The Autographed Bin Cards Of Amoeba Hollywood's Latin Section

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There is a tradition in the Latin section that doesn’t exist in the rest of the store. It’s the autographed bin cards. The bin cards are the separators between the CDS, DVD, and LPS that help you find your favorite releases. When I started working at Amoeba Hollywood several years ago, there was only one autograph bin card. It was from Alex Lora from El Tri. Legend had it he came into the store before a show and some fans recognized him and started a mini-ruckus in the Latin Rock and Pop section. A former co-worker and Amoeba favorite, Joyanne Troutman, decided to get Alex to autograph the bin card. Although being mobbed, he thought it was funny to be asked to autograph his bin card, so he did. That’s how it started.

We now have over two-dozen autograph bin cards throughout the Latin section, most of them, acquired by Paul Vasquez, World Music employee since 2006. I asked him a few questions about why and how this happened.

What was the first autograph bin that you had signed?

It was Rodrigo Y Gabriela. They did an in-store performance and I thought they were so cool that I wanted an excuse to talk to them. By then we had a few autograph bins that Joyanne and other World Music employees have gotten so I told them it was a tradition, which it is now.

How do you get the autographs? Are they all from in-store performances?

Some are, but most of them come from the artists themselves shopping at the store or people they are with introduce us to them. For instance, a friend of Los Tres Reyes introduced the members to me while they were shopping at the store. I love their music but I wouldn’t have recognized them.

Was there anyone that refused to autograph the bin card?

No, but there were some awkward moments. When Enrique Bunbury came into the store, I tried my best to communicate our tradition but he looked at me blankly. I think it was a language barrier thing, with me not speaking Spanish and him not speaking English or maybe he thought I was a random fan jacking the bin card to get his autograph.

Speaking of which, has anyone ever stolen an autograph bin card.

Yes. We had and autograph bin card from Roco from Maldita Vecindad and someone stole it. Now we have security tags on all the autograph bins.

Has anyone ever offered money for the bin cards?

One guy offered me a hundred bucks for the Enrique Bunbury bin card. I had to tell them it was not for sale.

So why just the Latin Music artists? Why not other artist from other sections?

Partly out of tradition and partly that many of the touring Latin Music artists make a stop at Amoeba while on the road. Almost all the artists that sign the bin cards say how much they love the store and wish their was something like Amoeba in their home city or country.

Below are a few more autograph bin cards. Among others are Ozomatli, Gilberto Santa Rosa, Los Fabulosos Cadillacs, Benny Ibarra and many more.


Bebo Valdes

Alex Lora-El Tri

Rodrigo Y Gabriela

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