A Special Edition of "What's In My Bag?" with Numero Group's Rob Sevier

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WIMBWe have been shooting What's In My Bag? episodes for about three and a half years, but in our latest video with Numero Group founder Rob Sevier, he turns the tables on us a bit. His vision was to give our series the Numero treatment: research its history, interview some of the integral players, and compile his favorite moments and videos from the series.

Rob shadowed us for about a full day, even serving as a host in a separate WIMB with Cheech Marin. He spoke with Brently Heilbron, the host for our very first What's In My Bag? video (an impromptu shoot with Weird Al Yankovic at the end of the registers at Amoeba Hollywood). He interviewed one of the current series producers, and dug deeper into our videos with sketch comedy troupe Human Giant, musician Dave Grohl, Pinky of TV Carnage, internet video sensation Leslie Hall, comedian Neil Hamburger, hip-hop producer/MC Large Professor, and cartoonist Joe Matt

The result is a What's In My Bag? video unlike any other we've done, yet falls squarely in line with what Numero Group excels at with their own releases. We hope you like it!

Cheech Marin's What's In My Bag? (hosted by Rob Sevier):

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