The Spooky Show & a Monster Party

Posted by Eric Brightwell, October 12, 2011 05:45pm | Post a Comment
On 15 October, 2011 (this Saturday if you're reading this in a timely fashion), the very cool indie toy store & gallery, Monkeyhouse Toys and Gallery (for kids whose sensibility is more Roald Dahl/Tim Burton than Bratz/Hannah Montana) is opening an art exhibit, The Spooky Show.

Monkeyhouse Toys and Gallery The Spooky Show

It's curated by Terri "Tooter" Berman and features Halloween-appropriate works by Grace Albelda, Douglas Alvarez, Kim Bagwill, Brooke Bearup, Terri "Tooter" Berman, Airom Bleicher, Julie Bossinger, Jonathan Bueno, Michelle Caplan, Deryke Cardenaz, Marcel DeJure, J Fuchs, Cristian "Smear" Gheorghiu, John Michael Gill, Harrel Goldstein, Dan Goodsell, Kio Griffith, Patrick Haemmerlein, Walter Hall, Mary J Hoffman, Lisa Hull, Jinxed Art, Billy Kheel, Aaron Kraten, Supersmash Max, Isabella Electra McGrath, Marlon McWilliams, Jon Measures, Sal Mendez, Yuki Miyazaki, Delphia Nikolaus, Tom Oliver, Jerry Paeff, Vera Paras, Carol Powell, Sarah Ramirez, Shannon Rowland, Uddon Soup, Mike Street, Paula Tade, Mayumi Tanaka, Kelly Thompson, Paul Torres, Jessica Valencia, David VonDerLinn, Susan Catherine Weber and more...

It's scheduled to take place from 6pm to 9pm (although it might very well go a few hours later). There will be tarot card readings outside the store too~~ 

Meanwhile, next door at Brightwell (the only men's shop of it's kind in Southern California), starting at 5pm there's going to be a Halloween themed shindig... a haunted open house, if you will. Brightwell doesn't have any Halloween-themed art but will be featuring several DJs spinning music appropriate for a monster party. 

From 5:00 pm till 7:00, Gonzi Merchan will be spinning giallo scores, 80s goth, Penderecki, scary ambient and more

From 7:00 till 8:00, Matthew Matsel will play Goblin scores, Misfits, Samhain and non-Glenn Danzig related stuff like Freaks-era Pulp (if Cheryl gets her way).

From till the end, Modernbrit of Club Underground and Amoeba fame will be DJing who-knows-what!

From the History Channel -- oops, I mean Mr. Show

There's no guarantee of "bobbing for brains" or plasma pizza… but candy and wine are promised!


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