I Got 5 On It: A Guide to the Eagle Rock Music Festival

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5 Must-See Artists at the Eagle Rock Music Festival

-By Scott Butterworth

Eagle Rock Music Festival 2011
The Eagle Rock Music Festival is back for its 13th year with a lineup as big and eclectic as ever.  With stages curated by the promoters of some of Los Angeles' most prolific underground music scenes  (Low End Theory, FYF Fest, Dublab), the talent throughout the day is more than worthy of your exploration.  If you're still planning your day, and looking for suggestions........."I got 5 on it".  5 must-see artists at this year's festival.

1)  Nosaj Thing:

Nosaj Thing live

Los Angeles club/promotor/institution, Low End Theory, has been a fertile breeding ground for some of the most exciting underground electronic "beat" music of recent years.  Of the many artists gaining acclaim from parts all over the world (Flying Lotus, Daedalus, The Glitch Mob), in my opinion Nosaj Thing has emerged as the most musically AND visually captivating artist coming out of the so-called "Beat Scene."  By putting a strong emphasis on the symbiotic power of sound and visuals in a live performance setting, he's elevated himself to one of the icons of the movement.

2)  Blonde Summer:

Blonde Summer

LA's Blonde Summer has taken the delicacy of Death Cab For Cutie, the soul-baring honesty of Band of Horses, and the raw fervor of Manchester Orchestra, and whipped up a batch of indie-rock tunes suited to waste away a care-free summer as much as it is suited to contemplate an introspective Autumn.


3)  Boom Bip:

Boom Bip

Electronic/Hip Hop/Experimental producer Bryan Hollen, AKA Boom Bip, has been all over the map sonically with various projects throughout the past 10 years, but with his newly released 4th solo album, Zig Zaj, he's turning up the intensity and delivering a new album of dense galloping electronica. If the following video is any indication, it looks like it's safe to expect quite an explosive live show, accompanied by his full 4-piece band.

4)  Joyce Manor:

Joyce Manor

On their debut self-titled album from earlier this year, Joyce Manor elicit Weezer's Pinkerton-era heart-on-sleeve emotion, backed by an authoritative pop-hardcore decree.  The track "Leather Jacket" will bring you back to that time in your youth when the meaningless things in life were the most meaningful.  C' know wearing that jacket had nothing to do with the weather.



HEALTH helped pioneer the recent Los Angeles noise/art/punk rock scene centered around The Smell during the mid-late 00's. They are easily one of the more ambitious of the scene in their percussive barrage and eardrum piercing aural offensive, but their most recent release, a cover of labelmate Pictureplane's "Goth Star," is a blissed-out soothing jam to comfort the senses. The track evolved from a live fan-favorite into a recently released official one-off single.