The Ever-Prolific DJ Swamp Shooting New Music Video Today in Riverside, CA

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DJ Swamp "Invasion of the B-Girls" (2011)

Ever since DJ Swamp first arrived on the music scene in 1996, when the unique long-haired turntablist with an affinity for setting his turntables on fire in his performances took the national DJ battle title of USA DMC Champion (his first year in the contest!), he has remained both an ever-engaging figure and a most prolific artist. Over the past dozen-plus years, the Cleveland-born/West Coast-based turntable artist/producer/vocalist has been mad busy consistently performing live (both solo and with others; many first got introduced to him as Beck's DJ) and recording a slew of solo projects, including his excellent Never Ending Drum & Bass Loops album series and many other DJ skratch tools vinyl releases (all self-released on his own Decadent Records label). DJ Swamp has also collaborated with or made cameos for a long list of other artists including the likes of his old touring mate Beck,  Kool Keith, RL Burnside, Devo, StickY fingaz, Kid Rock, Crystal Method, BT, Hanson, Richard Humpty Vission, The Bloodhound Gang, Morcheeba, Ill Kid, The Dandy Worhals, and Faithless.

Most recently, the DJ has been especially prolific cranking out music videos and, having released the new album Vinyl Disciple earlier this year, a new series of videos to accompany this rock-tinged, hip-hop/electro/breakbeat driven skratch album. Just last Friday, he unleashed the above video for the new album's song "Invasion of the B-Girls," which comes hot on the heels of numerous other music videos he made this year, including "Rock Rollin," the new album's title track, and "Pyro," which were all completed in the past few months. Today (Wednesday, August 17th) he is shooting yet another music video! This one is for "Feast of Flesh," also off the new Vinyl Disciple album.

if you are in the SoCal area this afternoon and can make it to Riverside by 3pm, you can be in the next DJ Swamp video! Scroll down to end for participating details.

DJ Swamp "Vinyl Disciple" (2011)

Last evening, I asked DJ Swamp what the theme of today's video shoot would be and what he required of extras. "It's for "Feast of Flesh" and so it's a zombie theme," he said, adding that people interested in participating should contact him first via his Facebook page. Take a peep at some of Swamp's other videos below and you will get an idea of what to expect and also see that whatever today's shoot is, it will be a unique and creative spin on the genre. The "Club Thrashin" video, shot about ten months ago, is unique in that it is done in 3-D; although there is an alternate 2-D version too. The Ken Cravens-directed video for "Pyro," which was shot in downtown Los Angeles a couple of months back, is about a girl obsessed with her video camera and features Lux from Nekromantics and super model/ninja Agent A. The Steve Hanft-directed video for "Rock Rollin" (below) - featuring Jesse Martinez, Natalia Iswara, Ralf from Krash Karma, and Dave England from Jackass - was shot at Venice Beach and Ojai, California.

For today's SoCal video shoot for "Feast of Flesh," DJ Swamp is asking folks to contact him (ASAP) via Facebook first and to then show up at 3pm this afternoon (August 17, 2011) at Back To The Grind cafe (3575 University Ave. in Riverside, CA 92501).

DJ Swamp "Pyro" (2011)

DJ Swamp "Rock Rollin" (2011)

DJ Swamp "Club Thrashin" [in 3D] (2010)

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