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I have always been a sucker for shoegaze and dream pop. I just can't get enough of it. I have always loved it and I always will. I just love the dreamy and hazy feel of a really good dream pop album. It can take me away from reality to some other sort of magical place. It is my new age music. Sometimes I hear an album like this for the first time and I immediately fall in love. Sometimes it takes a bit longer. This happened the first time I heard Washed Out. I immediately fell in love. This happened again with Teen Daze. The new album, A Silent Planet, immediately became one of my favorites. I can't get enough and I keep going back to it. It is one of those perfect albums for a hazy overcast morning. Teen Daze is sort of the Canadian version of Sigur Ros. The new album is just six songs. But it really is no shorter than many full length albums these days. It really will transport you to another dimension. I fell in love with the album after just seeing the album artwork. It reminds me of a 70s sort of futuristic painting. A very specific view of science fiction. I sort of expected the album to be all instrumental. Sort of in the style of the amazing album The Days of Mars by Delia Gonzalez and Gavin Russom. But this album by Teen Daze is full of vocals. It could easily fit in with any band on Sarah Records like Secret Shine or Brighter. But with a more futuristic synthy element. I really do love this album. It is currently near the top of my list.

Check out "The Harvest" by Teen Daze from the new album A Silent Planet...

Another one of my favorites out last month is the new album from Gem Club. I have been listening to this album almost every day. Breakers is the name of the album. Released by the label Hardly Art who has really been putting out some great stuff lately. This album is a bit of a downer. So make sure you are in the mood for it. This is a dark folky atmospheric album in the style of Elliott Smith or Jose Gonzalez. Similar to albums by Beirut or Fleet Foxes. The album is beautiful and intense album. But it is a very minimal album. With mostly just piano and cello and voice Gem Club somehow manage to create one of the most beautiful albums that I have heard in a while. I also forget how much I like it until I go back and listen to it again. I think it just keeps getting better and better. Gem Club has just two band members. It is Christopher Barnes and Kristen Drymala. I think they are my two new favorite people.

Check out "Lands" by Gem Club from the new album Breakers...

I am really hoping that everyone out there has already seen the movie Drive. You really need to get out to a theater and see it if you can. It is easily one of my favorite movies of the last couple of years. It does not hurt that I am big fan of Ryan Gosling and Carey Mulligan. But I think I would have liked this movie regardless. It is just one of those beautiful noir thrillers where everything came together perfectly to make a fantastic movie. The script and directing were perfect. The casting and acting is fantastic. And the look and sound of the movie is amazing. A score and soundtrack can really make or break a movie for me sometimes. And this soundtrack is amazing. It is part score and part soundtrack. Johnny Jewel, the man behind Glass Candy and the label Italians Do It Better, was originally to have done the whole score to the movie. This is not what they ended up using. But we will hopefully get to hear this unused score as a release sometime in the future. And good news. Johnny Jewel will be working on the score for the new version of Logan's Run directed by Drive Director Nicolas Winding Refn. The movie ended up using the score of Cliff Martinez which also appears on the soundtrack. But they did end up using songs by Desire and The Chromatics. Both from albums put out by Johnny Jewel and Italians Do It Better. The songs all fit perfectly into the movie. And the soundtrack is obviously a great album to listen to while driving. Especially at night. Please go see the movie if you not already done so. It somehow manages to have the feel of the best of 70s and 80s thrillers but without feeling retro or overdone. It just works. And the soundtrack is one of the best soundtracks in a long while. Somehow this movie seemed timeless to me. I think it will remain a fantastic movie for decades to come. It will be a movie that I will never forget and I am sure I will often go back to it and be able to experience that same experience of seeing it for the first time.

Check out "Under Your Spell" by Desire from the Drive Soundtrack...

Check out "Nightcall" by Kavinsky from the Drive Soundtrack...

You also do not want to miss the great new album by We Were Promised Jetpacks and the amazing new album for the brilliant Zola Jesus. You should also not miss the new album from The Dum Dum Girls. The great albums just keep coming this year.

also out 9/27...

by Bonnie Prince Billy

Drive Soundtrack

Only In Dreams
by The Dum Dum Girls

Do It In The AM
by Frankmusik

by Gem Club

La Caverne
by Malajube

Nevermind [Deluxe Edition]
by Nirvana

Dark Side Of The Moon [Experience Edition]
by Pink Floyd

by Plaid

In Dust
by Roll The Dice

A Silent Planet
by Teen Daze

In Heaven
by Twin Sister

Whole Love
by Wilco

also out 10/4...

Wolfroy Goes To Town
by Bonnie Prince Billy

Lenses Alien
by Cymbals Eat Guitars

The Less You Know The Better
by DJ Shadow

by Feist

Again Into Eyes
by S.C.U.M.

by Talkdemonic

In The Pit of the Stomach
by We Were Promised Jetpacks


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