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We have almost reached the halfway point of 2011 and once again time is just flying by. The rest of the year promises some great new World Music releases and live performances. Here are a few great moments and releases that have inspired me so far this year:

Chancha Via Circuito

Chancha Via Circuito
Rio Arriba

I got this release almost a year ago at a ZZK Records showcase. I wanted badly to write about it but this is a blog about what you can get at Amoeba, right? In March, the CD/LP release of Rio Arriba became available in the U.S. and I couldn't be happier. Chancha Via Circuito explores the world of South American folklore, blending his hypnotic beats with the revolutionary past of South America. The result could be considered another sub-genre of the digital Cumbia movement…perhaps Digital Nueva Trova?? Nevertheless, it is one of the most beautiful and organic electronic records released in some time.

Celso Piña Live At Amoeba Hollywood

When we usually get Latin artists to play at Amoeba, it usually fits into two categories: The Latin Alternative set: (The Nortec Collective, Ozomatli, Aterciopelados and pretty much anything on Nacional Records) or Salsa/Latin Jazz artist. Having Celso Piña play in the store was a big deal for me for two reasons. He is a Cumbia artist, a music that is more popular in Los Angeles than people in the Latin Music industry will have you believe. The second reason is Celso appeals to our many Mexican, Central and South American immigrant customers who frequent Amoeba Hollywood on a daily/weekly basis. Next up for Amoeba Hollywood? How about a legitimate Regional Mexican artist to play the Amoeba stage? Then a Bachata group? a Punta group…. Celso Pina Photo by Farah Sosa

Pachanga Fest In Austin Texas

This was a festival that I had to attend. On the bill was almost every artist that I ever wrote about on this blog; Some of the highlights included deejay stage that featured some of the best in so co called "Neo-Cumbia" movement, Toy Selectah, Mexican With Guns and The Peligrosa All-Stars. On the smaller stages was Austin’s best kept secret, Maneja Beto, back from a brief hiatus but sounding stronger than ever. Chico Mann performed solo and still managed to keep the audience dancing. Even Chino Bling, who I considered more of a gimmick rap artist, had a fun show. The main stage had yet another Adrian Quesada project, called The Echocentrics, whose live show only added more dimension to an already great album.  L.A. represented with East L.A’s Chicano Son and homies from L.A., Ozomatli, as the headliner. Everyone was legitimately into each other’s music. Going from deejay tent to watching a Ska group to some psychedelic rock. Austinites really have a good time. Echocentrics At The Pachanga festIn Los Angeles, people are hard on each other. We are judgmental and because there is so much competition we are constantly trying to define and differentiate ourselves from another genre of music. In Austin (and I imagine in a lot of other cities) people just have fun and enjoy the many flavors that come their way. In a way, I think it makes us musicians and deejays in Los Angeles work harder because it’s too hard to be the big fish in a small pond because we don't live in a pond, we live in an ocean! Still, at the same time, we never sit back and appreciate what we already have.

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Because It Feels So Good Being Right

Before L.A. Records Magazine, The L.A. Times or The L.A. Weekly included them in The Best Of L.A. People 2011, Amoeba have been supporters of the group, Chicano Batman. We carried their CD since 2009 and we still do, along with the Uniconio LP they released in 2010. They were #17 on the 2009 Best Of World Music list and are still one of my favorite listens. You can still get their vinyl and CD at Amoeba Hollywood.

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