New 12"s @ Amoeba Hollywood 7/7 - John Beltran, Move D, Nicolas Jaar, John Tejada, Jason Fine & more

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John Beltran

Ambient Selections 1995-2011 3LP

Delsin is proud to present this best-of ambient compilation by one of their all-time producer heroes, John Beltran. The 16 tracks presented here include "Collage Of Dreams," as featured on HBO's Six Feet Under series, and other material from his sought-after albums originally released on Peacefrog and R&S. Beltran is a staple of the Detroit techno scene, releasing records on the Retroactive label that would later develop into his trademark contemplative, melodic style. Includes cuts from Earth & Nightfall (1995), Ten Days Of Blue (1996), Moving Through Here (1997), Going Home (2006), The Sky EP Series No. 2 (2000), his Placid Angles release The Cry (1997) his self-titled Indio release (1999), Americano (2002) and Human Engine (2006). With extensive liner notes from the artist himself.

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Move D
Workshop 13

Crafty upbuilding disco.esquer house EP from the Hardwax camp.

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Nicolas Jaar
Pépé Bradock & Dave Aju Remixes 12"
Circus Company

Here is the first volume in a series of remixes of tracks off of Nicolas Jaar's Space Is Only Noise (CC 009CD/CCS 055LP) album. Pépé Bradock presents two versions of "Too Many Kids Finding Rain In The Dust." His Blind Pig mix features Balkan strings while the "Train Fantôme Poke" version features grinding industrial scrapes and psychedelic whispers. Dave Aju turns the title track into a late '80s dancefloor workout Martin Hannett would have been proud of.

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Jason Fine
Menage At Trois / Jack Yo Bodda 12"

Jason Fine returns to Omar S’ FXHE label with two jackin’ house tracks

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Virgo Four
It's A Crime Remixes 12”
Rush Hour

"It's A Crime" is taken from Virgo Four's Resurrection (RH 113CD/BOX) album, which is now available as a single with remixes from Caribou and Hunee. Caribou reworks "It's A Crime" into an 8-minute epic dancefloor bomb. His mix starts out with an intimate vocal groove, but before long it explodes into a monstrous, acid-driven workout. Hunee goes for a more classic approach. And then there is the original mix -- a Chicago classic that never was.

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Love Edits Vol. 2 12”
Love Edits

Part 2 in this mysterious series of Love Edits.

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John Tejada
Parabolas LP

The Kompakt family welcomes one of America's most celebrated producers in dance music, John Tejada! Born in Austria, he relocated to his current home of Los Angeles at the age of 8 and, following a brief career in hip-hop, found his home in electronic music. If you're even the slightest fan of the genre, you'll be hard-pressed not to have heard his music over his decade+-long career. Whether on his own Palette Recordings, Poker Flat, or Plug Research -- plus a Fabric mix CD under his belt, it's thanks to a steady stream of massive releases that he remains a mainstay in the charts of Beatport and uncountable DJs. He is also half of the long-standing City Centre Offices act, I'm Not A Gun (together with Takeshi Nishimoto). As Tejada himself explains: "I wanted to experiment with some longer phrases again and to step away from the analog sequencers more and get back to using my hands to create the melodies. I also feel for the first time in quite a while I've made an album of songs for myself without worrying about the usual pressures." Kompakt presents his extraordinary new album Parabolas. Resident Advisor called Tejada "one of the most notoriously meticulous producers around" -- an unmistakable proof lies within these recordings. Genres collide and combine with an unraveling of blissful layers. The opening track, "Farther & Fainter," offers a musicality today's techno and house often lacks -- an accomplishment that resonates throughout the album. Tracks such as "Subdivided" and "Unstable Condition" reflect the wondrousness of Aphex Twin's Polygon Window project, something that could only be re-animated and brought to 2011's standards by Tejada. Parabolas is a true highlight in John Tejada's deep catalog -- bold words indeed for a producer who is known for unexpected variation and tremendous musical imagination.

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DJ MADD: Dub Marine 12"
DJ MADD: Blank Space 2x12"
GUMMIHZ: Head Rush 12"
RADIO SLAVE: K-Maze (youANDme & Rhauder Rmxs) 12"
DJ PHONO: Welcome To Wherever You're Not 2LP
CARTE BLANCHE: White Man On The Moon 12"
JUSTICE: Civilization 12"
SAM A LA BAMALOT: A Bird's Leg 7"
GLENN, JEREMY: New Life 12"
TSHETSHA BOYS: Anidyi Nyama 12"
PANDA BEAR: Surfers Hymn (Actress Primitive Patterns Extended Mix) 12"
DOP: After Party 12"
COLUMBUS: Hubble 12"
ADA: Meine Zarten Pfoten LP + 7"
WOLFRAM: A Thing Called Love 12"
JIN CHOI: Full Range 12"
FURESSHU: Downstate 12"
JAMES BRAUN: Massacre 12"
CRACKBOY: Vivid Innocent 12”
JOAKIM: Forever Young 12”

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