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picutreplane thee physicalI became obsessed with Pictureplane about two years ago. I had not planned on it. It just sort of happened. His lastt album, Dark Rift, came out in August of 2009. I didn't really know what to expect. But I loved the album. It was not the kind of album that everyone would love. This guy will never be extremely popular. But he obviously loves what he is doing. And so do I. Pictureplane is Travis Egedy. He mixes up the styles of 90s dance music into his own unique sound. Imagine Radiohead ministry with sympathymixed up with Taylor Dayne. The Girls mixed up with some Atari Teenage Riot. It is that good. Or that bad. Just depends on the listener. I just sort of figured that he wouldn't be making a second album. But I knew I would always have his first and possibly only album to go back to. So I was pleasantly surprised to learn of his new album. Lovepump United has just released Thee Physical. They also put out his last album. The artwork is simple and perfect. It could easily be the cover of a Soft Cell 12". It also reminds me of the great Ministry album With Sympathy.

I didn't think that I could actually like this new album as much as I did that last album. Another one of my favorites from a couple of years ago was the debut album from The Teenagers. I am still waiting on that second album. It has been way too long. But I sort of doubt that it can really be as fantastic as that first album. I do love the new album by Pictureplane. The new album might even be a little more accessible than the last album.. It is still weird and all mixed up. But the songs seem to flow a little better. I am posting the video for "Post Physical" below. This is one of the best tracks on the album. Another one of my favorite songs on the album is "Trancegender." The song features vocals by the great Zola Jesus. If you have not already checked out the amazing albums of Zola Jesus. I suggest that you do so now. These are the kind of records I love for the summer months. They are still dark and weird. But they are also fun and dancey. This is pop music. Just not your normal pop music. I am very happy to have Pictureplane back in my life. This album is helping me get through the summer.

check out the video for "Post Physical" by Pictureplane from the new album Thee Physical...

check out the video for "Real Is A Feeling" by Pictureplane from the new album Thee Physical...

I also recommend that you check out the new album by Prurient. I am not usually a fan of noise records. I really was not even a fan of this band. But they just released Bermuda Drain on Hyrdrahead. And I kind of love it. It reminds me of Skinny Puppy or Front Line Assembly and all the industrial bands of the 80s and 90s. I imagine that this new album might not be liked by fans of the earlier Prurient albums. But they now have me as fan. Prurient has taken the direction of Cold Cave and managed to create a beautiful sort of dark synth album. Don't worry too much. There are still some noisy and obscene parts of the album. But there are also some beautiful moments. My favorite track on the album is probably "There Are Still Secrets."

Check it out below if you want....

also out 7/19...

Again & Again
by Brilliant Colors

Two-Way Mirror
by Crystal Antlers

Timez are Weird These Days
by Theophilus London

Black Static
by Lost Sounds

by Imelda May

Thee Physical
by Pictureplane

Bermuda Drain
by Prurient

also out 7/26...

by Bohren & Der Club of Gore

Cerebral Ballzy
by Cerebral Ballzy

Ritual Union
by Little Dragon

Come Back To Us
by Release the Sunbird

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