New Video by Strange Talk First to Feature Interactive Rewards

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Strange Talk EPAustralian electro-pop band Strange Talk only just released their debut self-titled EP (on Neon Gold Records) in May, but they're making a name for themselves with their innovative, interactive, and product-tied music video for the single, "Climbing Walls."

Cheer detergent sponsored the Strange Talk video as part of their "We Dig Color" campaign, creating a “Dig It, Get It” interactive music video that lets you click out of YouTube and into Facebook in order to win various prizes. This is the first time someone has created a video using Google Annotations technology to create embedded "clickable hotspots" in a YouTube video.

So what does that mean exactly? Click on something colorful in the video (Get the connection? Cheer keeps your clothes colorful) and you are taken to the Cheer Facebook page where you can register to win prizes ranging from flip flops to guitars to iPods. The prizes are apparently going fast (as of this posting they were gone for the day already). 

Facebook - Cheer Page

I first heard Strange Talk when we got their Free Download for "Climbing Walls" back in June. It's dancey, poppy, electro summer fun, satisfying my Cut Copy (another Aussie electro-pop band) meets Friendly Fires meets Phoenix cravings. (If you knew me, you'd know those cravings were pretty strong.)

Free download
Get the free download of "Climbing Walls" by Strange Talk.

Strange Talk band photoStrange Talk is Stephen Docker, Gerard Sidhu, Travis Constable, and Gillan Gregory. Vocalist & producer Stephen Docker has a classical background, playing violing for the Australian Youth Orchestra. Bassist & producer Gerard Sidhu was a regular house and electro DJ in Melbourne.

They've opened for The Rapture, Neon Indian, Marina and The Diamonds, and most recently, Kele of Bloc Party. They performed in Los Angeles in June at The Satellite (which unfortunately I missed), but hopefully the success of the "Climbing Walls" video will bring them back to the US soon. 

Stream other tracks by Strange Talk via Soundcloud.

Watch (and click) the inovative video for "Climbing Walls" and maybe you'll be one of the lucky winners:

- by Rachael McGovern

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