Free Screening of Desperate Teenage Lovedolls at Berkeley's Local 123 Cafe Tonight

Posted by Billyjam, November 16, 2011 09:31am | Post a Comment

Desperate Teenage Lovedolls trailer (1984)

For this week's Cinematheque 123 film series at Berkeley's Local 123 Cafe on San Pablo near University tonight's screening will be of David Markey's 1984 campy, cult film Desperate Teenage Lovedolls that was shot completely on super-8. As the trailer above states, the low budget Desperate Teenage Lovedolls takes place in a world "where drugs and cheap thrills fill the date book" and "where rock & roll means death & destruction." Lovedolls' basic story line follows the rise and fall of the three teenage runaways Bunny, Kitty, and Patch - who make up The Runaways-like female rock trio The Lovedolls.

The movie, which has a great soundtrack including Redd Kross, Black Flag, and the Nip Drivers, was chosen for tonight's screening by curator/brewmaster Alexa Pantalone. Desperate Teenage Lovedolls screens at 7pm this evening (November 16) at Cinematheque 123 which meets Wednesday evenings at Local 123 Cafe at 2049 San Pablo Ave  Berkeley, California 94702 (510) 647-5270. No cover and $1 popcorn bowls, in addition to plenty of beer and wine to chose from. And rather than attend a screening of someone else's work if you want to screen your own film, or showcase your band or host a community event at this wonderful, community driven, cultural crossroads email and visit the Local 123 Cafe website.