Brian Eno Unleashes Another Sonic Soundscape Masterpiece: Drums Between the Bells - his collaboration with Rick Holland

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Brian Eno & Rick Holland "Glitch" from Drums Between the Bells (Warp, 2011) - released today

There are very few artists who four full decades into their careers are still consistently making riveting relevant music that still matters to fans old and new alike. Brian Eno is one of those rarities. Eno, who got his introduction to the music world at the start of the 70's as the keyboardist for Roxy Music before soon after going solo, has consistently evolved as an artist (and music theorist) singularly crafting new production styles and musical sounds (creating the genre of ambient music), as a producer (U2, Devo, Talking Heads, Coldplay), and selectively collaborating alongside with such notable artists over the years as Harold Budd, Robert Fripp, David Bowie, John Cale, and David Byrne. Even 30 years after its release Eno and Byrne's landmark My Life in the Bush of Ghosts sounds as fresh as the day it was released in 1981.

Not surprisingly Eno's artistic output and his approach to music continues to influence generation after generation of new electronic artists. So it makes sense that for Eno's latest release, Drums Between the Bells, that the electronic music innovator should again join forces with Warp Records - a label, since its formation 22 years ago has become known for always finding and advocating adventurous new electronic music. Last year Warp released Small Craft on a Milk Sea, Eno's excellent collaborative composition with Jon Hopkins and Leo Abrahams.

For the new aptly titled Drums Between the Bells, which arrives in Amoeba today (July 5th), Eno joins musical forces with under the radar artist, English poet Rick Holland (of Story the Flowers fame who Eno has worked with sporadically since the late 1990's) to venture into the correlation between music and the melody of spoken word & poetry, and delivering engaging sonic landscapes such as the track "Glitch" above.
Elsewhere on Drums Between the Bells Eno plays a variety of instrumentation as the perfect accompaniment to Holland’s poetry, which is alternately spoken by the poet himself or sung by various vocalists and all served up in sparse & moody minimalist yet enticing production that make up Bells' 15 tracks.

Along with such other great Eno albums as Before and After Science, Discreet Music, Ambient 1: Music for Airports, Fripp & Eno's No Pussyfooting, Drums Between the Bells is another must have for Eno enthusiasts and followers of ambient and nicely layered downtempo electronic music. CD costs $12.98 and ships for free anywhere in the US. Buy online here.  Note that there is also a special Drums Between the Bells Deluxe Edition CD release that sells for $36.98. This special hardcover edition, limited pressing release of Bells (see below) includes a second CD with instrumental versions of tracks plus a 44-page book containing an essay by Eno.

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