Malcolm Mooney and The 10th Planet Play Skyline Arts Gallery on Sept 15th

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Malcolm Mooney and The 10th Planet @ 21 Grand, Oakland July 2010

Fans of Malcolm Mooney and his legendary influential German experimental band Can should make it their business to head to the Bay Area's Skyline College to the San Bruno campus' Skyline Art Gallery this coming Thursday (Sept 15th) for a must-attend art-opening, reception, and a performance from the iconic musical figure in which he and The 10th Planet will play a free concert! Half will be the music of Can. "The other half will improv," promised Marc Weinstein (aka Amoeba Marc), who has been a constant in Mooney's ever-rotating 10th Planet backing band over its fifteen year history. The band came about as an outgrowth/extension of Malcolm Mooney's back up band Pluto. Above is a clip of  Mooney and The 10th Planet a year ago when the band played the wonderful (albeit now sadly defunct) downtown Oakland gallery and performance space 21 Grand.

For this week's Sklyline concert, which promises some nice experimental drone sounds, the 10th Planet players' lineup will include Weinstein on drums, Peter Conheim on bass, both Dean Santomieri and Jim Hrabetin on guitar, and of course Malcolm Mooney himself ("a weirdo poet singer guy," laughed Marc) doing vocals. Mooney is also a key component of the gallery's new exhibit. Along with Gregory Edwards and Fay Grajower, they make up the 3 Corner Symphony (a piece that was first exhibited in New York City), which will run for five weeks at the Skyline Art Gallery. The art show is produced in association with the show Mooney recently had at White Columns in NYC and "he is recreating it" at Skyline, said Marc. The art opening's reception begins at 5:30pm and the music is scheduled to start at 7:30pm.
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