Cheb i Sabbah Continues His Fight Back to Good Health

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Pioneering world music ambassador, veteran DJ, producer, promoter, and former Amoeba Music employee Cheb i Sabbah, who earlier this year was diagnosed with stage 4 stomach cancer, is doing much better but still continues his fight for a return to full health. This he has been doing despite having no medical insurance but, luckily, having the love and support of friends and fans who have rallied to his help in recent months. Back in July Cheb i Sabbah supporters threw two successful "health-care benefits" in San Francisco for the highly respected world musicologist. These benefits and other acts of support directly helped the man who gratefully posted online that, "With your blessings, prayers and generosity, I am currently in Germany at a clinic nicely situated in a small town that's famous for it's sulfur baths and countryside. I have begun a battery of tests and some treatments. I am feeling good and full of hope, and this is all due to your love. For that I will always be ever grateful." That got him to Europe for treatment this summer. Now back in the Bay Area he is still facing more treatment and, naturally, more expenses.

The unprecedented show of support for Cheb i Sabbah in time of need has proven what an admired, appreciated, and most important figure he truly is. "You know he's been around DJ'ing since he was just a teenager - playing soul in the 60's in Paris and [he] was very hip to all the North African styles long before most anyone else was," said Amoeba Music's Marc Weinstein recalling that Cheb i Sabbah worked at Amoeba Berkeley as world music buyer for about four years in the mid-nineties. "He brought an incredible depth, especially with African and Middle Eastern music, when he worked here at Amoeba," recalled Weinstein, adding that as a DJ he is in a class of his own. "He would have Nickies [on Haight St.] rockin' so hard, creating monster grooves. The place would be packed! He is the most well loved DJ I have ever known!"

"As both a DJ and a promoter, I have a massive amount of respect for Cheb i," said veteran Bay Area radio and club DJ Sep who runs the longtime, popular San Francisco club Dub Mission - Sundays at the Elbo Room. "As a DJ, he has continued to move forward, introducing his  audience to new artists and music. That's what a good DJ should do. I will also always remember going to his "1002 Nights" shows. As a  promoter I know it took tremendous commitment and courage for him to take on the costs of bringing artists like Nusrat Fateh Ali Kahn, or  Bally Sagoo to the Bay Area. He obviously put his love of music ahead of any commercial  considerations with those shows, and introduced people to a lot of  great music they may not have been familiar with, and a lot of nights they will not forget."


Even though the Cancer Fund set up at the start of the summer met its initial goals to assist Cheb i Sabbah, who is now back in San Francisco from Europe, there are still more expenses to be dealt with. To make a donation to Cheb i Sabbah's Cancer Treatment fund go to Cheb i Sabbah's official website. And to follow him check his Facebook wall.

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