Love For Tha Sco: Hip-Hop Videos That Show Much Love For San Francisco City

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During the Bay Area's rich, three-decade strong hip-hop history, each city within the greater Bay Area has been fairly represented, from Oakland to Vallejo & from East Palo Alto to San Francisco and all other towns and spots in between. And with this music, more than any other popular genre, such as, say, rock, Bay Area rap/hip-hop has consistently presented an overwhelming sense of pride and recognition for its immediate surroundings. Neighborhoods or 'hoods are frequently name checked in rap songs. Listen to Bay Area hip-hop for any amount of time and you'll hear countless references or shout-outs to street names and specific blocks, to local landmarks and slang terms for areas such as "Valley Joe" (Vallejo), "The Town" (Oakland), and "Tha Sco" (San Francisco), aka "The SFC" or "San Fran Psyco" or "The 4, The 1, The Feev" etc. etc. In fact, San Francisco hip-hop in particular is renowned for displaying a huge amount of hometown pride lyrically as well as in the songs' corresponding videos.

So for this Amoeblog I've assembled ten (admittedly subjective, since there are so many to choose from) San Francisco themed rap videos that display both a love of San Francisco in their lyrics and also some great visual shots of the City by the Bay. Included is the very recently released, Dregs One directed "Heart & Soul" by Equipto featuring Mike Marshall, which is packed with references to San Francisco hip-hop artists from the past few decades plus tons of citywide landmarks (including Doggie Diner and Amoeba on Haight). "Heart and Soul" and many of the videos below include the SF Giants logo, gear or stadium shots. The SF Giants' success in 2010 brought additional pride to San Francisco hip-hop, as seen in the videos featuring SF rapper Roach Gigz below, along with San Quinn and others.

Also included below are videos by Grand Invincible (lots of Mission District shots) featuring DJ Eons and Luke Sick of the Gurp City crew. Fellow Gurp warriors Z-Man is also featured, as is TOPR's video for "Siren Song" in which he spits the memorable line "The MUNI is my chariot" and references Geary Street and other SF landmarks. The Ben Stokes produced video for Azeem and DJ Zeph's "Latin Revenge" (off Air Cartoons on Oaklyn Records) is done in still motion, a combo of photos and video shot mostly in the Mission District. Also below is the classic 1993 Dre Dog (now Andre NIckatina) video for "The Ave."

"Heart & Soul" Equipto ft. Mike Marshall (2011)

"Black & Orange" San Quinn, Big Rich, Cellski, DaVinci, Roach Gigz (Prince Aries & DJ Amen) (2010)

"Can I Rap" Roach Gigz (2010)

Grand Invincible "The Way We Revolt" (Zerofriends 2010)

"In San Francisco (Latin Anthem)" Napalm & Erruption Feat. Goldtoes (2010)

"Siren Song" TOPR produced by Dick Nasty (2009)

"Latin Revenge" Azeem & DJ Zeph (2009)

"San Francisco Anthem" San Quinn ft. Traxamillion, Big Rich & Boo Banga (2007)

Z-Man "Crumb of the Bay" (2007)

Dre Dog "The Ave" (1993)

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