Tim Armstrong's (aka Tim Timebomb) ROCKNROLL THEATER Coincides with Halloween and Occupy Wall Street

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ROCKNROLL THEATRE Episode 1 "Dante" (2011)
The always busy Tim Armstrong (Rancid, Transplants, solo, etc.) is gearing up for Halloween with his latest side project; an ambitious, rock n roll based, musical with a horror flavor, short film series titled ROCKNROLL THEATER - that immediately reminds one of Rocky Horror Picture Show. Under his alias Tim Timebomb Armstrong's been busy on the project working with director Kevin Kerslake plus a host of both experienced and first time actors/dancers including his Rancid bandmate Lars Frederiksen who gets a starring role (peep him in clip above and trailer below) in this new series that was launched on Friday last on VEVO with the first episode been "Dante" (see above).

Armstrong, a long time horror fan, could not have better timed the release of this unique new series. As well as the horror themed film piece being just in time for Halloween additionally this story about "corporate bad ass" Lars character Dante Wilson, who "practices treachery at every turn," also coincides perfectly with the Occupy Wall Street protests - something that had not yet begun when filming for the project began. As well as Frederiksen also featured in ROCKNROLL THEATER are Armstrong's pals AFI‘s Davey Havok, Shoshana Fox, Robert David Hall, and recent Amoeba Hollywood instore performers Fishbone.

Ever pushing the envelope and catching people off guard with his side-projects - always atypical for a punk rocker - the Rancid lead singer will no doubt surprise many with his passion for musicals and choreography. In an interview with Vevo last week on ROCKNROLL THEATER the East Bay born-and-bred punk rocker divulged that, "When I was in high school [Albany High School], I did the lights for South Pacific and Oklahoma! I was the lighting technician. Spots, blue gels, everything. I wanted to be involved with the performing arts before I knew what that really meant. Even before I was playing shows, I just wanted to be part of live entertainment," adding that "South Pacific is one of those classic American musicals, but Rocky Horror Picture Show is more my thing."

ROCKNROLL THEATER trailer (2011)

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