When I Go To The Beach - Songs/Videos For These Down-At-The-Beach Summer Days

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There's a ton of great music out to there to compile your own personal beach mix-tape style compilation soundtrack for a summer's day down at the shore - songs like the Embers' beach music classic "I Love Beach Music" or the Beach Boys' "Surfin USA." Below are a bunch of randomly chosen videos of songs for the beach (most of them - not all - shot down at the beach) including the aforementioned Beach Boys at a later career stage when they teamed up in the 80's with the Fat Boys for a rock/rap version of "Wipeout."

Also below are LA's brilliant Surf Punks and their song "My Beach" which had several video versions including the one in the 1982 music documentary Urgh! A Music War. The one below is the video that was shot a bit later in 1983 for the KABC Los Angeles' video show "Goodnight L.A." Other videos below include Swedish duo Air France's "Beach Party" (although only a small part shot at the beach), Washington DC's Slickee Boys' 1983 summer anthem "When I Go To The Beach," The Wavves' "King of the Beach" (unofficial fan made video by YouTuber CuppinNuggets), and one of two video versions of "Boys On The Beach" by UK satirical fictional (but very entertaining) rap character MC Devvo.

The Embers "I Love Beach Music"

I've also included the video for NorCal group the Surf MCs who were signed to Profile Records for a minute back in the 80's and marketed as a rap/rock surf/skater ensemble. This song and video, which could fall under the so-bad-its-good category, came out in 1987 and the video, while not shot at the actual beach, conveys the feeling of being down at the beach on a summer's day like today.

Surf Punks "My Beach" (1983)

MC Devvo "Boys On The Beach" (2007)

Surf MCs "Surf or Die" (1987)

The Slickee Boys "When I go to the beach" (1983)

Fat Boys and the Beach Boys "Wipeout" (1987)

The Wavves "King of the beach" (2010)

Air France "Beach Party" (2007)

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