New 12"s @ Amoeba Hollywood 6/7 - Sun Ra: Mike Huckaby edits, Rising Sun, Vladislav Delay, Matias Aguayo, Traxx & more

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Sun Ra
The Mike Huckaby Reel To Reel Edits Vol. 1 12"
Kindred Spirits

During afterhours, Mike Huckaby produces Sun Ra edits from a dancefloor perspective, using only a mixer and a reel-to-reel player. Now, some of his finest edits are released on The Mike Huckaby Reel To Reel Edits series, containing reworks of classic tracks from the Art Yard catalog which were previously-released on the collaborative series between Art Yard and Kindred Spirits. Housed in a full-color outersleeve including a silkscreen-printed plastic insert by L.A. designer Stephen Serrato. Limited quantities, so don't miss out!

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Rising Sun

Lift Up Your Faces 12"
Fauxpas Musik

Fauxpas Musik welcomes Rising Sun, who also runs labels such as Styrax and Millions Of Moments and their respective sub-labels."Lift Up Your Faces" is a grounding yet epic tale in best Bobby Konders manner, flowing and warm. Julius Steinhoff takes it to the floor. "Lonely Clarinet" and "The Sun Orchestra" sing with the birds, funking the last dark thought out and spreading pure love. This limited beautiful piece of colored vinyl comes with an extra-large poster done by Paetrick Schmidt.

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Vladislav Delay Quartet
Vladislav Delay Quartet 2LP
Honest Jons

Vladislav Delay has always been a maverick artist. But after relocating to Hailuoto, Finland in 2008, what he calls "absolute freedom" has become the de facto muse guiding his music. On 2009's Tummaa, Delay cracked open ambient dub's hermetically-sealed aesthetic and ushered in elements of jazz-fusion, free improv and industrial noise. Tummaa is dark, restless and challenging. It's also a stepping stone, one that leads directly to Vladislav Delay Quartet, the musician's most radical statement to date. Though this absolute freedom is inextricably linked to the relative isolation of his Finnish home, Delay's latest record is very much a product of collective participation and multiple locales. In Derek Shirley, Lucio Capece and Mika Vainio, Delay has found three musicians more than willing to translate such a non-negotiable concept into sound. A balance is reached between individuality and the demands of the unit. The album's opening salvo -- "Minus Degrees, Bare Feet, Tickles" -- is a commanding declaration of independence. Layered with murky static, churning woodwinds and bowed bass, the music is visceral and unsettling. It also has nothing to do with ambient, dub or the myriad micro-genres they have spawned. This is noise -- vital 21st-century electronic noise that cuts a sharp angle between Borbetomagus' wicked maximalism and the wraith-like aggression coursing through black metal's more drone-based manifestations. That said, VDQ doesn't deal in sonic aggression, exclusively. Spotlighting Capece's soaring, avian reed-work, "Killing The Water Bed" is a vaporous foray into avant-garde jazz; "Presentiment" is deep, liquid blues, dripping suggestively from the celluloid of a long-forgotten sci-fi noir. The penultimate piece, "Louhos," is easily the record's most brutal in terms of rhythm, volume and density. Recalling free jazz and heavy metal's cacophonous flirtations in the late 1980s, the massive rock-beat anchoring the maelstrom swirling about it wouldn't feel out of place on Last Exit's Iron Path or even Ground Zero's epic Consume Red. Eventually, clattering electronics, fuzz-spiked percussion and a scalding wash of reeds rise up. Obliterating all forward propulsion by track's end, they leave a hazy cloud of reverb and feral cries in their wake. Recorded at the former Radio Yugoslavia studios in Belgrade throughout one week, Vladislav Delay Quartet is an expansive and multifaceted listening experience. In Delay's scrupulous production, the ensemble's raw and natural interaction finds a deep coherence: the articulation of absolute freedom. Vladislav Delay (drums, percussion), Lucio Capece (saxophone, bass clarinet), Derek Shirley (double bass) and Mika Vainio (electronics, live processing).

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Matias Aguayo
I Don't Smoke EP 12"

Matias Aguayo returns to Kompakt with his first new recordings for the label since 2009's acclaimed full-length Ay Ay Ay (KOMP 076CD/KOM 205LP). Aguayo takes it back to the dancefloor with his first foray into house music. I Don't Smoke is here -- pure electronic body music. The music here is a tour diary of sorts -- tried and tested on the crowds, these tracks were improved and built up, then finally mixed down with Scott Monteith aka Deadbeat.

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Wherever I Lay My Head 2x12"

Finally, Dessous key artist Vincenzo is back in the spotlight with his third full-length album. Some nine years after Welcome To Zanarkand (DES 006CD), his last long-player, the Berlin-based producer has been making magic in the studio, crafting what is sure to be his greatest work yet. Wherever I Lay My Head is a glorious journey through rich, spiritual and stunningly-crafted electronic sounds. Vincenzo's crystal-clear production and years of writing experience have culminated in this heroic new work. Two songs feature U.S. house vocalist Lisa Shaw.

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Massimiliano Pagliara
Focus For Infinity 2LP
Live At Robert Johnson

Massimiliano Pagliara moved from Lecce to Milan to pursue a dream, approaching club culture from an academic angle, which led to a diploma in theater-dance and choreography. And then Milan's alternative club scene gave him even more hints of what music was out there, seemingly waiting to be morphed into his very own vision of sound. After he moved to Berlin, this urge became stronger, and soon dancing in an academic context was just not enough, and dancing in legendary clubs like Ostgut took over, until he felt ready and willing to join in the buzz as a DJ. And not before long, Massimiliano Pagliara was the one who got the same crowds moving he formerly was an enthusiastic part of, with knowledgeable selections touching a plethora of bases from disco and house origins, spiked with a good dose of the unexpected, leftfield, obscure and overall utmost grooviness. All of this is delivered with his very own super-charming demeanor, styled with both grace and conviction, coming on like the sweet missionary of nocturnal bliss. And as much as he loves playing the music he loves, producing the music he loves was the obvious next step to take. Having developed an obsession with analog synth sounds, Pagliara gathered vintage equipment and holed up in his studio to work on producing the music he always wanted to produce. And the results were so convincing that they led Daniel Wang to release his debut single on his legendary Balihu imprint. Since then he has spread his lovely melodies and infectious grooves to mainstays like Rush Hour Recordings, Meakusma, Needwant and eventually the seminal club and label haven, Robert Johnson. And thus, Focus For Infinity came to life, Massimiliano Pagliara's testament to his own inspirations and preferences, transferred into a superb voyage of disco and house transcendentalism that owes as much to electronic pioneers like Patrick Cowley as it does to the legacy of the defining days of Italo disco, synth-pop and Chicago house. But however he may have put his Prophet 5, Korgs and Rolands into action, this album is clearly not clinging to paying tributes. It aims to sing its own song, and dance to its own rhythm. Judging from his acclaimed achievements, it may come as no surprise that this album sounds diverse and personal and is executed with dedication and grandezza.  

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Gene Hunt
Chicago Dance Tracks Part 2 2LP
Rush Hour

Part two of two 2LPs of never-before-released tracks from the archives of Gene Hunt -- rare, newly-unearthed Chicago house barn-stormers from the '80s. Gene Hunt shares his ancient treasures with us -- up to now, this stuff resided only on reels! Featuring a truly all-star line-up. Part 2 includes unreleased tracks from Virgo Four, Craig Loftis, Farley Keith Williams, Virgo & Adonis and even a track by Dion, who later on went on to kickstart Common's career and more recently has been Kanye West's sidekick. Also included is a rework of Lil Louis' "Video Clash" and a mash-up of Marshall Jefferson and a Larry Heard track, which was a Music Box/Ron Hardy favorite. The vinyl release holds seven tracks, all presented in their original length and includes one vinyl-only bonus track, Virgo & Adonis' "Trust." All tracks have been restored and remastered from the original, first generation reel-to-reel tapes. The artwork shows original Chicago flyers and the release comes with an insert with artist interviews, a Gene Hunt interview by Jackmaster Farley and original photos from back in the day. Also features reworks by Zernell Gillie and DJ Cease aka George Dupree.

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To The Beat 12”
Lumberjacks In Hell

After releases on INTERNATIONAL DEEJAY GIGOLOS and CREME ORGANIZATION he drops this 12" on LUMBERJACKS IN HELL featuring two epic cuts: "TO THE BEAT BIZARRE" is a 13 min ode to DANIELLE BALDELLI with TANGERINE DREAM-like synths and "AN INSANE EXPERIMENT" a 10 min acid house jackin' track.

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Mo Kolours
EP1: Drum Talking 12”
One Handed Music

Mo Kolours drops into the One Handed roster like Hawk on a half pipe. The rhythms lead the way here, whether the straight, percussive workout of "Drum Talking" or the crafty vocal manipulation that drives the low-slung bump of "Biddies," a song that traces an imaginary line between Theo Parrish and Gonja Sufi. "Dead Of Night" mines the symbolism of The Beatles while his own "Bakiraq" resembles a soul classic. This is a set of deep, spaced-out weed shanties.

Purchase EP1: Drum Talking 12”EP1: Drum Talking 12”

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