind of smelled like a puke-y blend of citrus and other fruit essential oils threw up all over your pop-dance maxi-cassingle collection, that is to say it reeked of l'allure pre-teen which definitely gives the edge to Madge's seemingly classier modern offering. How she's selling it, however, remains to be seen in my opinion. I vote she rides the throw-back wave not only in name but in overall style all the way back to her Blonde Ambition/Sex days and gives us something a little more truthfully daring than the print ad at the top of this post. Maybe something more like the first ten seconds of this video:

Give them glamor and garbage, girl, fame and infamy.

Don't Miss Geographer's Myth album In-Store at Amoeba San Francisco today at 6pm

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Talk about the perfect setting for a record release party. In honor of their new album out today San Francisco trio Geographer play an in-store set at 6pm tonight on the stage of Amoeba Music San Francisco. Of the new album  Myth - the group's second full-length released today by Modern Art Records- in conjunction with Warner Music's Independent Label Group, Amoeba.Com recently wrote:: Geographer teamed up with producer Eli Crews (tUnE-yArDs, Beulah, Why?, Deerhoof) and renowned mixer Chris Zane (Passion Pit, Walkmen, Holy Ghost!, Tokyo Police Club) to scrupulously craft the new record. On Myth, Mike's distinct melodic vocals flirt with dazed synth melodies and alluring guitar riffs; while Nathan's haunting electric cello cords and Brian's vibrant, powerful drums blend together to create a mind-altering, ten track album that is pulsating with complex polyrhythms and stunning harmonies.

Tonight's Haight Street Amoeba Geographer in-store will be a special acoustic set and, as witnessed from a recent acoustic set they did in a Mission District warehouse (scroll down to see/hear fan video) in which they did "Kites" off the new album Myth: they sound as perfect in live acoustic mode as they do on the record. No doubt  2012 will be the year for Geographer who have been honing that that perfect live sound by doing a lot of shows. Last year they played Noise Pop, Treasure Island Music Festival, and they've toured nationally with Stars and Ladytron. Check out two of the new album tracks (below photo) and expect similar moving versions of songs at tonight's Amoeba San Francisco instore at 6pm but get there earlier to have time to pick up the album and secure a good spot near the stage.

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"How I Got Here" series Part II with Dave Paul of Bomb Hip-Hop

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Last month kicked off the new guest Amoeblog series with Dave Paul called How I Got Here with the first profile piece; an interview with Robbie Kowal of SunsetSF promotions company.  Upcoming in this this eight part 2012 guest series, which profiles various folks in the entertainment industry from doormen, DJ’s and promoters to venue owners, managers, and booking agents, will be such folks as DJ Z-Trip, Ren Salgado of True Skool (San Francisco), Traci P of R.A.W. Entertainment in Las Vegas, Mike Maietta of CEG Presents in New York, and Dave Paul himself who is profiled in this second part of the series. San Francisco born and raised Paul, who is a regular to the Amoeblog having been interviewed or quoted here several times in the past - usually about music, talks here specifically about his appoach to the industry from starting out as a DJ to running both the Bomb Hip-Hop Magazine and record label of the same name to,, more recently, club DJ & promoter producing his Prince and Michael Jackson themed dance parties in SF and around the country for the past nine years.

Amoeblog: When did you begin DJing and was there any particular Bay Area DJ(s) that inspired you?

Dave Paul: I started DJing in 1984. There were a couple of DJ crews that inspired me liked Ultimate Creations and Nitelife Sensations. Also there were master mixers like Michael Erickson and Cameron Paul on KSOL radio. And of course Bobby G from Soul Disco records. He was a real mentor to the hip-hop community during that era.

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Help Keep Community Radio Alive! Mutiny Radio (Home of Amoeba Request Show) Needs You!

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Mutiny Radio -- home of the Amoeba Music Request Show -- is an independently programmed and Mutiny Radio Pirate Cat san francisco collectively run internet radio station based in the Mission District of San Francisco. Mutiny maple bacon latte Radio, formerly Pirate Cat Radio, features an eclectic mix of music, news, politics, art, comedy, and community events all broadcast live from the Mutiny Café (a local bastion of entertainment, free Wi-Fi, and Maple Bacon Lattes!).

Mutiny Radio needs your help to continue broadcasting their unique programming and provide an open space for the community! They are a non-profit supported solely by DJ membership dues and fundraising. Please check out their Kickstarter campaign and make a donation that will go toward covering their rent and expenses (such as internet, utilities, and studio equipment), and help them to continue making quality independent community radio!

More about the Amoeba Request Show!
Fridays, 2pm - 3pm
The Amoeba Music Request Show on Mutiny Radio is like NO other show on the air as it's programmed by YOU! Show your love for Amoeba Music AND independent radio by making your requests.

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Behind the Scenes of our "What's In My Bag?" Video with Grimes

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Canadian songstress and bedroom beatmaker Grimes (a.k.a. Claire Boucher) stopped by Amoeba Hollywood for a What's In My Bag? shoot. I've been obsessed with her single "Genesis" and her recent album, Visions (4AD). She was in town for a sold out show at the Echo Friday night (coming to LA off of a sold out show in SF earlier in the week).

Here are a few pics to tide us over until the video is ready:

Grimes at Amoeba Hollywood

Grimes at Amoeba Hollywood   Grimes at Amoeba Hollywood


Oscars 2012 Results: I Didn't Win the Pool

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✓ BEST PICTURE: The Artist
COSTUME DESIGN: Mark Bridges - The Artist  /  My pick: Lisy Christl - Anonymous
✓ ORIGINAL SONG: “Man or Muppet” from The Muppets - Bret McKenzie (music & lyrics) 
LEADING ACTOR: Jean Dujardin - The Artist  /  My pick: George Clooney - The Descendants
✓ DIRECTING: Michel Hazanavicius - The Artist
ANIMATED SHORT FILM: The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore - William Joyce & Brandon Oldenburg  /  My pick: A Morning Stroll - Grant Orchard & Sue Goffe
✓ SUPPORTING ACTOR: Christopher Plummer - Beginners
DOCUMENTARY FEATURE: Undefeated - TJ Marin, Dan Lindsay & Rich Middlemas  /  My pick: Paradise Lost 3: Purgatory - Joe Berlinger & Bruce Sinofsky
✓ LIVE ACTION SHORT FILM: The Shore - Terry George & Oorlagh George
LEADING ACTRESS: Meryl Streep - The Iron Lady  /  My pick: Viola Davis - The Help
✓ DOCUMENTARY SHORT: Saving Face - Daniel Junge & Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy
SOUND EDITING: Philip Stockton & Eugene Gearty - Hugo  /  My pick: Ren Klyce - The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
✓ SUPPORTING ACTRESS: Octavia Spencer - The Help
FILM EDITING: Kirk Baxter & Angus Wall - The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo  /  My pick: Kevin Tent - The Descendants
SOUND MIXING: Tom Fleischman & John Midgley - Hugo  /  My pick: David Parker, Michael Semanick, Ren Klyce & Bo Persson - The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
✓ ANIMATED FEATURE: Rango - Gore Verbinski
✓ FOREIGN LANGUAGE FILM: A Separation - Asghar Farhadi
✓ VISUAL EFFECTS: Rob Legato, Joss Williams, Ben Grossmann & Alex Henning - Hugo
✓ ART DIRECTION: Dante Ferretti (production design) & Francesca Lo Schiavo (set decoration) - Hugo
✓ MAKEUP: Mark Coulier & J. Roy Helland - The Iron Lady
✓ ADAPTED SCREENPLAY: Alexander Payne, Nat Faxon & Jim Rash - The Descendants
CINEMATOGRAPHY: Robert Richardson - Hugo  /  My pick: Emmanuel Lubezki - The Tree of Life
✓ ORIGINAL SCORE: Ludovic Bource - The Artist
✓ ORIGINAL SCREENPLAY: Woody Allen - Midnight in Paris

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Benefit For Letha Rodman-Melchior Cancer Fund with Hank IV, Musk, & Bill Orcutt @ Hemlock in SF, Weds Feb 29th

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In what has become an all too familiar scenario in our current challenging economic era, with rising health care costs, that so often even basic medical insurance doesn't cover, yet another indie musician has fallen seriously ill and cannot cope with the resulting mounting medical bills. In this instance it is Letha Rodman-Melchior - the partner (both marriage and musical) of Dan Melchior who was diagnosed with cancer and, over the past year, has been both fighting the cancer and struggling to pay for needed treatment and a series of operations. As her husband Dan noted back in November,  "Her insurance is running out on Dec 1st... She has already had to have hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of treatment, and it is only due to the kindness of the music community and other friends that we have been able to keep going." More help is desperately needed. Already there have been benefit concerts held around the country set up to do just this. And this week in San Francisco there is one scheduled for Wednesday (Feb 29th) at the Hemlock on Polk Street with sets from Hank IV, Bill Orcutt, and Musk featuring members of Killer's Kiss and Tractor Sex Fatality.

Many in the indie rock community are already familiar with the North Carolina based Letha and her husband Dan Melchior. Dan is recognized as one of best songwriters in his field; having  released records for such labels as Siltbreeze, In the Red, Hangman, S.S., and  Daggerman. Many know him from playing with his bands the Broke Review and Das Menace, as well as Billy Childish and Holly Golightly. Meanwhile Letha, who contributes to a lot of Dan's record jacket art/design, is a member of Tretetam and Das Menace, as well as been a former member of Ruby Fall. Since she got diagnosed with cancer she has been unable to work, with Dan becoming her caretaker as well as assuming all cost of living expenses through his indie music income. Bottom line is that these good folks need help,

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This Week On Radio Sombra

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We have a some great new shows this week on, plus a new look website!

On this week’s edition of COUNTERSTRIKE, host Marco Amador will interview the legendary Norm Chomsky and a coordinator of, Hamid Khan. Counterstrike intermixes many local issues that affect Chicanos today and shows parallel struggles internationally through interviews of some of the best critical thinkers today. In the past, Marco has interviewed the likes of Dr. Cornel West, Mumia Abu-Jamal and Chicano activist Carlos Montes. Marco is also the creator of

Following Counterstrike is the debut of a new show, Radio Discostan. Radio Discostan is the creation of Arshia Haq, a former employee of Amoeba Hollywood and a contributor to the label, Sublime Frequencies. Radio Discostan explores lovely music from Belarus to Burma via Bombay. Having worked with Arshia in the past, I can say firsthand that her musical collection and knowledge runs deep. From Arabic love songs to Turkish Rockers to Hindi Disco, I guarantee that you will hear something that you have never heard before. Discostan runs from 9-10 pm PST

Following Radio Discostan will be our ever-popular Heartbreak Radio with Lady Imix. Every two weeks, Lady Imix curates the best soundtrack for the lovesick, the heartbroken and even the heartbreakers. It doesn’t matter if you would stand by your man as he fights an unholy war or you want her to be “free”. It doesn’t matter if you think you need to try a little tenderness or if love will tear you apart, Lady Imix has got your back.

Heartbreak Radio continues right after Radio Discostan from 10pm-11pm, PST.

On Tuesday, February 28th from 8-10 PM PST is the return of Discos Inmigrantes, my show featuring the best in international LPs that have traveled far and wide to be played over the airwaves. The 2/28 edition of Discos Inmigrantes will be a rocking one, from the 1960’s garage rock of South America to The 80’s Roc En Espanol movement. Also, we will hear some gems from Yemen, Nigeria, Japan, India and our backyards of East Los Angeles and San Antonio, TX.

Pam Grier Live & In-Person for Double Feature at Castro Theatre in SF, 3/17! Peaches Christ to Host.

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Coffy Foxy Brown Friday Foster Sheba Baby Pam Grier San Francisco Peaches Christ

On Saturday March 17th, Peaches Christ brings you her long-time favorite action hero,pam grier coffy  Blaxploitation queen, and Woman-In-Prison superstar: the incomparable Hollywood legend Pam Grier! 

For one night only, the Castro Theatre rolls out the red carpet for this icon of American cinema for an evening of two Grier classics and live entertainment. Aside from a brand new soul-tastic number from Peaches Christ and the Midnight Mass Players, Pam Grier herself will appear onstage for the ultimate Peaches interview and audience Q&A. During the screening of Peaches’ favorite Pam movie, Coffy, Ms. Grier will be in the Castro Theatre’s mezzanine for signings and photographs. Prepare yourselves for the definitive Pam Grier Tribute!

Audiences are also invited to embrace their inner kick-ass-feminist by dressing up and competing in the Soul Mama Costume Contest with prizes supplied by Peaches Christ Productions and the evening’s co-sponsors, Good Vibrations and Amoeba Music. Whether it’s busting out your lime green, plunging neckline cat suits, lacing up your knee boots, or pulling out your black leather hip-huggers, don’t forget to bring along the sawed-off shotgun.

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Make Tuesdays the Smoothest Day of the Week, Oakland!

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smoothday oakland ThreeFiftyfive

It's Smoothday!
Jeffrey Boozer and Christina Stork match Solid Gold '70's and '80's hits with the cool refreshments provided by the talented staff of Uptown's hip and friendly Bar ThreeFiftyfive.

Sponsored by Amoeba Music!

Tuesdays, 10pm 'til 2am
Bar ThreeFiftyfive 
355 19th St Oakland

February 26, 2012: Wanderlust

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Oscars 2012 Predictions

Posted by Charles Reece, February 25, 2012 03:18pm | Post a Comment

So only two films on my best of list received nominations this year (Drive and Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy). My worst of list tends to be a pretty good indicator of what gets recognized by the Academy, though.


  1. The Artist
  2. The Descendants
  3. Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close
  4. The Help
  5. Hugo
  6. Midnight in Paris
  7. Moneyball
  8. The Tree of Life
  9. War Horse

Regarding The Tree of Life winning the Palme d'Or at Cannes, Jury Head Robert De Niro said, "It had the size, the importance, the intention, whatever you want to call it, that seemed to fit the prize.” That's pretty much the exact opposite of what'll win the Best Picture Oscar. Comprehensibility and competence are the valued attributes here. If there's an ideological point, then it had better go down easy. Charm helps, too. So what's more charming than the competent and comprehensible The Artist? Hugo doesn't quite fit the bill, but it tries. And, just like its major competitor, The Artist has the added advantage of celebrating American cinema. The Descendants is solidly mediocre, too, and with a cheap social message, but I think people probably perceive it as more of an example of solid writing and acting, not as a "magical" experience (less charm, in other words). Additionally, Harvey Weinstein knows how to win Oscars.

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The Art Of The LP Cover- Call Me Pt. II

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A fine batch of rotary phones, phone booths, switchboards & sexy "modern" models from the 80's.  On a related note, you can hear my silky voice on Magic Monster X internet radio tonight @ 11pm, when I do a little call in chit chat for their 24 fundraiser drive. Unfortunately I will not be on any of the deluxe vintage model phones depicted here...

February 24, 2012: Gone

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The Ritual Madness That is Mardi Gras at Amoeba Hollywood

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Fat Tuesday at AmoebaFrom Pan’s lips to our ears, these words of Cajun sacramental blessing ring out through the eons of celebration here at the big easy Amoeba Music, here in the City that Public Transport Forgot. Once again, winter with its cares and sub-70 temps has crept away on little cat feet, Spring has sprung, and as the great mudball we call Terra hurtles in its gyre towards the sun, we mark the turning of the season with a grand fais do-do that is suitable to the season. Before the ashes of Wednesday mark thy brow, toodle thyself down to the great creaking music emporium where the pagans await thee, ready to robe mask and bead thee, wanting only to draw thee into their voodoo jamboree of horns, floats, gumbo and confetti, shiny green gold and purple mylar waving in the southland breeze. Lose thyself in epic indulgence before the self-denial of Lent, followed of course by the rebirth of Bacchus X. Dionysus Ludo, who shall lead us prancing sun-roasted into Summer! It’s Mardi Gras at Amoeba -- ritual madness awaits!
Fat Tuesday at Amoeba
Said weary mylar was resurrected as always from the depths of the Amoeba warehouse, and let shine once more. The Amoeba parish was coated in the sacred colours of purple gold and green, bedecked with more layers of party store finery than a muffuletta sandwitch or an etouffe. We immersed ourselves in the funky backwater sounds of Dr. John, Professor Longhair, the Wild Tchoupitoulas, Preservation Hall, the Meters, Fats Domino, and Lee Dorsey. We lashed ourselves with the fennel rod, donned the goatskin, drank the day’s wine and prepared ourselves for rejoicing!

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Editor of Eric & Charles DVD Review Show wins an ACE Eddie!

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The Eric & Charles DVD Review Show wouldn't be the favorite of spambots everywhere without the magical touch of Eric "Scissorhands" Kench. Above, he can be seen with his American Cinema Editor's award, the Eddie, and presenter Anne V. Coates, editor of Lawrence of Arabia (Kench's favorite film). Although not quite as illustrious as appearing on this blog, Kench breathed the same exalted air as Clint Eastwood for one night. While I wouldn't dismiss the importance of a good leather jacket, Alexander Payne explained the value of the art: "One, editing is the ongoing process of disguising how bad the film really is. Number two, every day we edit, we make the film suck less. And number three, editing is the natural state of man." Here's the Variety article.

Checking in With Abe Vigoda

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It’s been a pleasure to track the development and success of L.A.’s Abe Vigoda. We’ve seen them go from teens growing up in Chino reconfiguring punk and no wave to their own devices (2006’s Kid City); to making their guitars sound like steelpan drummers on a coke binge in songs like “Bear Face,” from 2008’s Skeleton; to slowing things down for cooler, sexier takes on their guitar wildness (2009’s Reviver EP); to employing coldwave and industrial influences for a gorgeous noir-pop album with 2010’s Crush.
Abe Vigoda guitarist Juan Velasquez has been a good friend for a while. (And he’s an Amoeba alumn to boot!) He’s the self-described “bossy” one of the band, which includes singer/guitarist Michael Vidal, bassist David Reichardt, and drummer/programmer Dane Chadwick. I decided to corner Jaun to talk about the band’s development and new writing sessions. The band plays the Ace Hotel in Palm Springs tonight with Dunes and the Center for the Arts in Eagle Rock Sunday with Chromatics.
How are the writing sessions going?
Juan: It’s good. We haven’t worked on stuff in a long time. At first we were kind of just jamming around, it was kind of shaky. But we kind of have this new song going that I like. But it’s different than what I thought it was going to sound like. I don’t know, it’s really more power-poppy than I thought. It’s kind of fun!
When did you guys write that new song you’re performing?
Juan: That song, Michael and Dane got together and wrote the structure of it on a laptop, almost like a weird dance song. And then they showed it to us and we started working on that. That was like, God, a while ago, actually. That must have been like eight months ago or nine months ago? It was a long time, and we haven’t really worked on anything sense.
Do you usually write songs that way?
Juan VelasquezJuan: We usually write songs all together. We just jam together and work out the songs that way. That’s kind of how we’ve always done it. And the song that you’re referencing, that’s the only song we’ve written in that weird way, which I think we might do more of, but it felt good for all of us to get together in a traditional way and just like work on a song. So I think we’re gonna start doing a mix of both — working on songs on a computer and practice and then like mixing the songs up.
How do those two songs, the one Michael and Dane did and the newer one, compare?
Juan: They’re totally different. I think at least for me, because I wasn’t part of that songwriting process as much, I was part of it when we started formatting it and working it in, but they’re different just because I feel like I have more freedom to do stuff with this new song like for my own part, and before my part was already written. But it was fun to just do that, it was more like, working on the smaller details. But they’re both like a lot simpler than our older songs. So they’re both like similar pacing and like less stuff happening. Kind of like more room between all the instruments and stuff. It’s kind of like what we’re excited about — writing songs that don’t have a million parts shoved into one.

We actually in the last two sessions have written parts for like two other songs even that didn’t fit with this one. So we have like places to jump off on, which normally we would go like, well this part goes next because we wrote it next. And now we’re like, “oh no, let’s just store that away for another song because it doesn’t fit in.” It’s been so long since we’ve written that we’re kind of like stretching our legs and trying to see how we can write again.
Do you have some sort of deadlines or are you just open-ended?
Juan: No, it’s pretty open-ended. I have my own things where I want to keep the momentum going that we just started and just write and write and maybe just record with someone who will record them better than demos, like maybe what the record could be, and just get them recorded and get them down and just see what happens with it. But I would like, like this time next year, for our record to be out. Whatever that is. My timeline is in a year, the record will already have been out and we might be touring for it. That’s what I want, but I don’t know.
Have you already chosen who you’re going to record with?
Juan: No, nothing, because we’re just been writing in stuff and just getting back into working on the band. I just want to write and put out feelers and like, “do you want to record us?” That way we have 10 or 12 songs that aren’t just in our heads and we’ve already recorded them and we can just tweak them or re-record them or something. But we can’t really rush anything ‘cause it might just sound shitty.
But I kind of like working with a little bit of pressure. It’s kind of fun. It’s kind of why I started again because it was like, oh man, we’re playing some more shows and I want something new to play and it might make us more excited about playing shows if we have new songs. So I kind of lit a fire under my ass to just go for it and just make us write.
Would you say stuff like that, does that usually come from you?
Juan: What’s weird is that normally we’ll just write them during practices. But then we toured so long for our last record that we didn’t really do any rehearsals and practices. Dane had mentioned it, like, do you want to even you and me work on something? And so I think yeah, I think me being the bossiest one is probably why we do stuff like that. Because I’m like being bossy about it. So it’s kind of like, I don’t know if it’s because of me or because I get so antsy that I just want to work. But like yeah, I think in that way, I kind of push people to do things.
When did Dane come into the picture and how?
Juan: After Skeleton came out in 2008, we started touring and stuff, and our drummer, Reggie, he’d done this tour and we were about to embark on a really long stint of touring opening for Diplo — it was us, Telepathe and Dipo on like a really long tour — and then we were gonna go to Europe for the first time. So it was like, a lot. Like, whoa, now we’re gonna take it seriously and not do little rinky-dink tours and whatever. And then Reggie, our drummer, was like I want to go through with this, but I don’t know like if I can continue or whatever. Which was kind of a lot for us to handle at the time because we had just like started playing bigger shows, we’d done a few shows with Vampire Weekend and like little things and things were picking up and we had a label in the U.K., and things were kind of going in the way that we wanted them to.
Dane we had met before on tour in Phoenix — we’d always stay with him — and we played with one of his old bands in Phoenix like a long time ago, like when we first ever played in Phoenix. And he was like our friend in Phoenix that we’d always stay with and he’d come out to L.A., and we just thought he was a really sweet kid and really cool. … When Reggie told us this, after the initial like, this sucks, it was like, what if Dane was in the band? … And in between our Diplo tour and our tour in Europe, Dane came down for like a week in November. And we wrote a song called “November,” because we thought it was funny, and we just practiced at the Smell and kind of made it work. … And it felt pretty good. … Dane has a lot of input with everything. He’s not just a drummer; he’s really like talented with everything he picks up. So it’s kind of like invaluable to have him in the band because he thinks of cool ideas for other parts and editing and “we should do this, not do this” and he has a good ear for what works and things I would never think of. He’s really good at speaking up and saying “no, this,” which is awesome.

Hip-Hop Rap-Up, Week Ending 02.24.12: E Lit's Top Five, Hiero's Pep Love + Tajai, Fist Fam's Weekend Cult Release Party, Busdriver, Curren$y, Gangrene, The Promise, The Sessions San Francisco + more

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Amoeba Berkeley Hip-Hop Top Five for week ending 02:24:12 with E-Lit

1) Lazerbeak & Edison Kill Switch LP (Fieldwerk)

We received a whole bunch of these over a week early, and sold through our entire supply of them in a matter of days!  Given the extremely high quality of the product, it’s no wonder we couldn’t keep this on the shelves. Kill Switch is hip-hop production of the highest caliber, brought to you by the strongest label in instrumental hip hop Fieldwerk Recordings.  Doomtree’s Lazerbeak handles side A with a surprisingly subtle approach that occasionally bursts with brilliant color, delivering his finest solo instrumental work to date.  San Francisco’s own genius button-masher Edison handles side B with a much rowdier gang of beats that show off his skillful production craft, with menacing guitar jabs and gangsta bleeps that form a cohesive whole.  This one’s only available on vinyl, but it does come with a digital download card that’ll get it on your computer in a matter of minutes.  Highly recommended!

2) Tajai Machine Language CD (Hieroglyphics Imperium)

Souls of Mischief frontman and Hieroglyphics mainstay Tajai’s new Machine Language mixtape has naturally been doing very well in the Bay.  Features fellow Hiero members Casual, Opio and A-Plus, plus a joint with The Pharcyde, all for a super cheap price of $5.98.  This mix CD is just a taster of random new Tajai tracks, but should tide the Bay’s Hiero fanbase over until Tajai’s new Rap Noir album drops later this year.

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February 23, 2012: Journey 2 The Mysterious Island

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Children of Paradise: Life with The Cockettes, Photographs by Fayette Hauser

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Cockettes Fayette Hauser San Francisco Canessa Gallery

"It was complete sexual anarchy. You couldn't tell the men from the women. It was really new at the time, and it still would be new."
-- John Waters, San Francisco Chronicle, 2002

It can be said that we San Franciscans inherited our gender-bending theatricality from The Cockettes,Cockettes San Francisco Fayette Hauser the flamboyant ensemble of late-'60's SF hippies -- gay, straight, and undecided -- who performed in glittery drag of all sorts in a series of legendary, over-the-top midnight musicals at the Cockettes San Francisco Fayette HauserPalace Theater in North Beach. Founded by Hibiscus (real name, George Harris, Jr.) in 1969, the troupe enacted their own outrageous counter-culture parodies of show tunes (and some originals) and gained an underground cult following that eventually led to mainstream exposure. With titles like Gone With the Showboat to Oklahoma, Hell's Harlots, and Pearls over Shanghai, these extravaganzas featured elaborate costumes, rebellious sexuality, and exuberant chaos. They were soon pinned as the cutting edge of Freak Theatre and appeared in Rolling Stone, Paris Match, and Playboy. The group disbanded in 1972, after attempting a tour to New York.cockettes san francisco fayette hauser

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Acid Mothers Temple: What You Got in That Bag?

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Japanese psychedelic ensemble Acid Mothers Temple (and their countless subsequent appendages) are the stuff of legend. If one was to assemble a who's who of the SF underground (or otherwise) music scene of the last fifteen years for an A.M.T. campfire story tell-a-thon there would be so much surreal-deep dish served you'd think you'd have invented a freaky new kind of supper club. But whatever their exploits, be it the creation of long-distance, guru-level tripper jams or the pursuit of perfection via stones, women and long-player records the guys (& dolls) of Acid Mothers Temple & the Melting Paraiso U.F.O. always seem to me to be the closest I'll ever get to meeting, and I mean this in the most literal tense, a real life star trekker. They stop by Amoeba Music's galactic sector just about every time they play San Francisco (at least once a year it seems) and I cannot reiterate the fact that though they may share some resemblance to the usual off-brand Haight Street flotsam placed beyond the pale one cannot help but recognize the particular presence of Kawabata et al as a refreshing whiff of wizardry in the real. Check out what A.M.T. master shamans Makoto Kawabata and Atsushi Tsuyama picked up on their most recent trip below in this recent addition to Amoeba Music "What's In My Bag?" discovery video series, now with more Acid Mothers Temple!

Hip-Hop and Hockey Converge in The Bru-Tang Clan's "Enter Tha 63 Chambahs"

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Hip-hop and hockey converge nicely in the just released promo-only, free nine-track EP ("FreEP") Enter Tha 63 Chambahs which is a hockey themed homage appropriating the mighty Wu Tang Clan  recorded by Akrobatik upon request by Boston Bruins star Brad Marchand. The Massachusetts hip-hop artist, who hails from Boston's Dorchester neighborhood , recently recorded the EP for the ever-popular Boston Bruin's left winger Brad Marchand whose nickname is Noseface Killah and who often calls his teammates "The Bru-Tang Clan."

As fans of professional ice hockey already know in a period of just 18 months Brad Marchand has won a Stanley Cup and become quite a favorite among Boston hockey fans. These fans appreciate Marchand's often self-effacing humor and the fact that he jokingly calls himself  "Noseface Killah" - a name that has taken off and led to this hip-hop one off project which is actually a marketing tool to promote sports the sports star's new line of gear been made by the The Boston Sports Apparel Company.

The title of Enter Tha 63 Chambahs (3 skits and 6 songs with Akrobatik rhyming over Wu Tang instrumentals), is a play on both the Wu Tang album title (Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers)) and the fact that Marchand's jersey number is 63.  To download for free the Enter Tha 63 Chambahs EP by Akrobatik aka The Bru-Tang Clan, which features such tracks as  “Bru-Tang Clan Ain’t Nothing To Puck Wit” and “Protect Ya Net”  click here.

Free Cosmic Kids Mixtape With Eskuche Headphones Purchase at Amoeba Hollywood

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Headphone manufacturers eskuche are offering a free Cosmic Kids mixtape with purchase of any eskuche headphones. eskuche invited LA 's Cosmic Kids to create a proper mixtape on an actual cassette as part of their Obsessive Compulsive Frequency series. Limited to 300 copies, the OCF Mixtape #1 by Cosmic Kids is available for free with any purchase of eskuche headphones at Amoeba Hollywood - while supplies last, of course.

Eskuche OCF Mixtape #1 by Cosmic Kids

Cosmic Kids OCF Mixtape #1

Food Drive + Charity Auction for LA Food Bank at Amoeba Hollywood, Feb 27 - Mar 5

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LA Food Bank logoIn conjunction with our March Charity Auction, which will benefit the LA Regional Food Bank, Amoeba Hollywood is holding a food drive! Bring in non-perishable food items to Amoeba Hollywood from February 27th - March 5th and we'll give you a $2 off "Thank You" coupon for helping out.

The items needed most are rice, beans, peanut butter, canned meats, canned fruits, and canned vegetables.

The LA Regional Food Bank, whose mission is to mobilize resources to fight hunger in our community, began in 1973 in a garage in Pasadena. Today it operates out of a 96,000 square foot facility to provide food for nearly 900 sites including abused and abandoned children homes, battered women shelters, senior centers, local food pantries, soup kitchens, AIDS hospices, and more. 

You can help the LA Food Bank in two ways: bring a canned food item to Amoeba Hollywood from February 27th - March 5th and join us at our Charity Auction on March 3rd. 

On Saturday, March 3rd at 4pm, comedian Doug Benson will host our monthly charity auction and 100% of the auction proceeds will benefit the LA Regional Food Bank. We'll have a crazy array of items (see February's Auction Recap for an idea of the types of goodies we offer), and as always, Amoeba will match individual donations up to $1,000. With every dollar, the Food Bank is able to provide four meals. So every dollar raised at the auction will be doubled by Amoeba and will ultimately provide eight meals. That's a lot of food for hungry people!

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R.I.P. Women’s Chris Reimer

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As reported by the Calgary Herald, Chris Reimer, guitarist for Women, died Tuesday in his sleep. He was 26.
Calgary, Canada’s Women are as known for their guitar playing as anything else. At a time when guitar playing increasingly is eschewed in favor of electronics, or merely used as a filler instrument in a lot of indie rock, Women thrilled by putting guitar playing that was SKILLED, INNOVATIVE and most of all EXCITING at the forefront.
Along with bands such as Deerhoof, Deerhunter and Abe Vigoda, Women are a guitarists’ band. Like many indie rock fans, I fell hard for their first self-titled album and its standout track, the Beach Boys-ish “Black Rice,” when it came out in 2008. But it was 2010’s Public Strain that made it clear Women were a force with which to be reckoned. You could see it in the fire they put into songs like the spindly “Heat Distraction,” with its agitated time signature, or the washes of feedback they layered over songs which, at their core, were well-written guitar pop songs in the vein of the aforementioned Beach Boys, The Beatles and the Phil Spector bunch, such as the beautiful “Narrow With the Hall.”
Few bands are able to command as much power — and seem so head-spinningly new using familiar components — as Women. For a band such as theirs which has seemed to see its fair share of hardship and not as much due paid as less-deserving bands, they’ve given fans a lot already, and I hope they are able to continue on. In the time being, our thoughts go to the family and the band.

February 21, 2012: Bullhead

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New Music Coming From Saint Etienne, Santigold, and Amadou & Mariam

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Saint Etienne has released a video for "Tonight," the first single from their forthcoming album, Words and Music by Saint Etienne - their first album of new material in seven years! "Tonight" was produced by Tim Powell (Kylie Minogue), and member Bob Stanley describes the song as being about "the anticipation of going to see your favourite group...The whole album is about the power of pop, how it affects and shapes your life."

So far no album release date has been set, but they have announced tour dates around the UK in May so perhaps that's a good indication of when to expect the album.

Santigold released a new single this week, "Disparate Youth," from her forthcoming sophomore album, Master of My Make-Believe (out May 1 on Downtown). You can catch her on tour this Spring with the Red Hot Chili Peppers or at Coachella in April. I'll be keeping my fingers crossed that she tours solo as well. I had the chance to see her at the House of Blues Anaheim a few years ago when she was supporting her 2008 self-titled debut album (back when she was still Santogold) and I hope to see her perform again. The new Santigold tracks will have to tide me over until then.

Amadou and Mariam Folila

Santigold also appears on the new album by Malian duo Amadou & Mariam, Folila (out April 3 on Nonesuch/Because Music). Folila features other collaborators including Theophilus London, TV On The Radio, Nick Zinner of Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and Bassekou Kouyaté.

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Just Added: Atlas Sound DJ Set at Amoeba Hollywood Feb 22!

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Atlas SoundWe just confirmed that Bradford Cox (Atlas Sound, Deerhunter) is doing a very special DJ set at Amoeba Hollywood tomorrow - Wednesday, February 22 - at 6pm! He's in Los Angeles for two sold out Atlas Sound shows at the Center for the Arts in Eagle Rock and we were lucky enough to snag him for a DJ set ahead of those shows.

Atlas Sound is the solo moniker of Deerhunter frontman/provocateur Bradford Cox, so named since 1994 when a sixth-grade Bradford made recordings on a karaoke cassette machine bearing the words "Atlas Sound." His latest album, Parallax, is out now on 4AD.


Album Picks: Grimes, Sleigh Bells, Tennis, Frankie Rose

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GrimesGrimes – Visions
GrimesVisions is the rare pop album that feels like you’re traversing through the private mind of its creator. Claire Boucher coos and chirps her way over synth loops and dance beats not unlike your average pop star, only her vocals and song construction are far more mysterious and dreamlike, almost like you’re seeing her thoughts before they’ve fully formed. Boucher rides sweetly over soft electronic seas in songs like “Genesis” and “Oblivion,” while “Eight” is the other side of the coin, with Boucher awesomely screeching over a Knife-style electro jam. Her visions may be strange indeed, but inviting; you won’t be able to get them out of your head.

sleigh bellsSleigh Bells – Reign of Terror
Did you think Sleigh Bells were gonna soften up for their sophomore album? Maybe trim the hair metal guitars and jock jam beats and turn out some slick dance-pop? Hell no! Reign of Terror sounds like the natural progression from 2010’s Treats — guitars that pummel even harder, courtesy of better production; skittering industrial beats; and Alexis Krauss’ awesome voice, which can go from Poly Styrene to Kylie Minogue in a heartbeat. “Comeback Kid” is their rallying cry for this album, with Derek Miller’s twisted arrangement showing increasing deviousness. “Leader of the Pack” could actually blow out your speakers — that’s not an exaggeration. Their “ballads” have grown a pair, too; whereas Treats’ “Rill Rill” got by on casual winsomeness, “End of the Line” is a genuinely emotional breakup song. Reign of Terror won’t necessarily prove naysayers — and there are plenty of them — wrong that their music is ridiculous, but it’s such a badass refinement of their sound that it’s nothing short of swift kick to the groin of anyone in their way.

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Happy Fat Tuesday 2012 From Amoeba Music

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Fan footage of the Rebirth Brass Band from four years ago in New Orleans

Happy Fat Tuesday 2012 from Amoeba Music where, in addition to the big, fun Fat Tuesday celebration at Amoeba Hollywood this afternoon from 3pm to 5pm where you are invited to bring your own instrument, all day today a portion of the proceeds from sales  at each of the three Amoeba stores will go directly to help musicians and New Orleans artists through the Tipitina's Foundation - a worthwhile cause rigorously supported by Amoeba since the Katrina Hurricane in 2005. Additionally, today through tomorrow (Feb. 22nd) you will receive 15% discount off all purchases made on the Amoeba online store. All you need to do is copy and paste the special promo code mardigras15 when you check out. And remember that music and movies purchases always ship free in the US!

Click the following link for full details on the fun Fat Tuesday celebration at Amoeba Hollywood today.

To further help celebrate this Fat Tuesday, I have included here (above and below) three music videos from some of my favorite brass bands whose infectious sounds just move my soul and hopefully yours too; the Rebirth Brass Band (of course), the Hypnotic Brass Band, and the Soul Rebels Brass Band. Happy Fat Tuesday!

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Allison Weiss and Rachael Cantu West Coast Tour Hits Amoeba Berkeley on 3/8

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Amoeba Music is delighted to announce that we’re sponsoring the Allison Weiss and Rachael Cantu West Coast tour in March! Catch them at Amoeba Berkeley for their only show in the Bay Area on March 8th at 6:00pm! If you're not in the Bay Area, never fear...look for their other dates starting in San Diego on March 6th and heading up the coast for a finish in Seattle on March 11th.

Rachael Cantu
Amoeba has been a big fan of LA-based singer/songwriter Rachael Cantu for a while now and Amoeba Records released a recording of an acoustic set performed in the Amoeba Hollywood Green Room! Check out  Green Room Sessions and download a free track from this exclusive session HERE.

Best known for her evocative blend of indie folk rock delicately infused with distinctly powerful vocals, gentle melodies and heartfelt lyrics, Rachael Cantu has the whole package. It's no wonder she's been aptly described as "something of a mix of The Pretenders' Chrissie Hynde, PJ Harvey, Sarah McLachlan, and Norah Jones." She's toured all throughout the US and Canada opening for B.B. King, Pat Benatar, Tegan & Sara, Ben Lee, Joan As Police Woman, and more. Her music has been featured on TV shows such as Private Practice, Pretty Little Liars, Royal Pains, and Degrassi just to name a few.

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Pasadena City College - Flea Market & Record Swap, 3/4

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Record swap pasadena flea market amoeba music

On Sunday, March 4th, Amoeba makes a repeat appearance at one of the Southland's biggest and best record swap meets, Pasadena City College's Flea Market and Record Swap. With over 500 vendors, the Flea Market features antiques and collectibles, records, tools, clothes, toys and much more, not to mention food and good company.

The Flea Market and Record Swap is from 7am-3pm. Look for the Amoeba booth located in the Bonnie St. parking structure (Lot 5) on the third Level. We'll have a great selection of vinyl, so come out and enjoy your Sunday with us!

The LA Weekly calls the show “the best source for used records in all of Southern California.”

More info HERE.

The Influence Of African-American Culture On A Non African-American: Four Examples

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I grew up on black culture. For most Mexican-Americans like myself growing up in the seventies and eighties, we didn’t feel a part of dominant society nor of our Mexican heritage. Schools were devoid of Latin American studies and English as a second language courses were frowned upon. As a kid I was lost; I didn’t know anything about my own culture but felt distant from American or European culture. For many of us, African-American culture was our alternative. I believed our struggles were the same. We were occupied people. We were once a part of progressive society and then we were conquered and made slaves. Although we received some basic human rights over the years we were always looked as second-class citizens here in the U.S. We were looked as something to fear and exclude. As years went on, some blacks and Latinos started to feel that they were part of mainstream society. Perhaps wanting to forget the past, some blacks and Latinos forgot the oppression they once shared. We separated, made our own history and often competed against each other to get out of the racial cellar.  

Even after becoming aware of my own cultural heritage, I never forgot the influence that African-American culture had on me. I find it strange to meet Mexican-Americans that have many European influences but no black cultural influences. I find it even stranger that many of them have the same fears of blacks as other members of dominant society. 

I cannot shake the influence of the many African-American musicians, activists, athletes and artists had on me, even after discovering the many great Chicano/Latin American icons that influence me today. For that reason, I would like to pay tribute to some African American icons that have influenced my life in some way or another.

Malcolm X

Reading The Autobiography Of Malcolm X was like having a light turned on in a dark room. I could identify with almost ever aspect of the book. In the beginning, Malcolm's father is murdered and leads his family in poverty. After being displaced from his family, he is robbed of his culture and self-worth, which led to his self-destructive lifestyle. Take any child’s family, security and culture away and most likely the child will live a self-destructive lifestyle much like young Malcolm.

His days in prison showed that many of us end up there because we are in prison in our minds. We start to believe every horrible thing people say about us and feel that there is no other path than death or jail. Malcolm convergence was due to his Muslim faith but it was his need to educate himself that helped in his self-determination. His time with The Nation Of Islam led to examining every facet of dominant society and challenging it, even if it meant going against the very people who supported him. Once he left the Nation Of Islam and goes out on his own, he sees the struggle of the African-American as a world struggle. That people across the world share the same oppression and that need for basic human rights is a global struggle rather than a national struggle. This message ultimately leads to his murder, but not before he got his message to many like myself, who view his example as a way to fight for human rights for all people, everywhere.

Magic Johnson

 The NBA was dead before Magic Johnson. When The Lakers won the championship in 1980, the game was delayed and played after the eleven o’clock news so that CBS would not have to preempt their mighty Friday TV line-up of The Incredible Hulk, Dukes of Hazard, and Dallas. Along with the emergence of Magic Johnson came his rivalry with Larry Bird of the Celtics, which led to a faster and more physical style of basketball. It was L.A. "flash" versus working-class Celtics and everyone was into it. Basketball ratings went up and every kid playing at the local park was throwing behind the back passes just like Magic. By the time Michael Jordan came into the NBA, the league was a different level, ready for someone like MJ to take it to new heights.

However, in 1991, Magic announced his retirement from the NBA after he found out he had the HIV virus. At the time, it seemed like a death sentence. The only thing people like myself knew about AIDS were pure misconception. The thought was that AIDS was strictly a disease that only gays and drug addicts contracted. By Magic coming out and telling the world he had HIV, it forced a homophobic society to look at the severity of AIDS and that everyone, gay straight, man, women, black or white, could get it. One could have understood if Magic kept his disease in the dark but he used the opportunity to become an activist for HIV prevention, both in the U.S. and abroad. Most recently, he has started a campaign to stop the spread of homophobia, saying, “you realize that homophobia is still an issue everywhere, but especially in the black community. When people are scared to talk about it, that's how the disease spreads.” You can easily use that same quote for all persons of color.

Magic Johnson’s Foundation has given many college scholarships to inner city youths as well as funding for various AIDS organizations. On top of that, Magic’s net worth is listed close to a billion dollars. His investments include businesses that cater to the betterment of inner cities. By putting a movie theater or a Starbucks in lower income neighborhoods, it kept money and jobs within the community. For someone like myself who grew up far from any entertainment, I would travel far outside my community to get it. I see Magic Johnson as an example for people that have grown up in lower-income communities who feel the need to leave once have made money. Most people who leave never put any of their fortune back into the communities. Magic did and made money doing it.

Wanda Coleman

You will not see Wanda Coleman name on many top lists of African-American writers, nor would you find her on lists of top female African American writers. Truth is told; I’ve read better writers since. However, there was nothing like the feeling of reading Wanda Coleman’s A War Of Eyes And Other Stories in high school. To me, Wanda’s strength wasn’t just that she was a female African-American writer, but that she was from South Los Angeles. Every story was from a neighborhood that I knew. The voices she gave to her characters were voices I heard all my life. The streets that she walked were the same that I’ve walked. The fast food joints she worked at reminded me of all the greasy spoons I ate at. Her feelings of isolation and rejection were far more real to me than anything my literary high school friends were reading. I couldn’t get down with Holden Caulfield, but I certainly could get down with Wanda Coleman.

Recently, I listened to a track off a poetry record she did with Exene Cervenka of X. It’s called “Silly Bitches Institute," which was a story about being locked up in the Sybil Brand Institute For Women. That particular piece holds its own against some of the best African-American spoken word artists.

Miles Davis

 There are three albums that I listened to as a teenager that I felt I had to hide from my parents. The first being Black Sabbath’s Paranoid album, because my family was Catholic and I didn’t want my parents to think I was worshiping the devil. The second was Black Flag’s Damaged, because Black Flag was in the news for starting riots. I didn’t want my parents to think I was a self-destructing punk. The third was Miles Davis’ Bitches Brew; because I didn’t want my parents to think I was devil worshiping, self-destructing punk who took drugs.

That album hurt to listen to at first. I couldn’t believe it was the same guy who did Round About Midnight, a record I jacked from my father’s record collection. It was intense to say the least, but after repeated listings, it all made sense. Once I got into it, I loved it and I began to examine everything Miles did before and after Bitches Brew. He was always on point it seemed. The more I listened to Jazz, the more I noticed that when he changed styles, everyone would follow.

In his autobiography, entitled, Miles, The Autobiography, Miles broke it down like a wise uncle. His story is as he saw it, with no apologizes or excuses. If he thought you were a terrible musician, he let you know. Likewise, if he thought you were great, he gave much praise. His choice of musicians did not fall under color lines. He played with many non-black musicians if he thought they were a better fit for him. When black musicians questioned him about choosing a white musician over a black, he felt that they were weak and only making excuses for their own inabilities. He never relented. He loved being black. He didn’t like Free Jazz. He thought he should be paid top dollar and flaunted his wealth. He didn’t like musicians that did a lot of grinning. He hated cops. He liked the French. He liked all kinds of women. He was a terrible husband and a deadbeat dad. He had drug problems and many faults, but he was an excellent composer and musician.

His example is not one of integrity. His example is that in art, there is only art. If you stay loyal to friends, family and loved ones, your art will be compromised. The best artists are just that. They are not good friends, husbands, wives, father and mothers. Somewhere along the line, we started associating great art with good people. In some cases, perhaps, but most cases, never. To be a legend, one has to practice, create and not be afraid to get rid of dead weight, even if they show talent or dedication. What I got from Miles, as an artist is that it’s better to be honest with oneself and be a bad guy then to be liked and have mediocre art. Miles career lasted almost fifty years, with many milestones and his influence is still felt to this day.

Rest In Peace to MC5 Bassist Michael Davis

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MC5 in 1967 featuring on bass Michael Davis who passed on Friday

Michael Davis, who was bassist in the influential and heavily politicized, proto-punk Detroit band the MC5 and later played with Destroy All Monsters as well as other bands, died on Friday (Feb 17th, 2012) as a result of liver failure. He was 68.  After dropping out of art school, he joined the MC5 in 1964 and played on all three of the band's original albums -- High Time (1971), Back In The USA (1970), and their controversial debut Kick Out the Jams (1969). So controversial was that album that a large hometown department store (Hudson's) refused to stock the major label release due, they stated, to its "obscenity" (those infamous lyrics "kick out the jams motherfuckers"). Never ones to allow an opportunity to make a political statement pass by, the MC5 took out a full page advertisement in the Fifth Estate writing "Stick Alive with the MC5, and Fuck Hudson's!" Hudson's in turn responded by pulling off their shelves all of Elektra Records' releases (MC5's label whose logo they had prominently included in their ad). This did not sit well with Elektra who then dropped the band from their label.

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February 19, 2012: Oscar Nominated Documentary Shorts 2012

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Another Chance to see Die Antwoord in SF! 2/22.

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As you may have heard, Noise Pop's Die Antwoord show has sold out! But that doesn't mean that theDie Antwoord san francisco noise pop

fight is over! 

This Wednesday, February 22nd, Die Antwoord will be making a special appearance at Upper Playground’s San Francisco gallery, FIFTY24SF at 4:00pm. The group will be presenting a special, one-night only installation to coincide with their Noise Pop show in support of their newest album, TEN$ION.

In addition to the installation, Die Antwoord will be presenting and releasing a special collector’s vinyl sculpture of Evil Boy, made in collaboration with Good Smile Company. Select vinyl pieces will be hand-detailed on by Die Antwoord’s Ninja.

February 22, 2012
FIFTY24SF Gallery 
218 Fillmore Street, SF

View all our Noise Pop 2012 posts HERE! 

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West Coast Party DJs Face Off at Red Bull Thre3Style in SF, 3/1

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Earning the title of Red Bull Thre3style World Champion is no easy task. DJs have to prove their skills in a series of qualifying battles before they reach the international stage. The Red Bull Thre3style battle in San Francisco on March 1st at Ruby Skye serves as one of two West Coast regional qualifying events.

Red Bull Thre3Style is an innovative concept that gives highly skilled DJs a global platform to showcase their skills, battle and gain notoriety by rockin’ the dance floor. Unlike other DJ battles that are based on solely technical aspects, Red Bull Thre3style has a creative and original format that seeks to find the DJ that has best perfected the true art of  “party rockin’.”

Eight of the West Coast’s top DJs will vie for the audience and judges’ favor, each with a 15-minute set that MUST contain at least three different musical genres. A panel of music industry judges will select the winners based on track selection, creativity, mixing skills, stage presence, and crowd reaction; and ultimately decide who is the best on the decks in San Francisco. Competing DJs include Bay Area locals KingMost, Zita, Theory, Just, Miles Medina, and John Beaver. Also competing are Four Color Zack (won Seattle pre-qualifier) and Playtime (won Portland pre-qualifier).

The event will be hosted by Franco Finn (Golden State Warriors MC). Guest judges will include Aaron Axelsen (Live 105 Music Director and Founder of PopScene), Big Once (2011 Red Bull Thre3Style National Champion), and Bag Raiders (Australian Recording Artists & Production Duo on Modular Recordings) will judge and headline the event with a special closing set.

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They Live: The Little Video Rental Store That Could

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Desire is a relation of being to lack. This lack is the lack of being properly speaking. It isn’t the lack of this or that, but lack of being whereby the being exists. This lack is beyond anything which can represent it. It is only ever represented as a reflection on a veil. The libido, but now no longer as used theoretically as a quantitative quantity, is the name of what animates the deep-seated conflict at the heart of human action. [...] Desire, a function central to all human experience, is the desire for nothing nameable. And at the same time this desire lies at the origin of every variety of animation. If being were only what it is, there wouldn’t even be room to talk about it. Being comes into existence as an exact function of this lack. Being attains a sense of self in relation to being as a function of this lack, in the experience of desire.
-- Jacques Lacan, Seminar II

My pal Jody and I were killing time before a showing of A Separation in West LA and came across A Video Store Named Desire on Santa Monica (just south of Cinefile). There's something comforting about all those stacks: the individual psychic topography of only the guy at the counter knowing where anything is; commerce resisting easy commercialization; retail that defies commodification. It's a small blow against the totally administered society.

February 18, 2012: In Darkness

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Hip-Hop Rap-Up, Week Ending 02.17.12: Wiz + Snoop's 420 Soundtrack, Bambaataa Blvd.?, Planet Asia's "Black Belt Theatre," G Maly's Jeremy Lin Rap, Pete Rock & Smif-N-Wessun

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  Amoeba Music San Francisco Hip-Hop Top Five Week Ending 02:18:12

1) The Roots Undun (MCA)

2) Common The Dreamer, The Believer (Warner)

3) Drake Take Care (Cash Money/Universal)

4) Snoop Dogg & Wiz Khalifa  Mac & Devin Go to High School (Atlantic)

5) Wax Tailor Tales of The Forgotten Melodies (Le Plan Music/Decon)

Even though there are lots of new 2012 hip-hop releases dropping as we get further into this new year
there are still many late 2011 releases still selling and charting well at Amoeba San Francisco including recommended  The Roots' recommended  Undun on MCA, Chicago emcee/actor Common's latest album on Warner Brothers The Dreamer, The Believer, and the unstoppably popular Drake's latest/second album Take Care (Cash Money/Universal). The other two releases on this week's Hip-Hop Top Five from the Haight Street Amoeba are the new Wiz/Snoop movie soundtrack (another late 2011 release), and Wax Tailor's album Tales of The Forgotten Melodies which is a much older, albeit amazing, release from the French producer/turntablist. Born Jean-Christophe Le Saoût Wax Tailor has a gift, through his unique layering of sounds and samples and turntable manipulations, of creating these incredible moods. This album was first released in France in 2005 and later picked up in the States by Decon.

In what could easily be called the ultimate stoner duo, two of hip-hop's most outspoken weed advocates (one an OG and one a relative newcomer) Snoop Dogg & Wiz Khalifa team up on the new album Mac & Devin Go to High School on Atlantic which is a soundtrack to the movie that they both star in. or rather it is technically a companion piece to the film with music from and inspired by the movie of the same name in which the two tokers go to High School (think How High - the 2001 stoner comedy film with Method Man and Redman). If you can't believe you somehow missed seeing this new film listed at your local movie theater, you didn't as this is a straight to DVD movie. Meanwhile this soundtrack is a real broad mix of various hip-hop styles that should appeal to fans of both artists. For the twelve track album, which features such party tracks as "Smokin On," "You Can Put It in a Zag, I'mma Put It in a Blunt," and the ever-popular "Young, Wild, and Free (feat Bruno Mars)" that preceded the album's release (video below), Wiz and Snoop have inducted about ten different producers to supply their richly diverse backdrop of beats which, truth be told, is the album's highlight. These producers include Warren G, Jake One, Exile, Drumma Boy, and Cardo. 

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The Art Of The LP Cover- Tile, Tubs & Toilets II

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Check out my 1st round of bathroom themed covers from 2009, click here.

February 17, 2012: Undefeated

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Local Bits: Videos From Frankie Rose, Tearist, Lovely Bad Things

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Frankie Rose – “Gospel/Grace” (Video)

This truly “interstellar” clip (ugh) perfectly fits Frankie Rose’s ghostly harmonies and spacey girl-group instrumentation. You guys are in for a real treat with Interstellar, her forthcoming album, I can’t stop listening to it. (Preorder it now!)

Frankie Rose - Gospel/Grace from Slumberland Records on Vimeo.

Tearist – “Unarmed”
Tearist has been making some really cool, creepily sexy music here for a while now, employing electronics, theatrics and improvisation to enticing effect. This live session, recorded for, sounds like Yasmine and co. are taking it to the next level. The video itself matches the music for shivery atmosphere. I can’t wait to see where they go from here. Read more about the video here. (Check out their album Living: 2009-Present. I've seen it at Amoeba before, so look for that shit!.)
Lovely Bad Things – “I Just Want You to Go Away”
Thumping, energetic super fun power pop from Lovely Bad Things, courtesy of the boys at

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Back From NYC DJ'ing Successful "Prince Michael Experience" Party, San Francisco's Dave Paul Spins at "That 80's Show" at Madrone in SF Tonight

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Fresh back from a sell-out night at the cavernous Brooklyn Bowl last weekend in NYC with his ever-popular traveling Prince Michael Experience party, San Francisco's Dave Paul is back on his home-ground tonight when, along with his longtime party DJ partner Jeff Harris, will pack the dancefloor at the Madrone Art Bar on Divisidaro with their other long running, retro dance party That 80's Show. Last Friday night in New York, I attended Paul's wildly fun Prince/Michael Jackson themed party which packed in about a 1000 happy party people at the Brooklyn Bowl where folks were lined round the block in the rain waiting to get in (some were turned away) - most impressive considering that was only the second time he had taken this party to New York City, and on a weekend night! I took some photos including one above of Paul deep in the mix as a dancing Michael Jackson impersonator (one of a few of the night) worked the crowd. Last night I caught up with both Paul and Harris to ask them about their popular dance parties and to list their top five or top ten dancefloor favorites for tonight's That 80's Show party - a refreshing mix that runs the gamut of disco, new wave, rock, club, and r'n'b.

Dave Paul's Crowd Favorite That 80's Show Dancefloor Bangers

1) Run DMC "It's Tricky" (1986)

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February 16, 2012: Safe House

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Dream Day 12 is proof of profound legacy of slain graffiti legend Mike DREAM Francisco

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For the twelfth straight year family, friends, and fans of slain Bay Area graffiti legend Mike DREAM Francisco will gather in a celebration of the beloved artist's life and legacy in what will be the biggest Dream Day (the official name of the day bestowed by the City Of Oakland) celebration to date at the Oakland Metro Operahouse where DJs, MCs, B-Boys and (naturally) graffiti writers will all gather and display their talents and honor the man who was killed not too far from the venue in cold blooded murder during a robbery on Feb 17th, 2000. Yesterday I caught up DJ/writer/TDK member Martin "WillieMaze" Aranaydo who, along with a tight knit crew of DREAM supporters has been tirelessly keeping the artist's legacy alive and looking out for the well being of the slain artist's son Akil who was only an infant when DREAM was killed. "Dream Day 10 we got the City of Oakland to officially acknowledge the anniversary, if you can call it that, of Mike's murder as Dream Day so we can imagine our city without gun violence," said Aranaydo yesterday, taking a break from prepping for tonight's event and recalling how last year was especially hard for everyone. "Dream Day 11 was a tough year [because] Akil's mother/Dream's partner, Nikki Sellers (aka The Dream Kween) lost her fight with cancer. We raised money to retain a lawyer when her family tried to keep Akil in Wisconsin. [So] money from the event went directly to bringing him home to this community that loves and honors the memory of his father."
Another individual busy getting for tonight's event is DREAM's brother Mike Francisco who I also talked to yesterday to ask him about the importance of this year's event and his feelings on everything?  "This year marks the 12 year anniversary of my brother's passing, and as we're moving on to the 3rd annual celebration of Dream Day I feel a bit overwhelmed from all the love and support from the community," he said. "It seems like every year this event gets bigger and bigger, another historic lineup with some of the Bay Areas top DJs, MC's, BBoys/BGirls, and Graff writers, to top it off some artwork by Dream and his crew TDK. This year L*Roneous will be one of the co headliners along with Equipto from Bored Stiff, and L*Roneous will be filming a video for a track he produced for Dream, so as u can see it's going to be one memorable night."  It certainly will be with, in addition to Equipto and L*Roneous, performances scheduled from Renegade Rockers, Dub Esquire, Mic T, DJ Shortkut, DJ Platurn, Tim Diesel, Pam the Funkstress, Sake One, DJ Fuze, Max Kane & Teeko, and WillieMaze himself too.

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out this week 2/7 & 2/14...A Place To Bury Strangers...The Twilight Sad...Black Marble...

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I fell in love with the first A Place To Bury Strangers album back in 2007. It just seemed to come out of nowhere and hit me over the head. It ended up in the #1 spot in my top 50 that year. And it has remained one of my favorites over the last couple of years. They put out their second album in 2009 and I have been patiently waiting for the next album from them. I didn't think we would have to wait until 2012! But at least they have thankfully given us a new EP this last week. Onwards To The Wall is out now on CD and LP. This band blows me away every time I listen to them. I always forget just how much I love them until I listen to them again. It is like falling in love all over again. This EP of five songs was worth the wait. And it has got me very excited for the new album later in the year. You have to listen to A Place To Bury Strangers loud. There is no other way. It is never too late to become a fan of this band. They are made for fans of the louder side of shoegaze. Fans of The Jesus & Mary Chain and My Bloody Valentine. I love listening to these guys in my car. But it usually has to be dark out and preferably cold out. This is the perfect time of year for A Place To Bury Strangers. But there really is no bad time for A Place To Bury Strangers.

The Twilight Sad have just released their amazing new album No One Can Ever Know. It is also available on CD and LP. I have been a casual fan of these guys over the last couple of years. But they never quite made it into my favorites list. But this album has really changed my stance on The Twilight Sad. It really is a fantastic album. I was hooked after the first listen and have quickly fallen in love. I will be going back and giving their older albums another listen. I may have missed something back then. Or maybe this new album is just more amazing than the last two. They put out their first album Fourteen Autumns & Fifteen Winters back in 2007. Forget The Night Ahead came out in 2009. There is no mistaking that this band is from Scotland. They is no hiding that accent on these records. This album is just so good. I can't get over it. Another amazing winter album. This band are not too different from A Place To Bury Stangers. They explore many of the elements of shoegazing while maybe adding in some folk elements. Imagine My Bloody Valentine with some Leonard Cohen. I am a bit sad that it took me so long to become a fan of these guys. But I seriously had tried before. This new album is just so good. There was no way that I was not going to love it.

Another one of my recent favorites is Black Marble. They have just released Weight Against The Door. The new EP is available on LP only. The brilliantly fantastic label Hardly Art has released it. Hardly Art has turned into an amazing little label over the last couple of years. They really can do no wrong. Black Marble is dark cold wave styled synth music. I was going to like this band whether I wanted to or not. I had no choice. I can't wait to see what this band has next to offer. Hopefully a full length album will be out at some point this year. I really do love when bands put out their debut EPs. It is like a little teaser of what is to come. When you get obsessed with a new band you just really want to own something by them. And I really do love that most indie labels have been giving download codes with their vinyl. You can now own the album on vinyl and also get your digital download. I do love vinyl. But I can't listen to it in my car. It is just not portable. This new EP by Black Marble does come with a digital download. Black Marble have been playing some shows with Trust. Another one of my recent favorites. I am counting down the days until the new Trust album comes out. We currently have 12 days to wait until Trst is released on February 28th. February is turning out to be a great month for music. At least for me it is. The new album by Grimes is out next week. This album is gonna be one of my favorites of the year. Visions is released on February 21st. The new Frankie Rose is also out on the 21st. And the new Memoryhouse and School Of Seven Bells albums are also out the 28th. Also new albums out later this month by Hunx, Sleigh Bells, Cursive, Field Music, and Perfume Genius. And new albums in March by Tanlines, Xiu Xiu, Nite Jewel, Andrew Bird, The Magnetic Fields, VCMG, The Shins, Thieves Like Us, & The Mars Volta. And new Alabama Shakes and Spiritualized in April!

out 2/7...

Le Voyage Dans La Lune
by Air

by Die Antwoord

Blues Funeral
by Mark Lanegan

Six Cups of Rebel
by Lindstrom

Onwards To The Wall
by A Place To Bury Strangers

No One Can Ever Know
by The Twilight Sad

Songs of Robert Wyatt and Antony & The Johnsons
by The Unthanks

by Sharon Van Etten

out 2/14...

Weight Against the Door
by Black Marble

Patience (After Sebald)
by The Caretaker

The Russian Wilds
by Howlin Rain

A Sleep & A Forgetting
by Islands

Underrated Silence
by Ulrich Schnauss

Animal Joy
by Shearwater

Young & Old
by Tennis

Voguing & The House Ballroom Scene In New York City 1976-1996

We Will Always Be
by Windy & Carl 

by Young Magic

Download the Mansions on the Moon EP FREE

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mansions on the moonL.A. indie pop/electronica band Mansions on the Moon have released a new EP, Lightyears, and have made it available as a free download for the time being. All you have to do is like it on Facebook. I did this, and I like it in real life, too, especially the second song, "Leaves Fall," which is just as serene and pretty as you might guess from its title. And it's executive produced by Pharrell Williams! Download it while it's hot. They'll have a full-length out later this year, and they play L.A.'s The Mint March 9.

New "What's In My Bag?" Video with Zola Jesus

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Zola JesusOur latest episode of What's In My Bag? features experimental, electronic goth artist Zola Jesus. Her most recent album, Conatus (Sacred Bones), has been on many Amoebites' year end Best Of and Music We Like lists.

Sharing her influences and interests, she picks up music from experimental electronic pioneer Daphne Oram, minimalist modern classical from Luigi Nono, and music from Hermann Nitsch's "Aktions," among other things (like a Gene Simmons KISS doll - wait for it after the credits roll).

If you want more Zola Jesus, she's performing in Los Angeles at the Natural History Museum on Friday, March 2 as part of their First Fridays series, along with another "What's In My Bag?" alum, EMA. That will be one hell of a powerful show! Advanced tickets are already sold out, but you should still be able to line up on the day of the event when they release a few more tickets.


Zola Jesus - What's In My Bag?
Watch and commen on YouTube

MoMA announces "Kraftwerk-Retrospective 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8” for mid-April

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Kraftwerk "The Robots" (Die Roboter) from 1978's The Man-Machine

West Coast based Kraftwerk fans start checking now for cheap air tix to New York in mid April because the legendary German electronic music pioneers who heavily influenced hip-hop electro funk, techno, rock, pop etc. will be performing a special series of eight concerts starting April 10th, each one devoted to a specific Kraftwerk album, at NYC's Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) as part of the midtown Manhattan modern art museum's exciting sounding retrospective of the electronic music pioneers. The eight part Kraftwerk series, which is bound to sell out fast so plan on scooping up tix when they go on sale at noon (9am PST) next Wednesday Feb 22nd, is appropriately been titled Kraftwerk-Retrospective 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8.

Beginning on April 10th and continuing through the following consecutive nine evening  (April 10th to April 19th), the Kraftwerk album series will also feature performances of other non featured album music of the night. Done in chronological order Kraftwerk will perform their eight albums released between 1974 and 2003, starting with 1974's Autobahn and including such releases as 1977's Trans-Europe Express and 1981's Computer World. There will also be accompanying projected images for each night's performance. Only announced a short time ago already some are voicing criticism of the series from (rightfully) noting how Florian Schneider, who co-founded the group with Ralf Hütter in 1970, will not be present (he departed the group four years ago) and the fact that this music series ignores the band's pre-Autobahn catalog when they released the albums Kraftwerk (1970), Kraftwerk 2 (1972), and Ralf und Florian (1973).

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Sugar & Spice: Everything's Coming Up Rum!

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Holy diver, have I got a stiffy for your cocktail! I had a singular experience with a familiar elemental over the weekend and let me tell you is wasn't as easy as...well, let's just say I took it rather hard.

It all began when I asked Steven Liles, a trusted barkeep at Smuggler's Cove - the best rum bar in San Francisco, nay, on this island earth (putting them in the running for best rum bar in this sector of our galaxy) - for a pour of something exciting and new from the less-than-extravagantly priced end of their extensive spectrum of Lord Nelson's Blood offerings. I knew I was in trouble when, uttering something like a giggle with a kill-devil twinkle in his eye, he motioned the nearest rum-runner to procure a bottle of "Jeremy" from below-decks. Then he turned and said something along the lines of, "you know that ron means rum in Spanish, right?" The kicker: it was an unopened, virgin bottle of Ron.

That's right, kids: adult film star Ron Jeremy's got his own signature rum, Ron de Jeremy - a seven-year old xxx rum from Panama. You too can cop a swallow and ear me now, believe me later when I say that you won't have you pants pulled down over the price (though too much of the stuff will likely bring you to your knees). Frankly, it's not that bad a rum for slow sipping what with the toasted-sugar nose packing vanilla notes and the attractive chestnut glow. However, the purportedly "long smooth taste" does not a happy ending make i.e. the finish lends disturbing embellishment to the term "hair of the dog" when giving head to Jeremy's hard stuff. It's good, but goes down dirty. Imbibers, ye be warned!

But that's not the only rummy that popped up last week!

Last Thursday (a.k.a. Lana Del Rey day) this sweet baby arrived at Amoeba Music SF! It seems the good folks down at San Juan Puerto Rico-based label Trans Air are serving Soul Jazz some solid competition in the compilation arts department with their latest offering of island scorchers: West Indies Soul, Volume 1. How hot is that eye-popping red-on-green cover art featuring Antigua-shaped collage of rum labels? Hot enough to follow Trans Air's trailblazing streak of dance floor fire-starters like Disc'o'Lypso and West Indies Funk volumes one through three. This latest release showcases a softer side of the warm Caribbean sounds and breezy island rhythms with audio remastered from the original analog tapes for optimum sound quality. Standout tracks include covers of Dyke & The Blazers - "Funky Broadway" and Lou Rawl's venerable "Love Is A Hurting Thing" not to mention lesser heard Northern Soul jams like Richard Stoute's "Love is a Hurting Thing" and Dobby Dobson's take on "What Love Has Joined Together" (listen below). Tropical ballads like these leave nothing wanting save perhaps for a proper beverage pairing like a tall, cool Wray & Ting.

Dobby Dobson - "What Love Has Joined Together"

Celebrate Fat Tuesday at Amoeba Hollywood Feb. 21

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Fat Tuesday FlierCelebrate Mardi Gras at Amoeba Hollywood with our annual celebration of Fat Tuesday and New Orleans’ musical legacy on Tuesday, February 21!

Plus, shop at Amoeba Hollywood on Fat Tuesday to help musicians and New Orleans artists! A portion of the day’s proceeds will be donated to the Tipitina’s Foundation in New Orleans. So visit our New Orleans section on  or pick up some new music and movies at Amoeba Hollywood and help keep the music playing! 

Fat Tuesday festivities will include:
  • Amoeba DJs spinning New Orleans party music starting at 3pm
  • A photo station on the stage to take a Fat Tuesday picture
  • Mardi Gras Gift Bags for kids
  • Our home grown parade at 4:30pm with beads and revelry
  • Bring your instrument and play "When The Saints Go Marching In" with us
  • AND enter to win our Fat Tuesday Grand Prize: 2 tickets to fly to NEW ORLEANS!
All are invited – bring your instrument and join us for the joyful cacophony! 

If you've never been to New Orleans for Mardi Gras, read a quick primer on the Mardis Gras Indians. If you've never been to Amoeba on Fat Tuesday, take a look at what you've been missing:

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A Valentine in Three Dimensions

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Anyone familiar with "Lucky Night" by the Sugarcubes knows when to appreciate the magic of a good thing come in threes (as in 1+1=3). The latest coincidence of this two-at-once plus one more collision of indulgence coordinates occurred as a result of Joanna Newsom freewheeling a song that can only be called "Tom Bombadil" on IFC's sassy Portlandia sketch TV show. Well, I've seen a lot and most things excite me but what tops it all is enjoying several things at once. Seeing the lovely J-New (as we are wont to call her at the fort) perform a song about the most fried, free-loving hippie-drippy character Tolkien ever invented (yet sadly, like Radagast the Brown wizard, never made it into Peter Jackson's version of the Lord of the Rings saga) on a show that smacked love-at-first sight vibes upon initial encounter (more Women & Women First, please) was, altogether, not unlike taking a plate of your favorite thing - scattered, smothered, and covered with your other favorite things - to the face like a little pig divin' in the slop trough. A valentine inside a valentine inside... you get the picture. Check out the clip below and if you love this even half as much as I do then Happy Valentine's Day to you, friend - we're practically besties!

February 13, 2012: The Vow

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The B.ay A.rea D.erby Girls 2012 Season Opener, 2/25!

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Bay Area Derby Girls roller derby

Are you ready for The B.ay A.rea D.erby Girls 2012 season opener?!

The Richmond Wrecking Belles will defend their title and city from the Oakland Outlaws on FebruaryOakland Outlaws roller derby 25th at the Craneway Pavillion.

The road to B.A.D. Championships is long and treacherous… can the Wrecking Belles hold their title or will the bloodthirsty ladies in red and black start the season with an upset?

Good eats and cheap drinks aplenty! The best local businesses and organizations in the Bay Area sling their goods in our amazing Vendor Village including A Spoonful of Sugar and Schulzie’s Bread Pudding, and don’t forget to bring your cash, and get your Girl ScoutRichmond belles roller derby Cookies.

Exclusive B.A.D. merchandise will be available so you can show your support all-year long and, of course, at the after-party at The Up & Under!

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Sidewalk Sale at Amoeba Hollywood on Feb 18

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Amoeba Hollywood is breaking out the balloons, the crates, and the deals for a sidewalk sale on Saturday, February 18 from noon-5pm. There will be plenty of bargains on CDs, vinyl, DVDs, box sets, toys and more! See you there!

All sidewalk sales are final. Store credit cannot be used to purchase items from the sidewalk sale.

Sidewalk Sale at Amoeba Hollywood

Sidewalk Sale   Sidewalk Sale

February 12, 2012: Oscar Nominated Shorts Program - Live Action & Animated

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Pre-Order Madonna's MDNA CD and Deluxe CD now!

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Pre-Order Madonna's new album MDNA (available in two versions: CD and Deluxe Edition CD) HERE
Madonna MDNAat! 

is scheduled to be released globally on March 26th, but you can be sure to have yours reserved for you now!

MDNA is Madonna's 12th studio album and the first since 2008's Hard Candy. Always keeping with the times, Madonna's new album features collaborations with Nicki MinajM.I.A., and electro pop jokers LMFAO.

Madonna superbowl super bowl

February 11, 2012: Don't Go In The Woods

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Hip-Hop Rap-Up, Week Ending 02.11.12: Common, Union, Talib Kweli, Planet Asia, Moe Green, Pharoahe Monch + more

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  Amoeba Music Hollywood Hip-Hop Top Five Week Ending 02:11:12

1) Common The Dreamer, The Believer (Warner)

2) Young Jeezy TM-103 (Def Jam)

3) The Roots Undun (MCA)

4) Gangrene Vodka & Ayahuasca (Decon)

5) Union Analogtronics(Fat Beats)

Special thanks to Ray Ricky Rivera at the Amoeba Music Hollywood store for this week's Amoeba Hip Hop Chart which includes the latest from Common (The Dreamer, The Believer), The Roots (Undun), Gangrene (Oh No & The Alchemist) Vodka & Ayahuasca (Decon), and Young Jeezy (TM-103 on Def Jam).  Meantime the newcomer (released this week) to the chart is the number 5 chart entry from Union, aka Union Analogtronics, which is the Paris, France based hip hop group comprised of the production duo OJ & Gold whose instrumentation of choice is classic synths and various vintage keyboards. Hence the album title Analogtronics which means the analog at the service of the electronic. This album works on two levels: the chilled out groove of the instrumentals by these talented French producers and also on the vocal tracks for which he very tastefully selected their invited guests.  Case in point is the lead Talib Kweli and Sly Johnson track "Time Leak" (video immediately below) in which Kweli shares some of his best rhymes. Another excellent guest vocal track is (MF) DOOM track "Co Co Mango" in which the masked emcee delivers, in his trademark flow, such top notch rhymes. The list of other emcees on this album, which might lead some to file under Various Artists/Compilations category, include Moka Only, Elzhi, Roc Marciano, and Guilty Simpson. A really good album, available from Amoeba in both CD and LP formats, as you will figure out if you check out that video below.

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Remembering Whitney Houston (1963 - 2012)

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Iconic pop singer/actress Whitney Houston died today around 4:00pm PST in a hotel room at the Beverly Hilton in Los Angeles. She was 48. According to a statement from Houston's publicist Kristen Foster who reported the singer's passing at a press conference, the cause of her death is, as yet, unknown. Afterwards it was reported that she was found submerged in the bath tub of her hotel room and that a variety of prescription drugs were found in her room. She was scheduled to perform Saturday evening at a pre-Grammy party for Arista's Clive Davis - her lifelong mentor. The death came as a major shock to everyone since Houston had been making a strong comeback of late after years of reported drug abuse (that famously affected her voice and derailed her career for several years). She was seemingly in good health and spirits right up to hours before her death, according to those who saw her in another pre-Grammys performance with Kelly Price (see fan video here) in which they sang a duet of  "Jesus Loves Me."

It is now likely that Sunday's big Grammys event, which was scheduled to have tributes to other recently deceased music industry figures such as Etta James (on the Amoeblog) and Don Cornelius (on the Amoeblog), will now have a last minute tribute to Houston - one of the biggest pop stars of recent decades. Houston will be remembered for the string of non-stop pop hits she put out in the 1980s and 1990s, including "I Wanna Dance With Somebody" and for her acting roles in such films as The Bodyguard (featuring the hit song "I Will Always Love You." See  video below.) and Waiting to Exhale, as well as for her family's rich musical background. Her mother, legend Cissy Houston, had her own successful gospel singing career and was a backup singer for Elvis Presley. Whitney's cousin was Dionne Warwick, her aunt was Thelma Houston, and her godmother was Aretha Franklin

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New 12"s @ Amoeba Hollywood 2/10 - Scuba, Christian Naujoks, Goth-Trad, Laid, Vakula, Demdike Stare and tons more

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The Hope 12”

Soon, Scuba will release his third album through Hotflush. Entitled Personality and featuring 11 brand new tracks, it takes in a wealth of genres across contemporary dance music, proving once again Scuba’s place at the cutting edge of the electronic music scene. Preceding his LP will be The Hope, pushing on from the tense atmospherics of previous Scuba material, the single fizzes with claustrophobic bass pressure and menacing narration. Backed by an exclusive non-album cut Flash Addict, The Hope will proceed the album on the 6th February.

Purchase The Hope here:

Christian Naujoks
True Life/In Flames LP

Gatefold LP version. After his self-titled debut of 2009, True Life/In Flames is the second album by Berlin-based Christian Naujoks. Recorded by Tobias Levin at the Laiszhalle Philharmony Hamburg. A dense concert atmosphere sets the tone. Stringent seriality is combined with a romanticism of the minor key which one also finds in a certain corner of modern 20th-century piano music, in the vein of Michael Nyman, Wim Mertens, Arvo Pärt, John Cage and György Kurtág. Deep contemplation and solemn expression paired with intellectual clarity. Each note has weight, and every sound a purpose. Unlike Naujoks' debut, True Life/In Flames completely relinquishes the use of any sort of electronically-generated sound. Instead, there is a consistent stylization of what one might call "organic sound." The figure of the bedroom producer is relieved here by that of the composer and pianist. There's a piano, played by Naujoks; there's the marimba of Martin Krause and then Naujoks' voice. This album could be designated as a suite with various movements, bracketed by the conspicuous reprise of its most song-like piece, "Moments I" and "Moments II," as well as by the economy of the unchanging instrumentation and the black and white cover photograph by Dirk Stewen that references the recording location: the Laeiszhalle of the Hamburg Philharmonic. Piano and marimba stand there on an almost cave-like stage, surrounded by music stands, microphones and stacked Egon Eiermann SE 68 SU chairs -- a company of genuine instruments. Again, Christian Naujoks embraces the world of contemporary music-loving connaisseurs. True Life/In Flames is a gift for all those hunting the unique, the deep, the outstanding. All's quiet at the beginning, as it is at the end.

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Lana Del Rey at Amoeba San Francisco

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San Francisco got a taste of Lana Del Rey madness Thursday night as the bewitching singerLana Del Rey Steve Wozniak Amoeba San Francisco celebrated the release of her debut album, Born to Die, at Amoeba Music.

Fresh from her successful performance at Amoeba Hollywood Tuesday night, Lana Del Rey arrived to the San Francisco store at 2:30pm and took the time to greet deliriously happy fans out on Haight Street (even greeting a friend of a fan's through his cell phone) before heading up to the Amoeba green room to get ready for her 6:00pm show. To say the show was well attended would be an understatement as the store's capacity was reached sometime around 5:30pm. With the store packed full of admirers and a line of hopefuls down Haight Street (and around the block), it would be safe to say that over 1,500 fans turned out to see the new voice of their generation.

Overhyped media controversy aside, Lana Del Rey was a vision of perfection to her supporters Thursday, who were focused on her sultry voice and angelic presence. If Madonna held the most expensive and entertaining satanic ritual ever created in the history of the world at the Superbowl, then Lana Del Rey held the biggest Love-in in the Haight since 1967. As she descended upon the Amoeba stage at 6:00pm, the crowd exploded at a deafening level of glee that one would only expect to follow the words, "Ladies and gentlemen, The Beatles." Her gracious response to the overwhelming crowd was: "I only sing for you."

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RE:GENERATION Music Project Screening at LA Film School

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ReGeneration Music Project PosterAmoeba presents a special screening of the new documentary film, Re:Generation Music Project, on Monday February 13 at the Los Angeles Film School (across from Amoeba Hollywood).

The Re:Generation Music Project follows five electronic DJs/producers - DJ Premier, Mark Ronson, Skrillex, Pretty Lights and The Crystal Method - as they remix, recreate and re-imagine five traditional styles of music (Rock, R&B, Country, Jazz, and Classical). These five distinctive DJs collaborate with some incredibly talented (and some unlikely) partners - The Doors, Martha ReevesErykah Badu, Trombone Shorty, Mos Def, Zigaboo Modeliste, Nas, Leann Rimes, Dr. Ralph Stanley - to discover how our musical past is influencing the future.

What: Re:Generation Music Project Screening
Where: Los Angeles Film School (6363 Sunset Blvd) entrance on Ivar.
When: Monday, Feb 13 at 8pm

RSVP via email to attend: [email protected]

Include your full name and if you plan to bring a guest to the screening. Please arrive early at the Film School for check-in. RSVP does not guarantee admission.

Directed by award-winning documentarian, Amir Bar-Lev (The Tillman StoryMy Kid Could Paint That), produced in association with Grammy's and presented by Hyundai Veloster, Re:Generation Music Project examines music’s past, present and future, while yielding five revolutionary collaborations in the process. In the film, The Crystal Method, DJ Premier, Pretty Lights, Mark Ronson, and Skrillex use technology to mix musical styles and generations for the creation of five original tracks that are nothing short of magical. 

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Local Bits: New Tracks from Princeton, TRMRS, Races

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Princeton – Florida

Princeton have gotten increasingly pop-oriented and more electronic over the past couple of years. “Florida” is the latest example of their evolution, a richly detailed Rhodes piano-led driving jam that feels like cruising beachside, either in Miami or their native So. Cal. Check out its Cosmic Kids remix too for even more chill vibes. Princeton play Café Bleu Feb. 16, and their new album, Remembrance of Things to Come, is due Feb. 21 on Hit City U.S.A./Easter Everywhere.


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Canadian Rapper Aspektz Releases "First Ever Interactive Video"

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In what is being heralded as the "first ever interactive music video" Canadian rapper Aspektz and his label are presenting as a unique marketing tool - an interactive music video that allows viewers to direct the entire music video using technology that enables one to control where the camera moves. This interactive technology is created by a 360-degree lens and is part of the AP360 campaign.

This  campaign is reportedly the first ever interactive series of music videos to be unveiled by and financed by Virgin CEO Richard Branson (pictured here with the Toronto rapper). The goal of this the Triple A interactive video style is to capitalize on short attention span, tech savvy, digital age music fans who might be drawn in by the opportunity to play (and replay - hence get hooked on the music) the video as they "direct" it from all the different camera angles available. According to his rep Aspektz will be unleashing 360-degree viral videos as selected by the fans via  Twitter, his Facebook fan page and email feedback.

February 8, 2012: Man on a Ledge

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Used Finds: OMD, Beach Boys, Pointer Sisters

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Here’s a new feature where every so often I’ll pick out my favorite used LPs from recent finds. It should go without saying I got all of these for like, an average of five bucks a piece. So here it goes.
OMD – Dazzle Ships
(link to original issue CD)
I always liked OMD enough for their singles, especially “Enola Gay,” but I never really delved into their albums until this one, a mini masterpiece of whirring industrial synthesizers and indelible pop melodies. Some of OMD’s catchiest songs (“Genetic Engineering,” “Telegraph”) are interrupted by bits of shortwave broadcast played over oceanic synthesizers that lend the whole thing an eerie ambiance. It feels like listening to the radio on a submarine. There’s also a young band called Dazzle Ships; they’re really cool too.

The Beach Boys – Sunflower
(new LP)
Sunflower is maybe the last classic the Beach Boys made and is all the more ripe for rediscovering because its songs haven’t been played to death (it wasn’t a hit in the U.S.) and its tastefully layered production sounds great today on harmony-driven songs like “Forever” and “Cool, Cool Water,” fun ’70s rocker “Slip on Through” and, especially, “All I Wanna Do,” which may have helped invent shoegaze.

The Pointer SistersSpecial Things
I love everything about Special Friends. The sick bouncing basslines and horns on “Could I Be Dreamin’” and “Evil.” Burt Bacharach co-penned ballads like “Where Did the Time Go” that will absolutely kill you if you’re in the mood. Their outfits. But also this album has “He’s So Shy,” maybe their best song, which is like cotton candy for anyone with a yen for early ’80s synth-driven R&B a la Prince’s Dirty Mind.

Luis Alberto Spinetta 1950-2012

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One of my greatest joys when I was picked to write a blog for Amoeba was that I was able to write about music that I truly loved. It was within my first few blogs that I wrote about my love for the music of Luis Alberto Spinetta. Sadly, Spinetta passed away today. A few months back he was diagnosed with lung cancer and died with pulmonary cancer complications. He had just turned 62.

My love for Spinetta’s music grew with my relationships with customers and some fellow employees who encouraged me to delve deeper into his music. Once I did, I found myself doing the same with others. Although a legend in Argentina and for that matter, with most Latin American rockers, he was still a bit of an unknown in mainstream society. I often wondered why other Latin American rock & psychedelic artists got more hipster cred when Spinetta’s volume of work was far superior to others.

His early groups, Almendra, Pescado Rabioso, Invisible and Spinetta Jade where some of the best rock, psyche, progressive rock and folk ever to come out of Latin America. As a solo artist, he released over twenty albums, all of them relevant to the time it was released. To be fair, not all of the solo albums were great but he never wallowed in nostalgia. He attempted to be contemporary without sounding like a dinosaur. If anything, sometimes he was too far ahead of the pack and people needed time to catch up to him.

As a well-read musician, his lyrics were both profound and abstract. I imagine even the most literary Spanish language types needed time to stop and analyze his lyrics. He was inspired by the works of Arthur Rimbaud, Carl Jung, Freud, Nietzsche, Carlos Castaneda and Antonin Artaud, which inspired his greatest album in my opinion, Artaud. Fellow music enthusiast, Gustavo Delanuca, described Spinetta as, “Hip, ahead of his time and never an old man trying be young”

In 2009, Spinetta celebrated his 40th anniversary of the release of Almendra’s first release by playing a five-hour show in Buenos Aires. He reformed his past groups in various configurations as well as played his solo work. He was the father of Dante Spinetta, co-founder of the legendary rock-funk band Illya Kuryaki and the Valderramas, who recently reformed after a several year hiatus.

Former Soda Stereo front man Gustavo Cerati’s had a monster with a cover of Spinetta’s song, "Bajan", which is off of Artaud. Spinetta's music can be heard on such movies as Fuego Gris and Valentin

Also, if you find the movie, Rock Hasta Que Se Ponga El Sol, which has concert footage from Pescado Rabioso as well as other Argentinean bands from the 70’s, it’s well worth watching.

Here is a list of albums by Luis Alberto Spinetta that is mandatory for your appreciation of his work:

Almendra (1969)
Almendra II (1970)
Spinettalandia y Sus Amigos - La Búsqueda de la Estrella (1971)
Desatormentándonos (1972)
Pescado II (1973)
Artaud (1973)
Invisible (1974)
Durazno Sangrando (1975)
El Jardín de los Presentes (1976)
A 18´ del Sol (1977)
Pan (2006)

Metallica To Play "Black Album" When They Headline Two Day Orion Music + More Festival

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This morning Metallica announced that they will throwing a two-day Metalica headlined festival titled Orion Music + More in Atlantic City NJ this summer when, joined by approx two dozen of their favorite artists, they will play their self titled 1991 album, better known as the Black Album in its entirety. Joining them in this festival, planned for June 23rd and 24th in the New Jersey seaside casino/resort town at an abandoned airport space, will be such acts as Modest Mouse, Arctic Monkeys, Gary Clark Jr. Avenged Sevenfold, Fucked Up, The Gaslight Anthem, Roky Erickson, Cage The Elephant, Best Coast, Hot Snakes, Titus Andronicus, Lucero, The Black Angels, The Sword, A Place to Bury Strangers, and Liturgy. There will also be some non-music entertainment including several comedy acts. Above is a video containing parts of their UStream announcement of the festival from earlier today. Ticket prices range from $125 for two days general admission to $225 for the two day "Met Club Ultra Pass." For tickets, which go on sale Saturday Feb 11th, and more info, including updates on more to be announced acts, go to the OrionMusicAndMore website. Below is a live version of "Enter Sandman" from the band's Black Album from the same year it was released.

              Metallica "Enter Sandman" (live in Moscow, 1991)

Lana Del Rey at Amoeba Hollywood

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Today's "it" girl, Ms. Lana Del Rey, performed on Tuesday evening at Amoeba Hollywood to a packed house of excited fans who had been waiting for hours to see her.
Lana Del Rey soundcheck
Lana Del Rey soundcheck
Lana Del Rey Born To Die
Lana Del Rey
Born To Die

Earlier in the afternoon, Lana Del Rey jumped on stage to do a quick soundcheck. She seemed relaxed and happy in her jeans and Ferrari team racing jacket as she dipped in and out of a few songs from her new album, Born To Die. Her voice sounded crystal clear and stopped some shoppers still as they looked on.

She smiled and joked with a few fans from the stage, and once she was done with the soundcheck, she spontaneously jumped down to talk to a small crowd of fans which had gathered. They were thrilled of course, and she chatted with them for a few minutes, hugged them and took pictures before she slid out to the Green Room to get ready for the show.

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February Charity Auction Recap

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The February charity auction at Amoeba Hollywood was a great success and helped raise a lot of money for The Pepper Foundation, a non-profit animal rescue organization that rescues mostly special needs and senior animals from high kill shelters and gets the animals rehabilitated and adopted into loving homes. 
Jason Boggs
The auciton was hosted by first-time-on-the-Amoeba-soundboard-stage auctioneer Jason Boggs!  Jason quickly garnered a small crowd who were entranced by his warmth and smile (and the wry inside jokes). The Pepper Foundation brought in a tiny crooked-jawed chihuahua which made the whole thing even MORE worthwhile when the bidding started.

Here are some of the highlights:

Smashing Pumpkins 7" Box and photos $10.00
Roger Corman DVD package $20.00
KISS collectible pack $20.00
Trader Joe's Gift Certificate and I Dream of Jeannie Lunchbox $55.00
Lauryn Hill Tickets $70.00 !!
Ozzy Color Litho thingy $25.00
Joseph Gordon-Levitt Signed Book and Poster $25.00
Laemmle Movie Passes $50.00 !!
Bob Marley Package $15.00
Record Store Day 45 Pack $40.00
CocoRosie Tickets $35.00 (after a furious 3-way bidding war.....)
Madonna Ray of Light Promo 
Henna Tattoo Kit with Lady Gaga Discoball Keychain $20.00

All together, we raised $340 during the auction, but more than a few people kicked in EXTRA cash above and beyond their bids, so the total raised on Saturday was $380. With our matching dollar for dollar, we raised a total of $760 for the special needs pups

The Noise Pop Film Series: Feb. 16 - 25

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As part of the celebration of 20 years of the Noise Pop Music Festival, the Noise Pop Film Series
will feature nine amazing new and essential films focused on music. Each film approaches the subject with a distinct voice and fresh perspective. With screenings at the Roxie and the Artists Television Access (ATA), each show is sure to be an event to remember. 

This year, you can check out all of the films (many featuring Q&A's with the directors and other special guests) for just $30 by getting the new Film Series Pass! It's quite a deal...just check out this schedule:

RE:GENERATION MUSIC PROJECT (Feb. 16 & Feb. 23, 8pm)
Five DJs turn the tables on the history of music. Follow DJ Premier, Mark Ronson, Skrillex, Pretty Lights, and The Crystal Method as they remix, recreate and re-imagine five traditional styles of music. From the classical perfection of the Berklee Symphony Orchestra to the bayou jams of New Orleans jazz, these five distinctive DJs collaborate with some of today's biggest musicians (Mos Def, Erykah Badu, Nas,Trombone Shorty and more) to discover how the musical past is influencing the future. Directed by Amir Bar-Lev, 95 minutes.

BOB AND THE MONSTER (Feb. 22, 7pm)
Q&A with Director Keirda Bahruth & Producer Rick Ballard after the screening
Bob and the Monster is about a guy everybody wanted to be around until he became the guy everybody assumed had died. In the 1980s, Bob Forrest’s band, Thelonious Monster, was at the center of a music scene that included the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Jane’s Addiction. The band’s raw sound, wild shows and deeply personal lyrics appealed directly to the young Los Angeles punk crowd. So did the drugs. Bob and the Monster transcends the stereotype of heroin addicted rock star and reveals a more personal message. Bob’s story is a living testament to the heights of human courage and the ability to shape your own destiny. Directed by Keirda Bahruth, 85 minutes.

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NAMM 2012 Report by Shing02, Exclusive to the Amoeblog

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NAMM 2012 Report by Shing02 with Yamato Kaneko for the Amoeblog

As he did for the NAMM 2010 & NAMM 2011 conventions in SoCal, once again my man Shing02 has filed a report on the this year's annual NAMM 2012 convention exclusively for the Amoeblog.  The renowned Japanese producer/emcee/multi-instrumentalist/all round hella great guy headed to the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, CA music gear/tech convention a couple of weekends ago (January 19th - 22nd, 2012) to file this report (video above, text & photos below) with help from host Yamato Kaneko in which they visit DJ TechTools, STOKYO, Teenage Engineering, Vestax, AKAI, Tiptop Audio, McDSP, KORG, KDJ-One, RANE, Emulator,, Vintage Vibe, NORD, Slaperoo and some other booths too. Thanks Shing02!

The annual NAMM convention in Anaheim showcases a convention center full of eye-candy for the gear geeks, and 2012 proved no different. Although the music and recording industry seem to be stuck in an age of meticulously fine-tuning software with no big leaps in ideas and technology, some brands still managed to stand out. My personal favorite was the OP-1 synthesizer by Teenage Engineering from Sweden, which was introduced last year at NAMM, but came back stronger with upgrades. In essence, OP-1 is a synth / drum machine that feels more like an old-school game than a modern machine, which creates a fun learning curve to create unique grooves. (It actually has a game-mode built into it!)

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First Fridays at LA's Natural History Museum: 3/2 with Zola Jesus & EMA!

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Once a month, Los Angeles's Natural History Museum stays open late and features live music, excitingFirst Fridays, NHM, Natural History Museum, Los Angeles, LA scientific discussion, and behind-the-scenes curatorial tours as part of the First Fridays program. Amoeba is excited to sponsor this fabulous series of live music, discussion, concessions, tours, DJs, and more.

Join us on March 2nd from 5-10pm for a live performance from Zola Jesus and EMA, KCRW DJs Anthony Valadez and Chuck P, and guest lectures from Dr. Mike Brown ("Why Pluto Had to Die") and Doug Pearlstein ("The Evolving Universe").

Find out more HERE!

Watch Zola Jesus live from Amoeba Hollywood:

EMA - California (Official Video) from Souterrain Transmissions on Vimeo.

Gary Oldman Retrospective at the Bridge Theater in SF...and it's FREE!

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Do you love Gary Oldman?  Do you think he’s insanely underrated and should have his own spotlightGary Oldman Dracula Bridge Theater San Francisco film fest? Well, I love Gary Oldman and am happy to share that the Bridge Theater is hosting a Gary Oldman retrospective this week!  And the best's FREE!!  

That’s right, folks.  You can see all of these amazing films -- all 35mm prints -- for FREE! But you have to RSVP by sending an email to [email protected] and make sure to include your full name, the name of the film(s) you want to see, and the number of people attending in total. 

Here's what's showing:
Sid and Nancy (1986): Monday, February 6th at 6:30 PM
JFK (1991): Monday, February 6th at 9:00 PM
The Contender (2000): Tuesday, February 7th at 6:00 PM
Bram Stoker’s Dracula (1992): Tuesday, February 7th at 9:00 PM
Prick Up Your Ears (1987): Wednesday, February 8th at 6:30 PM
Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy (2011): Wednesday, February 8th at 9:00 PM. 

The Art Of The LP Cover- Bandits, Outlaws & Gangsters

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The Late, Great Ben Gazzara

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Ben Gazzara perfects the cinematic asshole in The Strange One. He died last Friday at
age 81 of pancreatic cancer.

An Evening with Lila Downs: Feb. 23 in San Francisco

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Amoeba Music and CIIS Public Programs & Performances present An Evening with Lila Downs onLila Downs San Francisco February 23rd at the Herbst Theatre in San Francisco.

UPDATE:  Tickets to this performance are extremely limited. Please call City Box Office at 415.392.4400 for updates.

Thursday, February 23, 2012
Herbst Theatre, San Francisco
Get tickets HERE or call 415.392.4400
Group discounts available for 10 or more! 

Mexican American singer and composer Lila Downs adds to her heritage original compositions fused with blues, jazz, soul, and African roots. Known for her smoky voice and magnetic performances, Downs has created one of the most singular explorations of Mexican roots music and a unique body of work.

Her musical vision is anthropological in nature, as varied as the ancient and earthy cultures that continue to nurture and inspire her. Lila often taps into the native Mesoamerican music of the Mixtec, Zapotec, Maya, and Nahuatl cultures. Embracing and highlighting indigenous origins, whether in the US or Mexico, has always been an important aspect of her music, as well as the topics of political and social justice, immigration, and transformation, all rooted in the human condition. Lila always strives to make a meaningful connection with her diverse audiences through her music and performances.

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February 5, 2012: Chronicle

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The Last Holiday: A Memoir

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If you are looking for a tell-all autobiography about the tumultuous life of Gil Scott-Heron, chances are you are going to be disappointed by The Last Holiday: A Memoir. What Gil Scott-Heron gave us were selected memories, the ones that resonated in his mind before his death. He is a man full of inspiration and controversy, but chose to reflect on his accomplishments and share the memories of people who most inspired him most.

The autobiography jumps around in the beginning, from his tour stories from his 1980 tour with Stevie Wonder to his upbringing with his grandmother in Tennessee. Gil writes eloquently about being raised in the south and being one of the first black students to integrate into an all-white school public school. After his grandmother’s passing, he moves with his mother to New York, in which his mixture of book smarts and street smarts ends up going to a private high school mostly reserved for students of privlege. From there it covers his college days, in which he takes a leave of absence to finish his first novel, The Vulture. From there, he returns to school and starts on a path as the musician the most people know him as.

Gil never dwells too much on his accomplishments. For instance, Gil spends more time writing about his appreciation how other artists covered his songs off his excellent album, Pieces Of A Man than he does about writing the songs himself. Much praise in the book was given to the people that he felt helped him along the way, such as his family, instructors, musicians as well as guys such as Bob Thiele and Clive Davis, who both released his albums and helped make him the icon that he became.

The most praise and perhaps could have been a book on its own, was Gil’s stories about tour with Stevie Wonder in 1980. The significance of that tour was that Stevie Wonder used the tour to help spearhead the campaign to make Martin Luther King Jr. day a national holiday, with a show at the Washington Monument, the very spot were King gave his infamous, “I Have A Dream” speech. Gil admiration for Stevie, who though blind, was keen in every other sense. He was a person who could say exactly what was needed to be said and do what was needed to accomplish his goal of a Martin Luther King Day, an accomplishment that was achieved during one of the most conservative governments in U.S. history. It is also noteworthy to add that Gil was supposed to do a few selected dates on the tour, as Bob Marley was the opening act. But as it was, Bob was diagnosed with cancer and had to cancel the tour.

Once again there are many holes if you are looking for the true memoir of Gil Scott-Heron. There is nothing on his criticism of rap music, his drug addictions, legal issues, the fact that he was HIV positive or his time in prison. There is also the fact that his main musical collaborator for several albums, Brian Jackson, gets less coverage than Gil’s favorite road manager, a man known as "Keg Leg". I’m sure as time goes on there will be more Gil Scott-Heron biographies that will tell the whole story. The Last Holiday: A Memoir is just that, memories of events and opportunities that turned his life around. A tribute to those he had fond memories of.

The Last Holiday: A Memoir  is available at Amoeba Hollywood's new expanded book section or at IMIX Books, located inside Mi Vida Boutique in Highland Park.

Numerous J Dilla Tributes & Benefits Happening This Month on Six Year Anniversary of Revered Artist's Death

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Super Bowl isn't the only event happening today. On a more bittersweet note around the same time as the Giants/Patriots game over in the UK is a big J Dilla fundraising tribute party - just one of numerous events scheduled this month, on both sides of the Atlantic, that will honor the greatly revered late hip-hop producer and emcee who died six years ago around this time (Feb 10th, 2006) following a battle with lupus. Fittingly money raised at the British Dilla event today, which is titled J Dilla Changed My Life and will be held at Scala in London, will be donated to both Lupus UK and the J Dilla Foundation with all the DJs performing for free to benefit both causes. Also in the house today will be Ma Dukes - the mother of the late great artist born  James Dewitt Yancey and was also known as Jay Dee (not to be confused with an early 90's European house music act of same name). For more exact details on today's London event, that will be hosted by Phat Kat, visit the official Facebook event page.

Other J Dilla tribute events this month include ones in Detroit, LA, Baltimore, San Francisco, and New York where on Feb 19th at the Brooklyn Bowl the sixth annual Donuts Are Forever celebration will start at 8pm and will feature such talents as DJ Neil Armstrong, Prince Paul, and the hip-hop group Tanya Morgan. Of this NYC accidentally annual event Derreck "Dee Phunk" Johnson,  a partner in Rare Form - the event's organizer, said, "We never went into this planning for it to be an annual series. The original Donuts Are Forever in 2007 was a commemoration of the first anniversary of his passing.  But when we witnessed the turnout, we were dumbfounded.  We were fans and we knew there were a ton of other fans out there...but just seeing the physical manifestation of that love blew us away.  And five years we are on number six." Details.

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February 4, 2012: King of Devil's Island

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Hip-Hop Rap-Up, Week Ending 02.04.12: Doomtree @ Amoeba Berkeley, Lushlife, Pep Love, Raleigh Moncrief, Homeboy Sandman, Gangrene, DJ Solomon, Azeem, and more

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Jamoeblog Hip-Hop Top Five Week Ending 02:04:12

1) Gangrene Vodka and Ayahuasca (Decon)

2) Lushlife Plateau Vision LP (Western Vinyl)

3) Homeboy Sandman Subject Matter (Stones Throw)

4) Eligh & Amp Live Therapy At 3 ( Legendary Music/Live Up/Traffic)

5) Wiley Evolve Or Be Extinct (Big Dada)

For a change from the usual sales-based Amoeba weekly hip-hop chart this week's Hip-Hop Top Five Chart is my own personal favorite brand new and soon to drop hip-hop releases. Topping the chart is the amazing Oh No and The Alchemist group Gangrene's third and latest collaboration Vodka and Ayahuasca on Decon. Also here is the recent Eligh & Amp Live Therapy At 3 ( which gets better and better with repeated listens and the brand new Wiley
album Evolve Or Be Extinct - a double CD on Big Dada which will appeal equally to grime and hip-hop heads. Not out yet but worthy of mention It is the forthcoming Lushlife album Plateau  Vision LP, which will be released in mid April on Western Vinyl, and is sure to propel to mainstream visibility the South Philly producer/emcee/musician who made waves last year with the much buzzed about mixtape No More Golden Days. As with that mixtape, which was an actual cassette tape, this new CD album blends mid 90's underground NY hip-hop flavor with Dilla/Madlib type production values. This is the sort of well produced album that will make you want to also track down the instrumental version. It's pure pleasure to listen to and Lushlife's flow is a treat to listen to. He is also joined by several well chosen guests throughout the 11 track album including Styles P, Canadian rapper Shad, Heems of Das Racist, and ex-Titus Andronicus garage rocker Andrew Cedermark who joins him on the album track "The Romance of the Telescope." My personal favorite tracks are the throwback eigthies/nineties sounding "Anthem" and the opening "Magnolia" which, over a dreamy hypnotic backdrop and a series of well chosen samples, finds Lushlife rapping about such things as graffiti and Coney Island. This is already making its way to becoming one of my year end top albums.

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New Singles From Jack White, M.I.A. and Madonna

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There has been a flurry of activity this week with three heavy hitters releasing new songs - Jack White, M.I.A. and Madonna.

Jack White is releasing his first solo album, Blunderbuss, on April 24 and the first single, "Love Interruption," premiered this week.  (Also new this week, I learned what a Blunderbuss was -- a gun.)  Third Man Records is releasing a 7" for "Love Interruption" on Tuesday, February 7, which features a non-album B-Side, "Machine Gun Silhouette." Mr. White will be doing some solo shows, but so far only two have been announced - Sasquatch! in WA and Radio 1's Hackney Weekend in London. 

M.I.A. released a new single, "Bad Girls," which is a reworking of a track originally featured on a 2011 mixtape, Vicki Leekx. The "Bad Girls" video was directed by Romain Gavras (who also shot her controversial, banned-from-YouTube video for "Born Free"). So far she hasn't announced a release date or title for her next album, but hopefully that will come soon. 

Madonna MDNAMadonna has been all over the interwebs, radio, and television this week in a furious media campaign for her new single "Give Me All Your Luvin'" (featuring M.I.A. and Nicki Minaj) and her Super Bowl performance on Sunday, all of which are leading up to the release of her next album, MDNA, out March 26.

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Leonard Cohen's "Old Ideas" Finds The Legendary Singer/Songwriter in Top Form

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As you might have noticed in the latest Out This Week Amoeblog, published here yesterday by Brad Schelden, among the list of new music releases for this week is Leonard Cohen's new album Old Ideas.  Available at Amoeba Music in both CD and LP formats it is the legendary Canadian singer-songwriter's twelfth studio album and his first album of new material in almost a decade. reviewers accurately wrote of the new release that, "Cohen returns to form in a manner that is musically reminiscent of his early classics, full of somber details sung in his trademark nearly spoken-word style over deep, atmospheric blues."

As fans of Cohen's already well know Old Ideas is Cohen's first album with new material since his well publicized 2005 declaration of bankruptcy following his ex-manager's embezzlement in which he allegedly cleared out all of the musician's bank accounts - essentially leaving him broke. Consequently some cynics, before even hearing the new album, dismissed it - along with his recent era active touring schedule - as just another stab by the financially strapped star to get his accounts back in the black. But the reality is that Old Ideas is anything but halfhearted. Rather it's an amazing album; one that finds Cohen, who is now in his late 70's, in top form delivering songs such as "Going Home" and "The Darkness" in that trademark baritone flow of his that fans love so well. Already Old Ideas has won extremely positive feedback from longtime Cohen fans and critics alike - many comparing it to his last highly acclaimed album: 1988's I'm Your Man.

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out this week 1/24 & 1/31...lana del rey...gotye...big crowd...

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These next couple of months are crazy full of new albums. My top 50 for this year is seriously getting full already. Out last week we got fantastic new albums from Chairlift, Cloud Nothings and First Aid Kit. And we also had debut albums from Porcelain Raft, Big Deal and The Holiday Crowd. Did you know First Aid Kit is from Sweden!  I had no idea. I didn't even know they were sisters. Their first album from 2010 just passed me by. But I am now an official fan. Even if you think you hate folk and country music. You will become a fan of First Aid Kit. I really hope this album gets as big as the Civil Wars album from last year. It really is that good. And they are from Sweden! This album from Big Deal is also one of my recent obsessions. I just can't get enough of it even though it is a heartbreaking album. Big Deal reminds me of Carissa's Weird. They write some amazing little songs. All of them heartbreaking ballads. And I love that Mute put out this album. It really is not like anything you have ever heard on Mute. But I feel like Mute does best when they put out stuff you would not expect from them. They did release the amazing folky albums by Jose Gonzalez. And those albums were great. You have to do me a favor and check out Big Deal. A perfect album for falling in love or breaking up to.

Listen to "Homework" from the album Lights Out by Big Deal...

The Holiday Crowd just put out their debut album out last week called Over the Bluffs. This band will obviously get compared to The Smiths. But I really have no problem with that. I actually love it. I wish more bands sounded like The Smiths! They are doing the same sort of thing that The Drums did with their first album. But more jangly and without the electronics. I think people will either hate this album or fall in love with it. I have already fallen in love. But it will probably not get heard by most people unfortunately. So give it a listen. I can't stop.

Listen to "Never Speak Of It Again" from the album Over The Bluffs by The Holiday Crowd...

Out this week is a big huge new album from Lana Del Rey. Youb have probably already heard of her. And you probably already love her or hate her. Everybody has been freaking out about her "Video Games" and "Blue Jeans" singles for the last couple of months. And you most likely have seen her performance by now from SNL a couple of weeks ago. Her album Born To Die has just been released this week. I feel like I have to defend Lana a bit since everyone seems go be picking on her. She was clearly not ready for her performance on SNL. But it was really was not that bad. The songs sounded good and she didn't fall down or run off stage or anything. I am really not sure what people were expecting out of her. She just needs a better stylist and somebody needs to teach her what to do with her hands while performing. And I actually do like the new record. It is going to be one of the big pop records of the year for sure. It is sort of a mix of Duffy and Adele and Lily Allen. She will hopefully redeem herself with her live performances at Amoeba San Francisco and Hollywood next week. She is playing and signing here in Hollywood next Tuesday the 7th and at the San Francisco Amoeba on Thursday the 9th.

Listen to "Born To Die" from the album Born To Die by Lana Del Rey...

The new album by Gotye is also out this week. This is actually his third album. But the first time that both you and I have probably heard of him. But you will soon know all about him. Another big pop album for the week sounding a bit like Peter Gabriel perhaps. I have not had a chance to hear the whole album yet but I do like what I have heard so far. He does have an amazing voice.

Listen to "Smoke & Mirrors" from the album Making Mirrors by Gotye...

The new 7" by The Magnetic Fields is also out this week. I really have not liked much from them after 69 Love Songs. But my love for those earlier albums has allowed me to stay in love with them all these years. But I am excited that they are going back to their earlier sound a bit. I love the Magnetic Fields with their electronics. Stephin Merritt is always a fun and interesting songwriter. And I always do look forward to what he has to say. The new album Love At The Bottom Of The Sea is out 3/6.

Listen to "Andrew In Drag" by The Magnetic Fields...

There is so much more right around the corner. We will have new albums by The Murder City Devils, Mazzy Star and Dead Can Dance later in the year. And that is really all I would need to get through the rest of the year. But there is so much more. The new Mazzy Star 7" Common Burn finally came out last week. We are currently sold out on and at the Hollywood store. But will be getting more in the next couple of weeks.

New albums in the couple months from The Shins, Andrew Bird, Xiu Xiu, School Of Seven Bells, Sleigh Bells, Perfume Genius, CursiveThe Twilight Sad. The new Twilight Sad is out next week and it is fantastic. I have always been a fan of them. But this album has really got me obsessed. It is going to change your life. The new album by Frankie Rose is also fantastic. Slumberland has not been letting me down in the last couple of years. And the new Grimes from 4AD is going to be fighting with the new album by Trust coming out on Arts & Crafts for my favorite album of the year. They are both dark and spooky and I can't wait.

Listen to "Common Burn" by Mazzy Star...

Here are the albums that I am excited about and you should be too...

You can Pre-order them all now at
And yes...we do still have free shipping on everything you buy at!

Pre-order Now...

out 3/20...

Port Of Morrow
by The Shins

out 3/6...

Break It Yourself
by Andrew Bird
CD/Deluxe CD+DVD/LP/Super Deluxe LP

Love At The Bottom Of The Sea by The Magnetic Fields

by Xiu XIu

out 2/28...

by School Of Seven Bells

Reign Of Terror
by Sleigh Bells


by Trust

out 2/21...

I Am Gemini
by Cursive

by Grimes

Put Your Back N 2 It
by Perfume Genius

by Frankie Rose

out 2/7...

No One Can Ever Know
by The Twilight Sad

and these new releases are all out now...

out 1/24...

Lights Out
by Big Deal

by Chairlift

Attack On Memory
by Cloud Nothings

The Lion's Roar
by First Aid Kit

Over the Bluffs
by The Holiday Crowd

Strange Weekend
by Porcelain Raft

out 1/31...

Keep Your Dreams
by Canyons

Old Ideas
by Leonard Cohen

Born To Die
by Lana Del Rey

Making Mirrors
by Gotye

by Hospitality

Feel The Sound
by Imperial Teen

Purple Naked Ladies
by Internet

Andrew in Drag 7"
by The Magnetic Fields

by Jamie Woon

Our "What's In My Bag?" Video Screens Before "The Innkeepers" at the Downtown Independent

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We recently posted a new What's In My Bag? video with director Ti West and actress Sara Paxton from the new indie horror film The Innkeepers and we're excited to announce that our video will be shown in the theater before screenings of The Innkeepers at LA's Downtown Independent!

The Innkeepers, the latest film from The House of the Devil director, is about employees from a soon-to-be-closed inn who set out to prove that the inn is actually haunted. The film was inspired by West's real life experience staying at The Yankee Pedlar Inn in Connecticut (the same one featured in The Innkeepers) where he and the crew stayed during the shooting on The House of the Devil. In fact, the cast and crew of The Innkeepers - staying and shooting at The Yankee Pedlar Inn - had unusual dreams and paranormal sensations during their time at the Inn, just as the cast and crew of The House of the Devil had a few years earlier. Spooky...

The film opens on Friday, February 3 and is screening in Los Angeles at the Downtown Independent through Thursday February 9. Ti West will be at the Monday 2/6 7pm screening for a Q&A about the film. Go check it out and see our What's In My Bag? video on the big screen! 

Don't Dream It, Be It: Jero's Enchanting Enka Legacy

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In Japan, you'd have to living under a rock to not know Jero (or ジェロ) and prior to 2003 an event listing like the concert poster pictured below might have drawn attention for all the wrong reasons (see: Other).

There is certainly nothing inherently other about Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania native Jero, Jerome Charles White, Jr., but he stands apart from the pack in that he has, before the age of thirty, achieved living his dream of becoming the first successful African-American Enka singer in Japanese music history.

Jero grew up among a str
ong influence of Japanese culture and began singing Enka at an early age due to his Japanese grandmother Takiko's enthusiasm for the genre. She had met Jero's grandfather, an African-American serviceman, at a dance in Yokohama during World War II. They married, had a daughter - Jero's mother Harumi - and eventually moved to Pittsburgh, his grandfather's hometown. Though his parents divorced when he was still very young Jero was reared under the cultural influence and familial guidance of his Japanese grandmother and his Japan-born mother in a mixed-heritage household.

Jero attended the University of Pittsburgh, majoring in information technology, and later moved to Japan to further his lifelong Japanese language studies and work as a computer engineer. He hadn't initially imagined making a career for himself as an Enka singer, but nevertheless he worked towards his goal of fulfilling a promise that he had made to his grandmother of one day performing in the annual
Kōhaku Uta Gassen song show broadcast every New Year's Eve in Japan. Amazingly, he achieved real success as a result of appearing on the show and subsequently competing in other singing contests. Unfortunately, in 2005 Jero's grandmother passed away before she could see her little protogé achieve fame as an international Enka superstar in 2008, reinvigorating the genre by melding it with modern hip-hop and R&B.

Enka, for those who have never heard of the vibrato-framed strains of Japan's most beloved (and somewhat unfashionable) sentimental ballad stylings, think of some modern, er, post Pacific war pop vocalists singing tearful songs of unrequited love and missed connections. Now imagine that these songs somehow speak to you about your life, moving your spirit into a slow emotional tailspin that is somehow also characterized by a deep sense of nationalistic pride way down in the darkest depths of your heart (I fully realize that this exercise will seem a wee bit of a stretch for some of the Americans reading this). Now, an Enka song is not gonna be about a truck or ni**as in Paris, but if it makes you feel proud to to be an American and deathly depressed that you never gambled with a kiss on the one that (in theory, because if you're exercising your imaginary Enka vibe correctly you've been pondering heartache waay too much) got away then you've nailed the sentiment. If you've seen Kill Bill then you've pretty much heard Enka, or at least something like it.

As to the Enka singing style, well, perhaps Jero could fill in the rest. Here he is singing an old standard「宗右衛門町ブルース」("Soemonchou Blues") on a televised, all-star by request Enka revue:

Artist & Musician Mike Kelley Has Died at Age 58

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Mike KelleyIn more tragic news following this morning's announcement of the passing of Soul Train creator Don Cornelius, renowned artist and musician Mike Kelley has died at age 58 from an apparent suicide. (Update: Kelley was 57 when he died.)

Originally from Detroit, Kelley had been living in Los Angeles for many years. Kelley was a diverse artist known for his textiles, doll objects, performance videos, drawings, and multimedia installations. He has had one-artist exhibitions all over the world including the Gagosian Galleries in New York City and London, the musée du Louvre in Paris, and galleries in Japan, Germany, Italy, and Austria. He had public collections featured in the Museum of Modern Art and the Guggenheim in New York City, the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago, and the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles, among many others. His work is scheduled to appear in the upcoming Whitney biennial.

Sonic Youth - DirtyKelley was also a musician. Though those two audiences didn't often co-mingle, music fans will recognize his art from the album cover for Sonic Youth's 1992 album, Dirty. Kelley was a founder of Destroy All Monsters, a noise/punk/experimental band from Detroit which began in 1973 and broke up in 1985. Although they never found mainstream success, they garnered new attention in 1977 with the addition of former members of The Stooges (Ron Asheton) and MC5 (Michael Davis). In 1994, Kelley and Sonic Youth's Thurston Moore compiled a 3-CD box set called Destroy All Monsters: 1974-1976 on Moore's record label, Ecstatic Peace!. The band reunited in 1995 and re-released past editions of the Destroy All Monsters magazine, recorded 5 new albums, exhibited their art, and performed at festivals around the world.

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New 12"s @ Amoeba Hollywood 2/1 - Helium Robots, Locked Groove, Demdike Stare, Pittsburgh Track Authority and more

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Helium Robots
Jarza EP - Theo Parrish 12"
Running Back

EWAN WILMOTT, here as HELIUM ROBOTS, provides 2 brilliant tracks to the RUNNING BACK label - imaginative electro, balearic, disco music. On the flip, THEO PARRISH remixes "JARZA" and brings 2 different outcomes - both of which are magical trips through sound. Essential!

Purchase Jarza here:

Locked Groove
Rooted 12"

Hotflush presents the debut 12" from Belgian newcomer Locked Groove aka Tim Van de Meutter. The young producer delivers three hypnotizing and genre bending tracks that expertly weave the sounds of Berghain, soulful house and UK garage into a single crushing package. The Rooted EP draws you in with the title track, bouncing along to an acid baseline, then moves onto 'Drowning,' a moody techno track that was included on Scuba's DJ-Kicks mix compilation, filled with drum and ambient samples taken from field recordings. Lastly, 'Change,' a production that smartly melds classic house grooves with industrial techno, demonstrates Locked Groove's rhythmic finesse and long-term promise as an artist.

Purchase Rooted here:

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Soul Train Creator Don Cornelius Found Dead This Morning

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As reported a little earlier this morning by the LA Times' website Don Cornelius - the host and creator of the legendary black music TV show Soul Train - was found dead this morning in his Sherman Oaks home; the result of a gunshot wound to the head - an apparent suicide according to LAPD. The recently divorced Cornelius was 75 years of age. Man, that is some really sad news and - even worse - coming on this first day of Black History Month! Through Soul Train's 35 years of national syndication (it stopped production in 2006 but Cornelius had ceased hosting the show in 1993), Cornelius helped shape and define an entire culture through his positive presentation of black music, dance, and fashion. Rest in peace in Don Cornelius!