Gucci Mane & V-Nasty's BAYTL Collaboration Causes Much Discussion

Posted by Billyjam, November 29, 2011 07:05am | Post a Comment
The recent surprise announcement that popular Dirty South rapper Gucci Mane had teamed up with relatively unknown Oakland rapper V-Nasty to record a full length street album (or mixtape) together - to arrive in Amoeba in two weeks - has already caused many raised highbrows and much discussion among hip-hop fans, especially diehard Gucci Mane fans, who are still scratching their heads in bewilderment - many of whom have weighed in via online comments that have ranged from "WTF?" to "This is a joke, right?"  And there is good reason for these types of reactions since this major label collaboration between the ATL rap star and the little known known Bay Area rapper, appropriately to be titled BAYTL, has to be the oddest pairing in recent memory since it partners the frequently incarcerated African American rap star with the Caucasian female rapper from Kreayshawn's White Girl Mob who is best known for the controversy she incited in recent months with her frequent and flippant (ab)use of the N word.

Gucci Mane & V-Nasty "Whip Appeal" (2011)

Even Gucci Mane, who is used to surprising people like when he incredulously tattooed an ice cream cone on his face, admits that this is a most unusual pairing and admitted via a recent press release that, “This by far is my most controversial mixtape to date.” and that “many people are going to be surprised by BAYTL.” Indeed!  But if that old adage about any publicity being good publicity is true then this is also a very shrewd marketing move on the part of VICE Music who are behind the BAYTL release - part of their new three-year deal with Warner Brothers. The twelve track BAYTL, which is being released on December 13th, features the viral single "Whip Appeal" (above) and the official lead single "Fuck You" that features Atlanta’s Slim Dunkin who also cameos on the track "Push Ups." Other album guests include the Bay Area's Mistah F.A.B. and Berner, and SoCal's P2theLA with the majority of the production being handled by regular Gucci Mane contributor Zaytoven along with additional production by studio duo Tha Bizness. One album track is titled "White Girl." Am hoping (but doubting) that it will be a lyrically engaging track between Gucci and the "Gucci Gucci" associated rapper that will address race and usage of the N word.