Halloween 2011 at Amoeba Hollywood! Pets! Costumes!

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Monday . . . October 31 . . . 4pm Halloween Afternoon . . . Amoeba Music Hollywood . . .

Among the spooky decorations, howls, and festive tunes provided by DJ Frankenfurn, DJ Die Die My Darling, and DJ Annityvill Horror, Amoebites roam the aisles and the registers in a variety of spooky and hilarious costumes. 
Pet Costume Contest

The clock strikes 4pm, it's time for Amoeba Hollywood's first ever Pet Costume Contest!!! Dogs of all sizes (and even one cat!) surround the stage in an array of festive looks. 

The largest dog contestant is Punk Rock Charlie. This goofy floppy mop top seemed right at home, ready to shop the used rock section with his pink & green hair and Ramone's T-shirt.

Next, a tiny chihuahua named Bootsy Collins comes flying in as a flying monkey from The Wizard of Oz. Bootsy's mini face holds up a tiny blue pillbox hat. The powder blue uniform and mythical blue wings appear to grant Bootsy the ability to fly...FLY MY LITTLE PRETTY!!!Bootsy Collins pet costume contest

Word has it Lady Gaga was seen with none other than Eazy-E. Italian Greyhound/Chihuahua mix Lola devours the runway as Lady Gaga. Her homemade meat dress is complimented nicely with her plaid mini-top-hat, toxic blue side pony tail and plenty of attitude. Lola's partner in crime, Eazy-E, comes dressed as...EAZY-E! Representin' straight outta Compton in trademark black & white apparel, jerry curls, and black cap. Don't be fooled by his height, one look at him will tell you he hangs with the boyz in the hood.

Lola as Lady Gaga    Eazy-E pet costume contest

pet costume contest
Possibly the most adorable attempt at being scary was our next contestant, a precious brown & white spaniel as a witch. Watch out, those big sweet puppy dog eyes may just be putting a spell on you!

What better way to put us in the halloween spirit than with a PUGKIN?!? Adorable contestant Winston seemed right at home on stage in his plump pumpkin costume. Winston couldn't seem to get enough of that blue plushy. Winston - pet costume contest

Then, Wally sails in, as the one and only Captain Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Carribbean. With his pirate garb and beaded-dreads, Wally braves the sea of spectators trying to keep his pirate hat on his head.

Wally as Captain Jack Sparrow

Next up is Lily, mastering the duality of sexy and scary in her bat costume. Her sexy, see-through bat ensemble is complete with black bat wings, flappy bat ears, and, of course, a widow's peak. Lily really knew how to wag her little tail as she worked the crowd. Look out, this batgirl's on the prowl!Lily - Pet Costume Contest

I ain't 'fraid of no ghost, and neither is our next chihuahua contestant - Ghostbuster Peter Venkman. This master ghost blaster came prepared: in a ghostbusters suit, complete with "Venkman" collar tag and proton backpack.
Ghostbuster pet costume contest

What do you get when you cross 2 mice and a dinosaur? Ask our next contestants, 2 more ankle-biters, dressed as a red-scaley dinosaur and a mouse. These spunky contestants pranced around the stage, and were soon joined by Baby Marlowe, also as a cute little mouse.

The one and only cat contestant was elegant and dainty. This ballerina captivated spectators with her purple-trim pink tutu, accented with a lovely matching flower. She swept the competition, winning a cat bag & some treats, courtesy of Catts & Doggs.
The Feline Ballerina
After a few minutes of deliberation from the Judges, the winners are revealed:

3rd Place: Winston as PUGKIN winning a doggy prize bag filled with dog toys and treats

2nd Place: Punk Rock Charlie winning tickets to Laemmle movie theatres

1st Place: Bootsy Collins as FLYING MONKEE winning a gift basket courtesy of Catts & Doggs pet boutique

Amoeba always welcomes our friendly canine shoppers, and today was a special opportunity to see what some of them were made of. Thanks to everyone who brought your pets in to participate!

- by Billy Calhoun

The employees got into the Halloween spirit as well...From silent film star Clara Bow to Walt from Breaking Bad, from Adam Ant to Billy Idol and a lot in between, Amoebites rocked Halloween.

Melissa & Jenn    Jess & Joe

steven    Paul

Jess & Jesse    Cody

Billy Idol    Jenn