Metaphor for Starting Over A Fitting Title for Krip-Hop Act Kounterclockwise's New Album "Daylight Savings Time"

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Kounterclockwise "Open" (2011)
Kounterclockwise may have been considered hip-hop since the duo, the married couple comprised of Deacon Burns from Cleveland, OH and Kaya Rogue from New York City, first formed a decade ago. But it is only in more recent times that they have also been simultaneously considered a krip-hop act.

Headed by Berkeley, CA's  Leroy Moore, the krip-hop movement, tagged Krip-Hop Nation, is a loose knit global collective of hip-hop artists with disabilities. As outlined in the two in-depth Amoeblogs on the krip-hop movement earlier this year, that featured an interview with Leroy Moore, some krip-hop artists are born with disabilities while others sustain them later in life. In the case of Kounterclockwise it was the latter.

For the duo, who had spent most of their earlier career working behind the scenes in production capacity for others including their production work with DJ Swamp and Yela Wolf but only recently released their own album, this occurred four years ago when Deacon Burns had a very serious accident that at first looked like it would signal the end of Kounterclockwise forever. On November 17, 2007 Burns got into an accident in Ohio in which he broke five vertebrae, several ribs, collapsed both lungs, and had a hairline neck fracture. This resulted in him suffering a severe spinal cord injury that resulted in paralysis of both legs and has restricted him to use of a wheelchair to get around. But rather than be defeated and allow this tragedy to halt his life and his love of music, Burns has slowly rehabilitated himself and recently returned fully to making music.

The result is Kounterclockwise's way overdue debut album, Daylight Savings Time. The powerful 16 track CD, featuring such songs as "Open," "The Beatings," and "OCD" (all included here) credits production and instrumentation by both members of the group with lead hip-hop vocals (rapping) by Burns. Recently via emails to Ohio I caught up with Kaya and Deacon to ask some questions about the new album and Kounterclockwise in general. Deacon gave all the answers while Kaya typed them out.

Amoeblog: Can you talk about the early years of Kounterclockwise when you moved to NYC and were dealing with all those labels?
Deacon Burns of Kounterclockwise: When I moved to NYC in 2001, the plan was to get signed to a major label.  That is when we had interest from Tommy Boy Records, and that fell through.   Right after that we had interest from Rawkus Records and [then] Rawkus collapsed.  Then we had interest from Bruce Carbone at Universal Records and they strung us along for about six months asking us to come up with more "radio-friendly singles." And that fell through as well.  We then decided to come to Cleveland to visit my family for a while before going to California to follow up with other indie labels that were interested in signing us.   Unfortunately while I was here, I got into the accident that left me confined to a wheelchair.   It took about four and a half years for me to recover physically and mentally from the accident and to start recording again.  Kaya never let me give up and inspired me to put the album together and instead of hunting for a record deal this time, we decided to put the album out ourselves.

Kounterclockwise "The Beatings" (2011)

Amoeblog: What does the tile of your new album Daylight Savings Time mean exactly?

Deacon Burns of Kounterclockwise:  "Daylight Savings Time" is a metaphor for starting over, resetting your clock and starting fresh.

Amoeblog: What specifically are both your instrumentation and production credits for the album? 

Deacon Burns of Kounterclockwise: We did most of the production on an MPC 2000XL, ASR10, Reason, Garageband, and ProTools. I am the songwriter, arranger, and producer and play guitar, bass, keys, MPC, ASR10, and ProTools.  Kaya Rogue is co-producer, engineer, plays guitar, bass, keys, and works with Garageband, Reason, and ProTools and does back-up vocals.

Amoeblog: Who does the dope cutting and scratching on that track "Replaced"?

Deacon Burns of Kounterclockwise: DJ Swamp

Amoeblog: What is the hip-hop scene like in the part of Ohio you are in? 

Deacon Burns of Kounterclockwise: I am from Cleveland Heights and the underground scene here is very disverse and full of talent.

Amoeblog: And what is krip-hop scene like there? Are there many/any other artists that identify as krip hop and do you identify as "krip hop"? I ask because it was via Leroy Moore of Krip Hop Nation that I heard of you when you were intro'ed you as krip-hop 

Deacon Burns of Kounterclockwise: I definitely identify myself as a krip-hop artist and I am down with Leroy's movement.  There are several amazing talented disabled artists here, especially the dancers from The Dancing Wheels Company and School which are featured in our video for "Open" [above].  We plan on staying connected with the krip-hop scene and doing several collaborations with krip-hop artists worldwide in the future.

Kounterclockwise "OCD" (2011) accompanying music video to follow in couple of weeks

Amoeblog: Do you want to talk about the accident; how it has impacted your outlook on life and what is the main difference before and after the accident?

Deacon Burns of Kounterclockwise: I can't really go into detail about the accident as I am in a lawsuit currently and I'm not supposed to talk about it yet.   My outlook on life has completely changed!!! I guess, on the positive note, it was a humbling experience and has given me a chance to really sit still, focus and reflect on my music, life, and goals.  I'm definitely more caring and connected to other people going through real pain in their lives.  I used to be much more self-centered and now I'm determined to help other people that are going through similar tragedies.

Amoeblog: Anything to add + links for more 

Deacon Burns of Kounterclockwise: We have three albums on deck that we plan on releasing in 2012.  The video for "OCD" (the second song on DST) is being edited and will be released in a couple of weeks so keep your eyes open for several new Kounterclockwise projects.
Kounterclockwise links/contact info: + Reverbnation + YouTube + Bandcamp
where you can download the album for free with 15% of all donations going to The Wheelchair Foundation who provide wheelchairs for people in need worldwide. Record release party for new album will take place on January 13, 2012 at 9pm at MYXX Cleveland: 12459 Cedar Road, Cleveland Heights, OH 44106. As well as performing songs from Daylight Savings Time the new music video for “OCD” will be premiered. As well as 15% of donations to the group benefitting the Wheelchair Foundation 5% of the evening’s sales from drinks and food will also benefit this worthy cause. Also on the bill will be mini-performances by INR CRCL, B-No Good & G Ice & GORK and Nick Holmes. RSVP to the event

Deacon Burns freestyle on Cleveland radio station WCSB 89.3FM (2011)

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