(Wherein we eagerly anticipate the death of leaves.)

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Fairfax & Melrose

I’ve lived in Los Angeles long enough now to notice a two-degree temperature drop and the standard grey, morning haze lasting an extra hour and excitedly exclaim, “Fall is in the air!” It’s what I have to work with down here.

Autumn is my favorite time of year. I’m eager to cuddle up in coats, drink steamy brews, over-do holiday cooking, celebrate Walrus Day, and frankly, I like the melancholic pallor it casts o’er humanity – makes my fellow man seem more relatable than when they’re sweating and spiking balls over nets, behavior which makes me skittish and distrustful.

Of course I know this new chill in the air may be a tease; there’s always opportunity for Mother Nature to Alan Funt the situation. I’m not boxing up my cargo shorts and ice cube collection just yet, but I am eager. To prepare, I’ve hand-selected the finest mini-marshmallows to serve in cocoa (I myself hate eating marshmallows – they’re like sugar-sweetened, antique erasers, but ironically I delight in judging and organizing them), I’ve begun psychologically manipulating the boyfriend with subliminal messages while he watches The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills to favor Douglas Firs over White Firs, and I’ve taught my cats to knit their own sweaters. (To be honest, this last effort has been a real power struggle, with both felines putting up a lot of resistance and excuses:

“Meow, meow! My paws have no opposable thumbs, so the needles slip!”

“Meow, meow! I keep getting distracted by the yarn ball!”

“Meow, meow! I feel like you keep putting words in my mouth!”

…Etcetera. It’s important to me, though, that they learn follow-through. Plus they’ll need skills like knitting, spear-fishing, or molecular and cellular proteomics if they want to stay on top of the current job market. I’m not raising no helpless pussies!)


One of my favorite parts of summer giving way to fall is tapping my cool-seasons playlist, of which I’ll present a sample at the end of this text. It’s not that I only listen to these artists when corn mazes are being mown, but it is the time of year when I listen to these artists and their like exclusively. Come the gloomy sky, and you’ll hear neither AC/DC nor FannyPack come crooning from my computer.

Please enjoy these selections, and if you’d like to come over to my house to help us build our model of the Bastille using peppermint candies, drop me a line. Just don’t do the kittens work for them.


For those about to rock, various works by AC/DC
New album out by enchantress Alela Diane
Gorgeous albums by Ben Webster
➡ Plus much, much, so much more available at any one of our three retail outlets.

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