Hip-Hop Rap Up 06:24:11: Random Axe, Potluck, Beastie Boys, Bad Meets Evil, Face Candy, 4two7 + more

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Amoeba Music Hollywood Hip-Hop Top Five: Week Ending June 24, 2011

1)    Beastie Boys Hot Sauce Committee Part 2 (Capitol)

2)    Randpm Axe Random Axe (Duck Down)

3)    Hail Mary Mallon Are You Gonna Eat That? (Rhymesayers)

4)    Bad Meets Evil Hell: the Sequel (Shady Records)

5)   Blu Her Favorite Colo(u)r (Nature Sounds) 

The top selling hip-hop releases at the Amoeba Hollywood store this week are in perfect sync with what's also popular at the two Bay Area Amoebas. These include the Beastie Boys powerful overdue return (Hot Sauce Committee Part 2) which only gets better with every listen (on a related note check out Mike D's fave NYC eateries), LA hip-hop talent Blu's reissue (Her Favorite Colo(u)r), and Bad Meets Evil's Hell: the Sequel from Detroit rap duo Eminem and Royce Da 5'9." This release is so popular that it is the best selling album in the country this week, landing on the number one Billboard pop albums spot; a feat that may not be new to Emimen but is certainly for a pleasantly stunned Royce who told MTV News this week that, "You know I ain't never sold no records. I knew it had the potential. I just really was more focused on the whole 'critically acclaimed' thing, and I think we achieved that."

Random Axe "Monster Babies" (2011)

The other two hip-hop chart entries this week fall under the "rap supergroup" category and each are hot collaborative albums well worth picking up. The more underground of the two is the Rhymesayers Entertainment release Hail Mary Mallon's Are You Gonna Eat That? which is the teaming up of
Aesop Rock, Rob Sonic and DJ Big Wiz. Meanwhile Random Axe's self-titled 15 track CD is one of those albums that you never need to skip. Released by Duck Down Music it features the perfectly matched talents of Sean Price, Black Milk & Guilty Simpson with incredible production handled entirely by Black Milk. (I wish he'd put out an instrumental version of this album). Expect this album to show up on countless year end/best of lists. And expect Random Axe's performances at this year's Rock The Bells Festival (August & September) to be among the most anticipated.

Other new releases include Face Candy's (featuring the late great Eyedea) Waste Age Teenland, Westwayz Compilation 4, and Potluck's Rhymes and Resin. Resin is the sixth album from NorCal's leading ambassadors of weed, the Humboldt County duo of Potluck comprised of 1Ton and UnderRated who for this latest collection of 420 anthems are joined by such guests as Glasses Malone, Murs, Ill Bill, and Slaine. Among the new album's standout tracks is "Strains" (below) whose instrumental parts are all built out of weed smoking samples (lighter starting, coughing, bong sounds etc). Interviewed here on the Amoeblog a couple of years ago Potluck are a unique act in that their sound is straight up NorCal rap (they've collaborated with the best of the Bay including E40 and Mistah Fab who appears on the new album) but the pair, who are signed to Kottonmouth Kings' Suburban Noize label, are also affiliated with "the Movement" - the oft mocked & dismissed movement of the juggalo (Insane Clown Posse, etc.) acts and routinely go on tour with juggalo acts like Twiztid.

Potluck "Strains" (from Rhymes & Resin 2011)

In the process they've managed to gain the respect and support of all audiences, without alienating any one group, and steadily build their own Potuck audience through tireless touring and hard work. "We got a whole Potluck movement going on across the country. If someone doesn't know about Potluck they just don't know what’s been happening on the underground. We've been doing nationwide tours and selling units by being out on the road and in people's faces." said 1 Ton. "We out there shaking hands with fans, rocking shows, and campaigning to the masses. We on the grind, and it's paying off." The hardworking duo perform at the Red Fox Tavern in Eureka, CA along with Ishi Dube, and Berel Alexander tomorrow (Saturday June 25th). More info.

Face Candy "fifteen" (2011)

The new Westwayz Compilation 4, available at both Bay Area Amoeba stores, features a ton of classic Bay Area hip-hop acts like Andre Nickatina, Rappin 4-Tay, and the late Mac Dre. Next week there will be an interview on the Amoeblog with its producer Salvatore breaking it down in detail. 

Meanwhile the new Face Candy Rhymesayers release Waste Age Teen Land could be filed under spoken-word, freeform jazz, alternative hip Hop, or difficult music, But if you allow time to listen to this, it's a damn good release from the late great Micheal "Eyedea" Larsen.  who appears on the cover in a dress with red lipstick smudged on his lips.

Larsen, who was one half of famed duo Eyedea and Abilities, suddenly and tragically passed last Fall, before his talents were fully appreciated by the music world at large.  This two-disc release contains an audio CD, recorded over three days, two days in the studio and one day at the Mad Dog Cafe in the Twin Cities, plus a DVD disc of the recording process. Track "fifteen" (all tracks have numbers instead of names) is one of the most immediately accessible.

And finally I leave you with the kick-ass new track from 4two7; the East Bay artist formerly known as Eclipse 427 who disappeared for a while (about a decade) as an artist while he helped work behind the scenes in management capacity for such artists as Planet Asia, Mystic, and Jake One. He is back on the mic now with the Hieroglyphics camp and his new single/video below features Hiero star Casual. For more info on 4two7 and a free download visit his site.  And check back here on the Amoeblog in the coming weeks for a feature on Casual whose new album Hierophant is just dropping.

4TWO7 "Comedy Central (feat. Casual)" (2011)

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