Now Entering Ninth Year of Their Successful Mashup Party, Bootie SF's Tireless Duo of A+D Show No Signs Of Slowing Down

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Last Saturday night at the DNA Lounge in San Francisco, the tirelessly hard-working duo of A+D (a.k.a. Adrian and Mysterious D - the DJs / promoters / remixers and producers of the ever-popular weekly mashup club Bootie SF and the myriad of similarly themed Bootie parties they oversee in numerous cities including New York and Los Angeles) celebrated their 8th year anniversary with a mega blow out party at the packed-to-capacity SF club.

In true tradition, the hardworking pair didn't simply play music for people to dance to at last weekend's party, but instead went above and beyond the typical duties of club promoters by putting on a huge production -- one that filled the club with festive streamersand NYE style balloons ready to drop, a full concert by their spinoff live mash up band Smash Up Derby (a bad ass six-piece featuring Adrian on lead vocals) whose mixedmedia set included an informative history of the mashup projected onto a largescreen, and600complimentary mashup compilation CDs pressed especially for the occasion. They also gave away pairs of their Bootie brand headphones.

Their DJ sets featured many mashups they produced themselves, including their inspired "Girl Power" mashup of Kreayshawn's "Gucci Gucci," which cleverly blends in Toni Basil, The Go Go's, Le TIgre, The Ting Tings, and The Trashwomen (Kreayshawn's mom's old band).  And when they dropped it into the mix at 1am, the new track set the packed dancefloor into a screaming frenzy. 
"Gucci Gucci Girl Power"  Kreayshawn vs Toni Basil vs Le TIgre vs The Ting Tings vs The Trashwomen  vs The Go Go's (A+D production)

Now, after all the time and energy that clearly went into planning and executing last week's big party you would think that A+D might take some time off. But far from it! Rather the tireless duo are busy at work again, throwing another party at the DNA Lounge tonight (albeit with help from their many collaborators), and getting ready for their annual trip to Burning Man (it was at Burning Man where they got married in 2004). On top of all this they are also working on new bootleg remix ideas, updating their websites, designing new flyers, and (most importantly) systematically scouring the myriad of mashup blogs and websites all over the world to track down good quality bootleg mixes. They're constantly looking ahead several months and planning out the rest of this year's Bootie parties in the many cities in the US and abroad that they've taken this SF-born production to.

A couple of days ago, via email, I caught up with the seemingly inseparable couple to ask them about their successful party, where it's headed, and where it's come from. "When we started Bootie back in 2003, we said to each other that this idea of doing a party dedicated purely to bootleg mashups would either be hot and trendy for about six months, or it was the future of music and had the potential to grow into something bigger and longer-lasting. We're both really glad it turned out to be the latter!," said A+D as a unit in true democratic form, noting that most likely the secret to the success of Bootie is their simple but effective approach of merely having "pure unpretentious fun" at what they do. As far as the logistics of doing a weekly club, in comparison to the more common monthies that most folks do, it can actually be easier in many ways because of its regularity. "We're in a pretty solid weekly schedule now, and we plan and promote a month's worth of parties all at once, so we're starting to feel like a well-oiled party mashup machine these days!"

So exactly how many places besides SF, LA, and NYC is Bootie at now and what new locations/cities are on the horizon? "Besides the triple threat of regular parties in SF/LA/NYC, we personally also produce and DJ a quarterly party in Seattle, as well as doing once to twice a year regular Bootie events in London and Hong Kong. Monthly Bootie parties run by our partners are in Boston, Berlin, Rio de Janeiro, France, and Munich. We've also got some parties planned in the near future for Atlanta, Nashville, Budapest, New Zealand and some other cities in Asia. We're hoping to someday do Tokyo and South Africa, but just haven't made the right contacts there yet," replied A+D.

The upcoming Burning Man (August 29th - Sept 5th 2011) is an important event for A+D since their involvement in the big arts event predates Bootie. Not to mention it will be their seven year wedding anniversary. Mysterious D's participation in Burning Man goes back a dozen years while Adrian's, who has built a rep for publishing a popular unique newspaper at the festival, has been attending Burning Man since 1993. And since 2006, together they've been producing Bootie BRC (Black Rock City) mashup parties out on the playa. "We always do two Bootie parties out there on Thursday and Friday at two different theme camps; Fandango (our home-base camp) on Thursday and AutoSub (a large collective from Boston) on Friday. We plan to be one of the few places out there on the playa where you can hear music with words with all genres of music being represented, instead of ONLY the various forms electronica, which is so prevalent at Burning Man," they said. Info here

Finally, I asked A+D what their ultimate goal is for them and Bootie? "For its continued growth and expansion, and continuing to introduce people to this mashed up music, and mashed up culture, bringing people of all styles and walks of life together," they replied.  "And to be the place that - no matter where you are in the world - when you think "mashups," you think Bootie. There's so much crap out there, and so many people misunderstand the art and meaning of this kind of music. We sift through it all to find the gems and deliver them to the people via the website or the dancefloor. We want to be the one-stop-shop for quality mashup productions, and champions of an open-minded culture that celebrates diversity and combining disparate elements to make something fresh, new, and often more interesting and exciting."

Tonight's Bootie SF at the DNA Lounge (9pm to 3am) will include the Hubba Hubba Revue doing a special Pre-Burning Man mashup burlesque show, plus DJ sets from A+D and the mysterious DJ Italian Robot. That's in the main front area of club. Uptairs it's Hard/SEX! described as "two sexy queer electro-house parties come together in the lounge, with DJs Kraftrmath & Haute Toddy!"  

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