Live to Tell Like Madonna, or Just Smell Like Her

Posted by Kells, February 28, 2012 12:15pm | Post a Comment
Madonna claims to "have always been obsessed with fragrance" but scent-conscious consumers must wonder what Ms. "candy perfume girl" wants the world to smell like. I think it's safe to say that we know it won't stink of hydrangeas.

In fact, it is reported by that Madonna was "deeply involved in the process of making her perfume". Working closely with Stephen Nilsen, Givaudan perfumer, they created a "composition of white flowers on an intensive gourmand background. The scent is both a light and dark, opening with notes of gardenia, creamy tuberose and neroli. The heart consists of jasmine, benzoin and white lily, based on vanilla absolute, caramelized amber and sensual musk" without a even a hint of hydrangea whatsoever.

Come May 2012 Truth or Dare by Madonna, a fragrance that queen Madge claims is "something personal that was an expression of me but that other people could relate to as well. Something honest, and yet daring, hence the name" will be made available to the masses and marketed as part of a larger Madonna sanctioned Truth or Dare lifestyle label. Good grief. At least we were spared the same of Miss Debbie Gibson's Electric Youth campaign, though I know of at least one young-at-heart who still bleeds for the stuff. However, seeing as Truth or Dare by Madonna is for women 25-45, with the 35-45 age group being the primary market aim for the fragrance, could it be that all the Debbies-come-Deborahs who once embraced the "youth is energy" Electric Youth credo are now being urged to re-embrace the girl-talk slumber party appeal all over again with Madonna? Take a look at this:

I admit that there was a time that I'd strive to look like that and, yes, even smell like that; I truly wanted to buy what Debbie was selling. But then I could say the same about just about any pre-1990 Poison or Mötley Crüe video (I bet if they had marketed fragrances it would smell like booze mixed with Flame by BK - that "scent of seduction with a hint of flame-broiled meat" cologne that Burger King created). Also, Electric Youth kind of smelled like a puke-y blend of citrus and other fruit essential oils threw up all over your pop-dance maxi-cassingle collection, that is to say it reeked of l'allure pre-teen which definitely gives the edge to Madge's seemingly classier modern offering. How she's selling it, however, remains to be seen in my opinion. I vote she rides the throw-back wave not only in name but in overall style all the way back to her Blonde Ambition/Sex days and gives us something a little more truthfully daring than the print ad at the top of this post. Maybe something more like the first ten seconds of this video:

Give them glamor and garbage, girl, fame and infamy.

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