The Residents Present "Sam's Enchanted Evening" at The Marsh In Berkeley

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For their latest art project veteran Bay Area avant garde group The Residents, in association with The Marsh in Berkeley, present the stage production Sam's Enchanted Evening. The workshop production piece, which runs through November 26th, stars (as seen in video clip above) a hobbling older gentleman named Sam the Stranger who with the use of a walker, enters the stage slowly and rather awkwardly maneuvering his way towards center stage where he proceeds to engage the audience with tales of his misspent life. This he does via singing and storytelling; all the while employing self effacing humor, as he relives the ups-and-downs of his younger days through vivid reminiscing. As he does this he discards his walker as he morphs in the Sam of his teens and twenties when his life was wine, women, song, and cars (namely a Pontiac GTO).

The story twists and turns from good to bad and progresses to his time in Vietnam and getting captured by the enemy, and the road that his life took to take him up to this point. While presented as a Residents' production it is just the Residents' lead singer Randy Rose who is in the play, along with  talented veteran Marsh contributor Joshua Raoul Brody. Both Bay Area theater goers and Residents fans will find something of interest in this production which is accurately being toted as "the first all-acoustic Residents show."

Sam's Enchanted Evening, which opened two weeks ago, runs through November 26th with shows on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays.  The Marsh in Berkeley is located at 2120 Allston Way (between Shattuck Ave & Oxford St) Berkeley, CA 94704.  Tickets and more info here.

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